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Our mission at Surrey Stands With Ukraine is to support the people of Ukraine by collecting essential medical and search & rescue supplies needed by those on the ground, and organising transport to deliver these supplies directly from our hub in Epsom to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

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Please be aware that after 27th June 2023, you will no longer be able to use Nectar points as a way to donate to this project.

We're Surrey Stands With Ukraine - raising money to get targeted life-saving supplies to the people of Ukraine.

In late February, our founder, Natalyia, began sending essential items and equipment directly to her family to redistribute among their community in western Ukraine. 

What began as a few local friends helping out grew into a mammoth community effort from the people of Epsom and the surrounding Surrey area, and we now have over 350 volunteers supporting the charity. Our hub in the Ashley Centre, Epsom, is open seven days a week, and from here we collect and sort essential items, prioritising distribution to towns and cities in Ukraine according to the latest information on the ground. To date, we've sent eleven loads of medical supplies, search & rescue equipment and other life-saving items, and raised over £100,000.

100% of money raised goes towards life-saving supplies for the people of Ukraine, as well as covering transport and logistics costs to get these items into the hands of the people who need it most. We are also collecting physical donations at our hub in the Ashley Centre. Please see our website for the latest information on which items we're accepting for donation, and come visit us if you're in the area!

Please note: SSWU operates under Harrop HR Missions Ltd Regd Charity 1117155


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