ReStyler - Sustainable Fashion

by Remode Collective in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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ReStyler is a brand-new and sustainable garment restyling alteration and mending service in Edinburgh. PLEDGE TO PROTECT THE PLANET

by Remode Collective in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


ReStyler - Sustainable Fashion

Remode Collective is an award-winning social enterprise set up to explore ways to repurpose textiles locally and build new skills while celebrating multicultural diversity.


We are based in Edinburgh and we offer a range of creative workshops, classes, community projects, and events, as well as collecting leftover and unwanted textiles to produce handmade and unique items.



We would like to start up a new service targeted at those who don’t have a personal interest in sewing but still want to have a sustainable and responsible approach towards their clothes. We understand that not everybody feels confident with needles and sewing machines!  The idea is to develop a drop-in or postal  Garment Styling Alteration and Mending service we will call “ReStyler”. 

From this crowdfunding campaign we aim to raise £2500 to provide equipment and training.

How does it work?

People will bring us the piece of clothing that needs to be fixed and, according to their needs and style, we will prepare a proposal of how to alter/mend the piece. Once the proposal is approved, we will do the work in our studio and give it back as a newly revived piece ready for a whole new life.


What is the difference between ReStyler and a tailor shop?

ReStyler involves a styling/design process provided by a team of professionals, who don’t only specialize in mending and alteration but will also guide you through the process of redesigning your clothes, always with an eye on sustainability. We want to involve the customer to make it a personalised service that can inspire the customers to engage with textile and garment sustainability more fully. 


The service will improve existing wardrobes, without the need to buy new clothes. In line with a sustainable lifestyle, this service can help customers save money and reduce the carbon footprint of their clothes.

Why support this initiative?

We all play a key role in reducing the environmental impact of textiles.

Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined. It consumes lake-sized volumes of freshwater, and creates chemical and plastic pollution. Worse still, in the UK around 300,000 tonnes of textile waste, an estimated £140 million worth, ends up in household general waste every year and is sent to landfills or incinerators. 

Did you know that only less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing at the end of its life? With Restyler we want to extend the life of clothes and allow people to use what they already have before to buy something new.

Your support will allow us to invest in specialized equipment, such as embroidery software to make our own designs and an industrial sewing machine. The rest of the fund will go towards building up the new service - e.g. webpage, design manuals, advertising, and marketing materials.

We will post more details about this project on Facebook and Instagram, so please follow us to hear more!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

RE-COUP! money in our online shop

We will send you a code to give you 10% off any purchase from our fabulous online shop. All our amazing handmade products are made from textile waste. You can easily save more than your pledge with the warm fuzzy feeling you are supporting our collective. The code is valid for a half year. Thank you so much!

£10 or more

RE-MEND! with a free handmade embroidered patch

We will send you an individually designed handmade patch you can use to mend or modernise your favourite garment. Add a touch of Remode magic to your wardrobe! Each one will be slightly different so that you have a unique memento to treasure. We really appreciate your awesomeness.

£15 or more

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RE-EDUCATE! 2hr workshop-sustainable mending

Wow! A huge thank you gets you a place on our 2hr online workshop about sustainable fashion and mending. We will get you hooked on everything we are passionate about & teach you skills that you can use and develop to become a circular fashion god! We are planning to run this session at the end of May over a weekend. You are magnificent!

£25 or more


This is the one we really want you to benefit from- a beautifully curated mending kit that contains all you need to help you to start your repurposing journey. It contains lots of useful tools to successfully complete a number of easy mends, plus recommended videos on how to use them. Never throw away a garment again! This will super blast you to the level of 'can do-will do' whilst helping our team reach that £2500 target. You are a supernova!

£40 or more

RE-COMPENSE! £50 gift card - (yes £50!)

Again, a total bargain for you to use against any of our services , workshops or products. You will get a £50 gift card which you can use yourself, or give as a present to a budding sewing guru. Basically it's like finding a free tenner in the pocket of that old jacket you haven't worn for ages! Get involved with our informative courses and products and pay that old coat back by fixing it up & giving it a second life. You are a superhuman!!

£100 or more

RE-STYLER! Full wardrobe consultation

This is a mega package with bells and whistles on top! We will mend, redesign, alter or embellish some of your clothing and return it to you looking fresh, unique and totally cool! For your mind-blowing pledge we promise to advise you on how we can update your pieces, quote prices, and work out a package of your choice. Once agreed, we will use all our shared skills to hand finish your looks and then send back to you. You are Interstellar!

Let's make 'ReStyler - Sustainable Fashion' happen

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