Staffordshire Network For Mental Health

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Staffordshire Network for Mental Health aims to improve the quality of life for people who have personal experience of mental distress. This is achieved by promoting and enabling service user involvement, giving people the opportunity to take part in the design, delivery and evaluation of mental health and wellbeing services. We challenge stigma and discrimination of people with mental illness.

Staffordshire Network For Mental Health

Staffordshire Mental Health Network (SNMH) support anyone affected by mental health.

Our well-known support service 'Toolbox' is a self-empowering emotional well-being service, helping to equip individuals with the right tools to maintain good emotional wellbeing. 

'Toolbox' is a great way of working with people at risk of developing a mental illness, before it gets to a point where they are ill, or perhaps it could be used as a ‘top up’ by people who,have learned to self-manage but need a reminder.

SNMH also provide a helpline, social prescribing service and workshops to help people understand mental health or learn tools and techniques to help  manage their symptoms. 

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