UK ELECTION: Conservatives slow to react, as Labour and other parties crowdfund over a £1million for their General Election campaigns.

by Scott | Jul 03, 2024 | News & Press, Press

UK ELECTION: Conservatives slow to react, as Labour and other parties crowdfund over a £1million for their General Election campaigns.

For the first time in UK politics history, over 1,000 political campaigns across the UK have been funded collectively on the Crowdfunder platform. With a huge £1 million in donations made to political campaigns showcasing an unprecedented shift in political fundraising dynamics.

With crowdfunding initiatives from all major political parties, independent candidates, and political action groups, the traditional landscape of campaign financing has been dramatically transformed. Crowdfunder has also seen an upsurge of empowered smaller parties and independent candidates enabling them to compete on a more level playing field with their larger counterparts.

Whilst crowdfunding has been used in previous elections, this year has seen all the major parties actively promote the use of crowdfunding to their electoral candidates.

With Labour launching campaigns for 79 candidates, but with the Conservatives only launching 2 fundraising campaigns.

Labour has seen high profile candidates such as Jess Phillips, raise over £22,000 for her campaign in Birmingham Yardley. The Green Party has also seen significant success, with Carla Denyer, the candidate for Bristol Central, raising over £24,000.

Across the UK, 229 Green Party candidates have utilised Crowdfunder to fuel their campaign efforts, highlighting the platform’s wide-reaching impact. With approximately 100 candidates, the SNP and Liberal Democrats have turned to Crowdfunder to boost their election campaigns, illustrating the broad appeal and effectiveness of this innovative fundraising approach.

Other independent candidates and awareness campaigns around policies have seen a further £0.5 million raised from over 500 crowdfunding projects.

“Crowdfunder has not only provided a crucial platform for fundraising but also helped candidates foster a deeper connection with their supporters,” said Dawn Bebe (co-CEO Crowdfunder). “This wave of community-driven support is signaling a new era in political campaigning, where every person has the potential to make a significant impact. We are delighted to ensure that all parties can receive financial support for their campaigns from not just wealthy donors but from the people in communities ”

As polling day approaches, the success of these crowdfunding projects underlines the evolving nature of political fundraising in the UK, as a new future where campaign financing becomes more inclusive and accessible.

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