by Serena Gardner in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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SHORT HORROR FILM - aiming to raise awareness around Multiple Sclerosis and its effects on those who suffer from it.

by Serena Gardner in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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On the 21st April 2023 we'd raised £12,381 with 120 supporters in 32 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We are over the moon! 

As Crowdfunder takes a small chunk of funds raised through the campaign, any over-spill will help us to cover those costs, make our physical rewards and give us more money to add into the film, making it even better quality for you. 

We want to put as much of these funds on screen as possible such as VFX, monster design, bigger practical effects and better catering!


We're Making a Movie!

Plagued by paralysis, vision loss, and numbness, a relapse can feel like a possession. Your body isn't your own anymore as your control is slowly stripped away. It's as though something malignant is clinging to you like a shadow and no one else could even see it. - Aimie Willemse


Touching upon themes of denial, familial tensions, and the fear of the unknown, Unravelling is a harrowing exploration of life with multiple sclerosis through two women. MAEVE, 70s, an elderly woman struggling to retain her autonomy over her advanced MS. FIONA, 30s, a young woman trying to care for her chronically ill grandmother while avoiding her own diagnosis. But when a malignant entity begins to manifest within the home, both are forced to face their illnesses or else be consumed by it.

Rooted in the supernatural, Unravelling immerses the audience into the world of MS by making the invisible visible and dares to ask: if you were forced to decide between preserving yourself a little longer or accepting the inevitable, which would you choose?


Why Multiple Sclerosis?

Being diagnosed with RRMS in 2020 felt like both a relief and a life sentence. Yes, I had an answer to these strange symptoms but, because of the Media's limited portrayal of multiple sclerosis as hopeless stereotypes it's been a difficult journey towards acceptance.

After decades of watching this debilitating illness consume a loved one, Aimie's Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis at the young age of 30 came a horrifying shock. Forced to deal with this new revelation during a global pandemic was frightening but also a relief finally knowing what these mystery symptoms had been. Now having processed her own illness, Aimie's determined to raise awareness for MS by immersing the audience in the insidious experience first-hand and shining a light on what this illness really is.


Why this story now?

With over 130,000 people in the UK alone inadequately represented on screen, my intention as a filmmaker is to explore multiple sclerosis through the creative lens of horror. To immerse the audience in this waking nightmare while still being able to find a shred of hope. Life with MS doesn't start in a wheelchair or disability and isn't limited to the elderly, so why does the media portray it as so?

By partnering with Creative Scotland Crowd Match and Blazing Griffin, we are excited to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis while challenging media stereotypes and preconceptions through a national platform. To encourage people experiencing strange, yet dismissible, blips/symptoms with their health to not ignore it. As filmmakers, we proudly strive for diverse representation both in front and behind the screen in a unique project dedicated to bringing invisible disabilities into the mainstream.

We believe that now is the time for more diverse stories to take centre stage and that Unravelling is a story that MUST be told.



Aimie Willemse - Writer & Director 

Award-winning Scottish filmmaker Aimie Willemse is known for experimenting with diverse narratives through the surreal and fantastical lens of genre. Her impressive portfolio includes a variety of short films made across Scotland, including the LGBTQ short All the Reasons Behind a Kiss and the chilling body horror Doppelparents. Her years working in the Film/TV industry have given her essential insight into the full filmmaking process on a professional level which she applies to her work. Mentored by Irish writer/director Aislinn Clarke through UK Director's Inspire program after graduating from Screen Academy Scotland's 2019 MA Film, Aimie has worked tirelessly to further hone her craft as a director.


Serena Gardner & Secret Garden Pictures

Secret Garden Pictures are a multi-award-winning film production company based in the UK, run by Serena Chloe Gardner and Nasreen Cullen. Our films 'Blackout' and 'Chasing the Vein' have screened worldwide at film festivals including the Oscar / Bafta affiliated  Flickers Rhode Island and British Urban Film Festival. We like to make films that highlight underrepresented members of society who wouldn't normally get a voice on the screen to provide inclusivity to our audiences. We want to make films that make a difference in the world and get people talking. 



