Your home for change

by Crowdfunder | Jul 05, 2024 | News & Press, Press

Your home for change

A message from our co-CEO Simon Deverell

“Now that the general election is over and the country welcomes a new Prime Minister and government, our attention turns to ‘what next?’

Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, we can all agree that what we need now is a period of calm, a rest from political and societal divide, and a sharp focus not on ‘What we’re going to do,’ but on rolling up our sleeves and getting things done.

There’s a certain amount of ‘rebuild’ needed. So, what’s next for your crowdfunding community? Well, more of the same: more community projects, more grassroots initiatives, more sports clubs, and more mental health support initiatives.

With hundreds of projects being added daily, there’s clearly a need for ‘more change,’ and we’re here to enable that.

All of our +Extra funding partners share our ambition. Whether it’s supporting projects that are helping young adults with mental health issues, getting people more physically active, or empowering communities through better financial education, Crowdfunder helps our projects raise more with their support.

A group of adults and children stand with signs to save their sports club

We’re not launching a new campaign to align with the new ambitions of the new government. Instead, we’re reminding our community that, regardless of whether you’re red, yellow, or blue, the next part is not about arguing politicians; it’s about people, communities, and the power of collective action.

Empowering economic growth

Explore the amazing projects that boost economic stability by creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and providing financial education. See how Crowdfunder helps individuals and families achieve financial security and resilience, building stronger, more vibrant communities together. We’re all in this together, making a real difference, one project at a time.

Improving healthcare services

Discover the crowdfunding projects dedicated to enhancing local healthcare services, providing crucial mental health support, and bringing essential medical resources to underserved communities. Crowdfunder empowers communities to address healthcare disparities and promote overall well-being through these vital initiatives. Together, let’s build healthier communities for everyone.

Preparing future generations

Crowdfunder is the go-to platform for educational projects that provide resources, training, and opportunities for both children and adults. Whether it’s charities empowering children to write, wild forest schools, or cultural projects by museums and the arts sector, Crowdfunder can help you raise the funds needed to build a better world for future generations.

Protecting our planet

Crowdfunder is the best place to raise funds for your environmental sustainability project. Whether it’s creating community gardens, launching renewable energy initiatives, or spearheading conservation efforts, Crowdfunder, along with our +Extra funding partners, can help you raise the funds you need to make a real positive impact on our climate.

Tackling inequalities

We champion projects that are tackling critical social issues such as homelessness, domestic abuse, and inequality. We provide a platform to empower grassroots movements and charities dedicated to creating a fairer, more just society.

Strengthening our communities

We know the power crowdfunding can have in strengthening community ties, improving public spaces, and enhancing the quality of life in local areas for residents. We can help you raise the funds you need for the causes you care about with access to expert knowledge and resources and millions of pounds in match funding to support your fundraising campaign.

Whether you’re a community hero, a charity worker, or someone with a vision for a better future, we provide the tools and support you need to make a real difference. Community grassroots initiatives are building a brighter future for Britain one project at a time.

Join us in this positive mission to rebuild Britain. There’s no better time than now.”

Simon Deverell, co-CEO Crowdfunder


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