Soccer Aid for UNICEF

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We’ve got everything here to make starting your fundraiser quick and easy. It only takes a couple of minutes to get started and you don't need to add your bank details – the money you raise goes directly to UNICEF.

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The first 15 fundraisers to reach £200 or more will get a pair of tickets to the game each. Then the first 30 fundraisers to hit the £500 raised milestone will receive an official Puma shirt. Finally, our top fundraiser will receive a match ball signed by both teams! Priceless!


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Pairs of Tickets

15 pairs of tickets to the game for the first 15 fundraisers that raise over £200.


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Official Puma Shirts

There's an exclusive Soccer Aid match shirt up for grabs, for the first 30 fundraisers that raise over £500.

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Here’s our list of top 8 ideas to fundraise for Soccer Aid, either by yourself or as a team. Whether you're active or not there’s always a way to be involved.

  1. Keepy Uppy challenge - How many can you do each day?
  2. Passing challenge - can your team or friends keep the ball moving for 12 hours?
  3. Off the floor challenge - working together keep a ball off the floor for 24 hours
  4. Dribble challenge - Get up and go, by dribbling a football to your nearest EFL/Premier League club.
  5. Charity match - Organise a Charity football match and why not add some challenges!
  6. FIFA Day -  Can you take on a 24 hour FIFA gaming challenge?
  7. Pass it on - Create a social media sharing challenge
  8. Sign me up - How many signatures of donations can you get on a ball.
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Helping you along the way

Be as creative, playful or adventurous as you like. But above all, have fun!

Our curated fundraising ideas pack will give you some inspiration, promotional posters, social media graphics and a step by step guide to setting up your fundraiser. As well as those key dates.

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Why take part?

Soccer Aid for UNICEF helps children around the world to get the best start in life. Being able to play when we’re young affects how we think, learn, share and explore the world as we grow older.

Sadly around the world disease, hunger, conflict, poverty and disaster are disrupting play for millions of kids. But Soccer Aid for UNICEF supports children in those situations to get back to the play-filled childhoods they deserve. By taking part you can change the lives of children around the world.

Soccer Aid for UNICEF