Key creative team

Writer/Director - Aimie Willemse

Producer - Serena Gardner

Co-Producer - Nasreen Cullen

Casting Director - Leah Harrison 

Supported by Blazing Griffin Pictures 

Unravelling is in really good hands. We have our script, crew, and potential cast and everyone is willing to dedicate many hours to the project because they have a huge amount of faith in it. 

Everyone in our crew is talented filmmakers in their own right and we have a vast array of personal and professional contacts allowing us to have access to high-end digital cinema cameras and post-production facilities. With a talented post company on board, we have the ability to finish the project by December 2023. 

The only thing left is to shoot it and that's where we need your help!


Selected for the 2023 Crowd Match scheme, we are excited to invite you to our Crowdfunder campaign where all donations will be LIVE MATCHED by Creative Scotland!* This is your chance to join the filmmaking progress from the beginning because YOU have the power to make this film a reality. 

What can you do to help us?

This is where you come in. At Secret Garden Pictures we want to run a safe and fair film set with the high quality cast and crew and all the bits in between. 

The devil is in the detail and we want to make this picture perfect your contribution will go directly into creating a safe Covid-19 free space, equipment hire, insurance, set dressing, locations, costumes, props, make-up, transportation, accommodation and food. 

How is the money being spent?

Making a film isn't easy, even with a small budget, it all adds up rather quickly. Here's how we are hoping to allocate costs raised through Crowdmatch.


If I donate, what's in it for me?

We have several exciting rewards for you, please take a look at what we have on offer, and remember you also get the feel-good factor of making dreams come true and supporting independent film!

What happens if you don't reach your target?

If we don't reach our target, we don't get to make the film. That's why we need you...and your family and friends! So, please, even if you can't afford to donate, help us by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, and word of mouth.

How do we contact you?

That's easy, through our website, Twitter, Facebook, or by email here:

[email protected] - we would love to hear from you!

When we are aiming to film:

We are hoping to shoot our film over two days in August / September 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. All being well, this will then go into Post Production and be ready for film festivals by the new year of 2024. 

Risks and Challenges:

Other risks include turning the film around by December 2023. Although we feel it's a realistic date, quite often schedules change due to weather or cast/crew not being available for certain dates so whilst we are aiming for early 2024 completion date, this may slip by a month or two. Similarly, depending on demand, delivery times for rewards may be affected. We will deliver each and every reward as quickly as we can and will keep you informed of any changes. Your patience is much appreciated.

Fine print

*Crowd Match funding is capped at a maximum of  250 and only the first donation by contributor will be matched.


This project offered rewards

£30 or more

NEW Charity Reward*

Check out our very special reward created in collaboration exclusively for our film by the awesome Caz Carnage of online shop House of Carnage. HOC will be creating a very special beanie hat with the films logo stitched onto the front. Plus we are giving 25% of the sale of the hats directly to MS Society.

£5 or more

SHOUT About It!

A big ole THANK YOU shout out on all our social media's for you being a legend and supporting independent film!

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Exclusive** First look at DREAM DWELLER!

First 25 backers to this special project will get an absolute exclusive - never seen before sneak preview of Aimie Willemse new short film Dream Dweller before anyone else!

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DIRECTOR'S workshop! Lets get those ideas rolling!

A professional 1-1 workshop with our Director Aimie Willemse to help you on any one script that you are currently working on. Providing advice and strategic ideas about how to take your project forward.

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Lets get DIGITAL!

A DIGITAL GOODIE BAG of our final shooting Script, our final digital Film, all our lovely graphic Artwork (posters and storyboards).

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EXCLUSIVE include to our digital online premiere with a discussion with the Cast & Crew after plus a SIGNED poster.

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Special Thanks - IMDB Credit!

**SPECIAL THANKS on IMDB** We'll not only say a HUGE THANK YOU on all our social media pages but we'll also give you an IMDB CREDIT, digital version of the FILM and a gorgeous DIGITAL GOODIE BAG.

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LIMITED TO 3 - SHADOW our Director Aimie Willemse on set for the day, taking in all the valuable experience as she directs her short. You will also get a DIGITAL GOODIE BAG (including the finished film, shooting script and all our artwork).

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