Starry Skies - 'Small Wonders' - New Album

by Warren (Starry Sky) McIntyre in Kirkintilloch, Scotland, United Kingdom

Starry Skies - 'Small Wonders' - New Album
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On 19th April 2021 we successfully raised £14,182 with 279 supporters in 28 days

Our crowdfunding project is to raise funds to go into the studio to record a new Starry Skies album called 'Small Wonders'.

by Warren (Starry Sky) McIntyre in Kirkintilloch, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The support we have had from friends and fans of the band in the past has been amazing. 

It has resulted in us being able to record our songs sooner than we would have otherwise and we are very grateful for this. It also resulted in them doing far better than we ever imagined they would in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere. 

However, we have hopes to send the songs into many more homes around the world, and to be able to get help with promoting the new album professionally would be fantastic.  

Like many others, we currently do all of the promotion for our music by ourselves. It would be amazing to take some of the pressure off and get someone to help.  

Again we would use local folk so these extra funds would be an income for someone during tough times. 

We are also looking at taking on a part-time member of staff to help with our label Fox Star and funds would go towards this - again helping with local employment.

Maybe we will even be able to finance a small tour later in the year with low ticket prices and also put on a little autumn festival with some of our musical pals. 

So in summary, if we can reach our stretch target, we will be able to get help to promote the record properly and send the music out a bit further. 


Starry Skies - about us 

The Starry Skies formed in 2012 and included former members of the Moondials and the Ducks. The line up has evolved over the years with everyone playing a crucial part in helping develop the sound of the band. 

As the songwriter of the group, I have ended up being the main organiser and although it can be hard work I love doing it.  

I have been playing music since I was 12 years old when I formed my first band The Revs. Ten years later I set up a record company to release my songs and ended up helping friends by arranging gigs and releasing their records too.   

I love making music, sharing songs and bringing people together. 

Through doing this, lots of new friends have been made and I am proud to have played a part in organising hundreds of fun musical nights. 

Starry Skies have been my most successful musical endeavour and this is due to all of those who have been involved and contributed over the years.   

Here are some of the kind things that people have said about our music: 

  • "Among the finest of the current crop” - Clash magazine
  • "Full of upbeat and uplifting pop" - Rough Trade Records 
  • "UK Artist of the Week" - The Vinyl Directory (Washington DC) 
  • "Timeless Sound" - Natasha Raskin Sharp - BBC Radio Scotland
  • ‘Do It With Love’ has the energy of a steel mill with a heart of melodic gold" Justin Currie (Del Amitri)

The main reason for this praise is because Heather, John, Jen, Adam, Sophie and all those who have been involved are such amazing musicians. 

It is not possible to talk about the friends who have played on our songs though without a special mention of the much loved and sorely missed Iain Stoddart. 

They are all also lovely kind people who make music for the love of it. The care and love they all put into the records shine out and it is always a real pleasure playing music together.  



Starry Skies - 'Do It With Love'

Our previous album 'Do It With Love' was released last year to critical acclaim and widespread radio play. And it was only due to the support of our previous crowdfunding supporters that we were able to make the album at all. 

Songs from the record were played by radio stations worldwide and feedback from the record has been amazing. Here's a quick promo film to give you a flavour. 

'Do It With Love' was also 'Album of the Month' on a variety of radio shows and publications including the influential Manc Review: 

"Transcending from the mystical muses of Syd Barrett, Love, Kaleidoscope, Starry Skies wanders through the folk fog of Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Donovan, whilst lifted by the ghostly gospel-esque harmonies, and the country-twinged reverberation likened to Johnny Cash and John Martyn."

Full Review Here: Manc Review - Album of the Month

New Album 2021- Small Wonders

During the last year, I've written lots of new songs, and the Starry Skies are now ready to start rehearsing and go into the studio to record our fourth studio album. 

It is going to be called 'Small Wonders and a theme running through many of the songs is an appreciation that the differences between us are not as important as all the things we have in common. 

It sounds corny, but we are all just trying our best. Showing love and helping others even in small ways (hence the album title) can have a big impact.  And it makes us feel good!

All money raised from our crowd funder will go towards pre-production and recording costs. This in turn will help support small local businesses like Maybank Studios where we will record the album. 


Match Funding

The recording of Starry Skies' new album has been chosen as one of 20 creative projects in Scotland that have the opportunity to share £75,000 in match funding as part of the Creative Scotland Crowdmatch Programme.

However - it is a competitive fund and it's possible the funding will be allocated within days to those who hit certain milestones

So if you are going to pledge, then please do it sooner rather than later as your pledge could be doubled!


