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Help our musical instrument library to enable and encourage more people to meet, jam, collaborate, create, repair instruments and have fun!

by Music Broth in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 21st April 2023 we'd raised £10,413 with 133 supporters in 32 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

With the help of all you lovely people we hit our target!!  All the extra funds we raise will be invested in repairing more instruments, putting on more workshops and spreading the joy of playing musical instruments to more people.  A big thank you from all of us at Music Broth!


What is Music Broth?

Music Broth is Scotland’s Musical Instrument Library. With an inventory of over two thousand musical instruments; if you can name it, we’ve probably got it! But that’s not all we are.  We aim to make music inclusive and accessible to everyone while promoting sustainability. We restore, re-use or re-purpose used musical instruments which are kindly donated to us; saving them from landfill and giving them a new life.

Can you help us raise the funds needed to bring the gift of music to more people and save the planet at the same time?


Why do we do it?

Music for Everyone

We support people of all ages and backgrounds including; established musicians, those just starting their musical journey, those struggling financially, people with poor physical or mental health, people affected by homelessness, older long-term residents, as well as those newly arrived in Scotland such as refugees and individuals seeking asylum - basically everyone! 

Using these funds we can support and subsidise memberships and referrals from organisations such as Refuwegee, Barnardos, YCSA, Girls Rock Glasgow and the Scottish Recovery Network, to name but a few.


Reducing Financial Barriers

Music, sadly, can be a luxury. Instruments are expensive, tutors cost money and for most, this is unachievable or unsustainable. We believe in a world where creating music is a right, not a privilege. Through our library, we support many individuals and groups who would not be able to access music otherwise.


Improving Mental Health

It’s not a surprise that music is amazing for your brain and body. Studies show that listening to, and playing, music releases dopamine - the feel-good chemical and that music not only calms the mind but can help control pain.

Creating a Connected Community

As part of our charity, we are creating a community. Together we are a family who helps each other. From the people who attend our events to our volunteers, we’ve created a connected community of support and lifelong friendships. Through our Library Hub, we create an inclusive home away from home and an escape for those who need it. All are welcome!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our instrument library is built on the donations of pre-loved instruments. We stop instruments from going to landfill and reshare them throughout our community. We repair and maintain these instruments in our library and any instruments which cannot be fixed are used in our repurposing workshops.


How does our library work?

Our members can borrow from our extensive library of pre-loved musical instruments and it’s not all just guitars, drums and keyboards. We have almost every musical instrument that you can think of and a few you’ve never heard of.


Tambourines, glockenspiels, trombones, clarinets, tubas, sitars, banjos, recorders, ukuleles, lutes, accordions, violins, saxophones, dulcimers, djembes, cellos and more …. If you can name it, there’s a good chance we have it in the library! We also have music stands, piano stools, small percussion, tuition books as well as hire items like backline and PA systems, so basically anything to do with making music for all age ranges. 



Can we Play It? Yes, We Can! 

We have big plans for the funds we raise;

As well as continuing and expanding our drop-in jam sessions, we want to fix more instruments from our library for sharing across Scotland. We want specialist tutors to create musical workshop programmes, and repairers/craft makers to run environmental reuse, repair, and upcycling workshops to increase the sustainability of our library instruments and transferable skills. We want to support our volunteers and visitors to be cosy in our library hub with cuppas, healthy snacks and the tools they need.


Our Costs

  • Running a 3-hour jam session in our library hub including tutor support - £360
  • The average cost to service and repair a woodwind instrument eg flute, clarinet, or saxophone - £150-250+
  • The average cost to service and repair a brass instrument eg trombone, trumpet, or tuba - £100-250+
  • The average cost to service and repair a stringed instrument eg violin, double bass, or harp - £60+
  • Average monthly cost to keep our doors open - £1618.36
  • Average monthly outgoings eg repair materials, maintenance for instruments etc -£279.91
  • Premises cost annually - £20k
  • Cost of a tutor for one hour - we ensure our tutors are paid fairly at Musician Union rates, a minimum of £38.50 per hour.


Double your donation!

