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Wirksworth’s young people love wheel-based sports. Please help us answer their calls and develop their very own safe and inclusive space.

We're still collecting donations

On the 28th October 2022 we'd raised £27,664 with 148 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Whilst we have finished raising funds for the build, we are still fundraising to help cover our annual running costs.  Any donations received will go towards maintenance, insurance and our annual safety inspection costs.  Thank you for your continued support.

Who are we?

Whether you love skate boarding, cycling, scootering, roller blading, or just hanging with your friends, Wirksworth Community Skatepark is the place to be.

Ok, well its not quite the place it used to be, but with your help we are here to fix that!


Community impact

Skate Wirksworth - our original wooden skatepark, was built in 2006 and attracted skateboarders from miles around! Sadly, all good things come to an end, and in 2019 after 14 years the wooden structure reached the end of its life, and had to be dismantled.

Wirksworth is a small town with limited space for young people and the old skatepark was well-loved and used every day of the year.

We think it is essential there is a place where young people can let off steam, express themselves and be part of the our local community.


Much more than a skatepark!

When we spoke to the local community, we found that this space meant so much more to so many people than we originally thought, not just those who love skateboarding.  Young people told us how important it was to have a space away from traffic for all sorts of wheel-based sports! What is more, parents told us they wanted a safe space where children could learn how to ride their bikes.  A local head teacher also highlighted how important the space was for building confidence to enable children to cycle to school, offering benefits for both physical and mental health as well as the environment.


Why are we crowdfunding?

We are a group of parents and residents who feel strongly about the need to give our young people back a space they can be proud of. The site has been the only free to use location FOR children and young people. It is a place where you can exercise, practice skills, socialise, and benefit from the positive community who use the space.1661292111_20210206_124243%5B1%5D.png

Following consultation with the local community, we plan to develop a new lower level, multi-use space that encourages all ages, genders and abilities to participate and feel welcomed.  What is more, the new space will be made from concrete making sure it has a long life.


How we’ll spend the money raised

We have been fundraising for a while, and are delighted to have raised over £30,000.  All of this money has come from within the local community, and it is for this reason we have recently re-named the space Wirksworth Community Skatepark.

We are working closely with a local builder, and a number of businesses and organisations with an aim to provide a new space early in 2023.


How our project will be United by Birmingham 2022

Our once loved skatepark was a great space where people could come together, take part in a variety of sports and activities, develop skills and improve their health and wellbeing.

We are applying for match funding from Sport England Places and Spaces grant, as we feel that with a little extra help, our community can once again be united in this space, and build upon the legacy of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.


How you can play your part

There are four simple ways to help us reach our target, and make this project a reality.

1. Make a pledge. Don’t delay if you’re going to support us because momentum is key to our success!

2. Spread the word. Share our project on your social media pages and tell the world to get behind us! The more people we reach, the more support we will get.

3. Offer rewards. Get involved if you are a local business by donating things we can offer to our supporters. We will give you a shout out!

4. Create a fundraiser of your own. Use the button on our page to get started. Setting up your own page only takes a few minutes and you won’t need any bank details. Just a fun idea!


Please note, we have switched our online fundraising from GoFundMe to Crowdfunder.  This switch is to enable us to apply for match funding from Sport England.  Please be assured that anything you have donated through GoFundMe has been safely transferred to the 'New Opportunities Wirksworth' bank account.


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This project offered rewards

£3 or more

Buy us a pint for just £3!

You may have seen our concrete pints at various events around town. Why not buy us a pint of concrete to use on the skatepark for just £3!

£5 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark pin badge

Donate £5 to claim a Wirksworth Community Skatepark pin badge

£5 or more

Sausage Roll from Mitchell's Artisan Butchery

Why not help the Skatepark and look forward to tucking into a home made sausage roll, thanks to Mitchell's Artisan Butchery.

£10 or more

Retro Skate Wirksworth Wooden Keyring

We have a great new logo, but we still have some limited edition Skate Wirksworth Keyrings with our retro logo on them!

£15 or more

A thank you reward from the Featherstar

Be one of the first to donate £15 and claim a large cider, beer, small wine, or soft drink from the Featherstar, at the Red Lion Hotel.

£20 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark Tote Bag

Whether you're off into town to get your shopping, or thinking about how you are going to carry your kit down to the skatepark; there are endless possibilities with your very own Skatepark tote bag!

£20 or more

A box of brownies from Buttercup Bakery

As if supporting our project wasn't sweet enough, Buttercup Bakery have gone and sweetened the deal even more by offering a box of brownies as a reward for helping our skatepark.

£20 or more

£5 promotional voucher to use at Skopa

Donate £20 to the Skatepark and receive a £5 voucher to spend on food, when you spend £15 or more in Skopa.

£25 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark T-Shirt

Why not show everyone that you have been there, done that and supported Wirksworth Community Skatepark with your very own t-shirt!

£25 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark T-Shirt (Medium)

Why not show everyone that you have been there, done that and supported Wirksworth Community Skatepark with your very own t-shirt!

£25 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark T-Shirt (Large)

Why not show everyone that you have been there, done that and supported Wirksworth Community Skatepark with your very own t-shirt!

£30 or more

Shining Cliff Original Gin

Donate £30 and claim a 375ml bottle of Shining Cliff Original Gin. Please note you need to be over the age of 18 to claim this reward. This reward has been donated by Alison Clamp.

£50 or more

Wirksworth Community Skatepark Hoodie

Everyone loves a hoodie, and this one will feel extra special knowing you have done your bit to help Wirksworth Community Skatepark!

£100 or more

Retro Skate Wirksworth Skateboard Deck

We have a great new logo, but we still have a limited edition Skate Wirksworth Skateboard deck with our retro logo on it! Why not show off your skills along with your support for Wirksworth Community Skatepark.

£1,000 or more

Feature on our large supporters plaque

Whilst every little helps, we couldn't complete this project without the help of the organisations and individuals who have made large contributions towards the project. We will install a plaque at the new skatepark to thank our supporters who have pledged over £1000.

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