Small Wonders Timeline

If we meet our target, then Adam, Heather, Jen, John, Mike, Sophie, myself and some other musician friends will start pre-production in early May and then record the album during June. 

All those who support us will be kept fully up to date along the way and also get copies of each single two weeks before they get sent to radio and press. 

You'll also get a digital copy as soon as it is mastered during summer and then physical copies very soon after. The t-shirts will be delivered in May with private concerts from June/July. 

We really hope you can get involved and be a part of making Starry Skies - 'Small Wonders' a reality.








This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£7 or more

Starry Skies 'Small Wonders' - Digital Album

A high-quality digital copy of Starry Skies - Small Wonders album.

£10 or more

Starry Skies 'Small Wonders' - CD copy of album

CD copy of Starry Skies - 'Small Wonders' album in a gatefold sleeve with download code, lyrics sheet and band photos.

£15 or more

Signed 'Small Wonders' - CD album + Concert Ticket

Signed CD copy of Starry Skies 'Small Wonders' album in a gatefold sleeve with download code, lyrics sheet and band photos. Plus ticket to Starry Skies live stream concert in late Spring from a cool location,

£20 or more

Signed 'Small Wonders' Vinyl + Concert Ticket

A signed heavyweight vinyl copy of Starry Skies 'Small Wonders' album including download code, lyrics sheet with band photos. Plus a ticket to Starry Skies live stream concert in late Spring from a cool location.

£20 or more

Starry Skies Limited Edition T-Shirt

High-quality Starry Skies T-shirt in choice of designs: 1. Starry Skies - 'Do It With Love' - (Album Cover) 2. Starry Skies - 'Screen Zombie Generation' All sizes (including kids) available in black, red, white and dark blue. But if you want a weird and wonderful colour then we'll try to sort that for you. Plus a ticket to Starry Skies live stream concert in late Spring from a cool location.

£50 or more

'Starry Skies' - Big Bundle of Small Wonders

Signed copies of 'Small Wonders' on CD & Vinyl + Digital download + Credit on album cover + T-shirt of your choice in May + VIP Invite to exclusive Listening Party in July ( Be first to hear it! ) + Ticket to the Starry Skies live-stream concert in late Spring + Studio Diary updates + Lyrics sheet & selection of exclusive band photos from the studio sessions.

£50 or more

Framed Starry Skies album

A quality black-framed copy of either 'Be Kind' or 'Do It With Love'. + A handwritten signed Starry Skies song lyric of your choice on posh parchment paper + Ticket to Album Launch Party in November.

£77 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Rare Test Pressing of 'Small Wonders'

Rare and limited edition Vinyl Pressing of 'Small Wonders' signed by the whole band plus signed vinyl and cd copies with digital download. Plus credit and your name or a loved one on both vinyl and cd versions. Plus a ticket to Starry Skies live stream concert in late Spring.

£150 or more

Starry Skies 'Stripped Back' Live Garden Show

Warren Starry Sky and one, or maybe two, other Starry Skies will play a live show in your garden or somewhere else of your choosing with a small PA or completely acoustic (your choice) in late summer/autumn. You can sell tickets to friends if you want and will receive 7 copies of 'Be Kind' or 'Do It With Love' to send as gifts in advance. Outside of Glasgow, we may need to charge a small amount for petrol but this will be the only added cost.

£200 or more

Super Supporter of Starry Skies

All the rewards in Starry Skies Bundle + ‘All Access’ weekly diary updates on the recording sessions + Copies of the demo versions of songs as they are recorded + Exclusive band studio photos + VIP guest pass for all Starry Skies concerts for 2 years + Handwritten lyric of your choice on parchment. As a super supporter, you will also get a special credit on the album cover. All Access updates to start in May.

£500 or more

Starry Skies - Full Band Show - July onwards

This pledge gets you a full band Starry Skies live show at a location of your choice from July onwards. We'll bring the PA and if you choose to you can sell tickets and keep all proceeds and we'll throw in a bunch of CDs too. You can even help choose the setlist and pick a cover of two that we'll learn for fun. Basically, you'll be our boss for the night.

£100 or more

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Song Writing Workshop

Over the years, I've helped a few folks realise that writing songs is not as difficult as they think. This reward is for songwriting workshop / mentoring delivered over at least two sessions. I'll work with you to complete at least one finished song -maybe two. It can be done over zoom but when allowed we can work at my writing studio space. Sessions will be two and a half hours long. Who knows, we might write a classic together.

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