We are delighted to be part of the 2023 Creative Scotland Crowdmatch competition. While the funding pot lasts, Creative Scotland will match individual pledges up to £10,000. So if you donate £20 to our cause, your donation will be matched with a £20 pledge from Creative Scotland, effectively doubling your donation. Remember to tick the Gift Aid box please We know that times are hard for everyone right now so if you can't donate please tell your friends about our Crowdfunding campaign and share our social media posts - together we can make a huge difference!


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Music Broth for all the help they provided during my treatment and cancer recovery. They provided all means of help from, musical instruments and equipment to opportunities and support and I made some lifelong friends there too. Please help them with their crowd funder appeal so they can help more kids and adults with their musical endeavours and dreams." - With thanks,  Wee Joe Price

“I can not thank you enough for your help and support. Learning how to play the piano (music) has made a notable difference in my life..” – Mali

“Just to say we concluded our final session with Grace and just wanted to say that it was such a wonderful, memorable block of workshops. We had women who were right into the music from the start and came to every session, and we also had women who started tentatively but became committed participants, and everyone who came along took part with such enthusiasm. Thanks above all to Grace who has been a brilliant tutor and so kind, accommodating and personable. I hope we can continue to work with you guys in the future!” – Partner organisation

“You cheered my day. You cheered my heart. Instead of saying, I did nothing today because I was not feeling well. I said I attended music broth for two hours and played guitar and uke with Roger and fellow musicians. How wonderful. So, folks thank you. You are modern angels. Please feel able to share my story. It's only by speaking personally can funders and supporters get a sense of why they are being asked to contribute. Every penny changes lives. Every penny!!” – Wilma, guitar workshop participant

“Music Broth has become like a family to me. I feel accepted and at home in your beautiful library. I leave my troubles behind at the door. I look forward to seeing you all each week. I’ve learned so much and I am encouraged to make more music. God bless you” – MR, workshop participant

“Music Broth is an amazing organisation. I first came across them at an event for refugees a few years ago. To see these young people having so much fun learning to beatbox, and succeeding, was exhilarating!” - Karin


This project offered rewards

£45 or more

Beautiful star pendant from 'Cymbal Things'

Made from broken cymbals, these beatiful pendants are hand crafted by our resident drum expert. Jenny looks after all our drums and drum kits at Music Broth and, as well as being in several amazing bands, she also tutors all ages and abilities of drum enthusiasts.

£10 or more

Fill our biscuit tin!

£10 will fill our biscuit tin with healthy snacks for a week to keep our volunteers' hunger at bay - thank you!

£20 or more

Re-string a guitar

£20 will restring one of our acoustic guitars making it ready for the next budding Amy Macdonald or Lewis Capaldi!

£35 or more

Music Broth T-shirt

Fabulous Music Broth logo T-shirt - your wardrobe is now complete. We'll confirm sizing before shipping

£40 or more

Guitar string bracelets

Hand crafted bracelets made from old guitar strings taken from donated guitars. Music Broth is supported by an amazing team of volunteers who maintain and repair our instruments. Many of our donated guitars have been sitting in an attic or garage for a while and need a clean and a restring. Instead of throwing out the old strings, they are cleaned and made into bracelets.

£45 or more

Limited edition T-shirt

Only available here! Be the envy of all your friends with our limited edition t-shirt. We'll confirm sizes before shipping

£50 or more

Donor Wall

Get your name on our 'Donor Wall' on the Music Broth website - who needs a star on Hollywood Boulevard?!

£60 or more

The Gift of Music

Pay it forward - buy a membership for someone who needs our support, for example someone struggling financially, or a New Scot, and give them the gift of access to musical instruments

£150 or more

Service and repair an instrument

£150 will pay to have one of our woodwind instruments (eg flute, clarinet) serviced and cover minor repairs. Your donation could be supporting the next Lizzo!

£250 or more

Be a Brass Hero!

£250 will service and repair one of our brass instruments desperately in need of some TLC. It could be the next Christopher Hart that borrows that newly repaired trumpet!

£280 or more

Cover our monthly instrument maintenance bill

£280 will cover our average maintenance and repair bill. This includes general maintenance of our instruments eg cleaning and small repairs. Whether it's a visiting professional musician or an eager 7 year old choosing their first guitar, we ensure all our instruments are in good working order before they are collected.

£1,800 or more

Ya Dancer!

Be a Music Broth angel and cover the cost of running our library for one month!

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