The Sustainable Cycling Symposium

by Recro Vida in Plymouth, United Kingdom

We did it
On 22nd December 2021 we successfully raised £33,620 with 54 supporters in 49 days

The Sustainable Cycling Symposium events will combat the climate emergency by increasing sustainable, safe and secure cycling in Plymouth.

by Recro Vida in Plymouth, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

  • Provision of more cycle events across Plymouth.
  • Great ability to fix and donate more reclaimed bikes to those of low economic status.
  • More cycle safety training (bike ability, exchanging places etc.).
  • Ability to hit more sections of society and generate a greater climate saving.



Sponsorship, Rewards & Collaboration

We need to achieve a minimum £20,000 via this Crowdfunder to make the project a reality. This needs to be secured before the 8th of December. 

But what's in it for you?

  • £20 sponsor rewards you with a free bike service including basic parts (worth £50+)
  • £200 sponsor gives businesses a branding & publicity at 13 live events plus on all social media
  • £1,000 sponsorship gives businesses a branding & publicity at 13 live events plus on all social media as well attendance to key meetings with other cycling organisations

We have already received £12,500 from Plymouth City Council and £3,000 from Cycling UK who are currently our two main backers. However we are still short of the overall Crowdfunder target.

The more money we raise, the more impact we can have; be it training more people in cycle proficiency, servicing more bike to recycling more bikes for low income Plymothians.

The Idea

Combating Climate Change by complete cycle sustainability. If we can raise £20,000, The Sustainable Cycling Symposium (SCS) will deliver at least 12 cycle events next year (running March/April to September/October22). 

We need to secure £20,000 by 30 sponsors by the 8th of December for the "All or Nothing" Crowdfunder to become a reality.

The SCS will link up multiple cycle services in one location to ensure maximisation of cycle usage across the city. This will include:

  • Bike security tagging & security advice,
  • Provision of cycle safety training (Bikeability etc.) for all ages,
  • Delivery of "exchanging places" safety awareness training (vehicle blind spots & safe passing distances etc.),
  • Bike safety checks & services by trained mechanics,
  • Green & clean air travel routing advice,
  • Provision of abandoned & donated bikes to people of low socio-economic status,
  • Link up of all interested stakeholders to enable a greater cycling culture, competence & connectivity across Plymouth.

2019 cycling levels demonstrated the"Highest level of cycling on the public highway since the 1960s” (Department for Transport’s (DfT) ‘Road Traffic Estimates Great Britain 2020’); let's get Plymouth cycling!


The Benefits

Sustainability - Combatting climate change

  • The SCS ensures a second life for disused bicycles (driving down waste) by providing reclaimed & donated bikes to people on low socio-economic status,
  • This improves air quality, decreases use of fossil fuels. "Cycling has a carbon footprint of about 21g of CO2 per kilometre. That’s less than walking or getting the bus and less than a tenth the emissions of driving." (Bike Radar, 2020),
  • Personal sustainability, wellbeing, health and social interaction will be aided by connecting the cycle community. The average UK cycle commute is 21 minutes (DFT,2018) and the NHS guidelines on weekly exercise prescribes 150 minutes moderate exercise (NHS, 2021), 
  • Improves social connectivity.

Security - Driving down crime

  • Drives down crime. There were 77,300 bike thefts in England & Wales in 2020/21 (Statista, 2021),
  • Free up Police & emergency services (less time processing stolen bike claims, dealing with incidents etc.).

Safety - Safer travel for all

  • Aids road user and pedestrian safety, driving down fatal & significant road traffic incidents. There were "4,388 deaths or serious injuries of cyclists on British roads in 2019" (Statista, 2019).



The Competition

Recro Vida and the Sustainable Cycling Symposium (SCS) project placed second in the #BackTheFuture Live: Plymouth Climate Challenge 2021! A massive achievement for Darren, Founder of Recro Vida Ltd who only formed the company in October 2021 and only moved to Plymouth in August 2021.

The minimum crowdfunder criteria has been met (at least £2,000 from 30 supporters). We are now pushing to raise £20,000 in funding to have the best impact on cycling in Plymouth we can.

Recro Vida will provide project management services in partnership with a multitude of cycle focussed organisations which are established in their fields. The company has significant experience in delivering sustainable infrastructure projects all over the world. This project will work efficiently and effectively, we just need your initial boost of funding! Please donate what you can!



We are looking for sponsorship in exchange for rewards (such as free marketing, bike servicing etc. - see the rewards section) or just donations by humans who believe in the idea and want to save the planet!

We are also open to collaboration, via promotion or other more in-depth support.

Without the minimum crowdfunder fee and sponsors, the project will not progress. Please donate and lets combat climate change, one cycle at a time! 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

Individual Sponsor (£20 Reward)

A £20 Reward secures the sponsor: - A free cycle safety service (free basic parts) - A free bike security tag in the event your bicycle is stolen - A free exchanging places safety awareness session

£200 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Core Sponsor (£200 Reward)

As a Core Sponsor (£200 Reward) the sponsor is entitled to: - Free promotions at all live events (hard copy banner marketing - strip) - Inclusion on Social Media posts relating to the project - Free networking with 9 other core sponsors and 2 other key sponsors plus the event organisers

£1,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Key Sponsor (£1,000 Reward)

As a Key Sponsor (£1,000 Reward) the sponsor is entitled to: - Free promotions at all live events (hard copy banner marketing - Centre) - Inclusion on Social Media posts relating to the project - Free networking with 1 other key sponsor and 10 other core sponsors plus the event organisers - Free attendance at the live event at Devonport Market Hall on 08/11/2021 with council members & other key local stakeholders

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