Shackleton Anniversary Expedition 2021

by Antony Jinman in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


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Going to the ends of the earth to commemorate one of the world's greatest explorers and to use science to save our planet. Help us to do it!

by Antony Jinman in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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With more money we will be able to reach more schools and pupils all over the world with our outreach project helping them to understand more about the impact of climate change on our planet - and also about the life and work of once of the greatest Polar explorers.

100 years ago one of the world's greatest polar explorers set out on a mission to use science to save our planet. Shackleton left Plymouth for Antarctica and his final Quest in Winter 1921. Tragically he died before he could complete it. 


Now a crack team of serving and ex-military men and women from the Royal Navy and the Army are setting out to finish what he started and in doing so make history. 

Braving the most inhospitable climate, the most unforgiving terrain and the most remote of locations they will gather vital information and carry out scientific experiments essential to our understanding of how to repair our broken planet.

The team will cross the Antarctic peninsular and go, quite literally, to the ends of the earth to collect data samples and bring them back for analysis into the level of micro-plastic contamination and metallic deposition influencing the carbon cycle. 

The team will also carry out real-time observation and install equipment what will inform us in real time about the loss of ice from Antarctica leading to sea level rise, all of which are products of climate change.

Combatting climate change is only possible with real-life data such as this.

The team's aim is to celebrate the life and achievements of Sir Ernest Shackleton who is famous for his incredible 'Endurance' Expedition and the astonishing leadership he showed which saved his crew when their ship was crushed by ice.

Many people know about the Endurance Expedition but few know of his 1921 expedition on board the M.V. Quest, a journey to conduct science and exploration, that was tragically cut short after he died before the science itself could begin in earnest.

'Shackleton's Quest' will recreate that dream. The team will operate in the spirit of Shackleton, conducting scientific experiments, gathering data and informing, educating and inspiring people across Plymouth, the UK and beyond about the importance of science, climate change and sustainability. 

The team will also be conducting experiments on mental health and physical strength. 

In January 2022 they will carry out a special commemoration service to mark 100 years since the death of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 

Throughout the expedition schoolchildren from all over the world will be given the opportunity to tune in to the work of the modern-day explorers and follow their historic quest virtually from the comfort of their own classrooms.

To support the expedition the team will also look to deliver a series of workshops and courses for both school children and young adults. Our school outreach work will focus on polar science and history for schools across Plymouth and the South West, whilst also offering courses for young adults looking to develop their own personal skills. 

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