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Together for Refugees: Support SiBot's Crowdfunding Campaign and Make an Impact

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On the 28th July 2023 we'd raised £2,860 with 45 supporters in 36 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

If we raise extra funds, we will utilize them to:

Enhance our AI technology: We'll be able to invest in further development and improvements of our SiBot technologies, ensuring it can provide even better service to our users.

Expand our reach: Additional funds will allow us to market and promote our tools to a wider audience, helping us to reach more refugees and immigrants who can benefit from our services.

Support more non-profit organisations: Extra funding will enable us to partner with more organisations working with refugees and immigrants, providing them with access to our tools and aiding their mission.

Invest in research and development: With more funds, we can explore new ways to address the challenges faced by refugees and immigrants, creating innovative solutions to further assist this community.

Enhance user experience: We can focus on improving the user interface and user experience of our tools, making them more intuitive and user-friendly.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to drive social impact, so any additional funds will be reinvested into initiatives that further this aim.

Join us in supporting SiBot, the ultimate online hub for refugees powered by OpenAI. This hub is a one-stop destination, offering crucial support, information, and resources to refugees, making their integration journey smoother and empowering them along the way.

My name is Alex. I am an indigenous Siberian, a refugee, and an HIV survivor. My journey started in Russia, where I had a successful career in B2B sales. However, in 2015, my life took a dramatic turn when I was diagnosed with HIV. Unable to access the necessary treatment in Russia, my health deteriorated. The struggle wasn't just physical. I was also confronted with the harsh realities of racism and homophobia on a daily basis.


In 2017, I managed to move to the UK, where I felt safe and at home for the first time in years, but starting life afresh wasn't easy. Like many refugees, I had to build everything from scratch. I started working as a barista, went back to study, slowly started to adapt to new culture and began dreaming of making a difference.

During this time I have met a lot of people with my experience, one of them was a Ukrainian web developer with a successful career, who was forced to flee his homeland due to the war. His ambitions were abruptly put on hold, much like other countless talented individuals facing the same unfortunate circumstances.

We decided to start a web development agency in the UK called Mendee.Digital. "Mendee" means "Hello" in my native language, symbolising a fresh start and a welcoming space for people from all walks of life.

While building Mendee.Digital, I also started fostering a LGBTQ+ community, United Queerdom, which has grown to 170 members. We organise monthly meetups, museum visits, and provide free psychological support.

At the same time, I initiated an online community for refugees from Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Now boasting 360 members, the community is growing, thanks to the refugees themselves. We've named this growing project


All these experiences sparked an idea for SiBot (Social Impact Bot), an accessible AI-powered hub for refugees and other disadvantaged and displaced individuals. My co-founder, Aria Rey, and I believe SiBot can make a significant difference in the lives of refugees while easing the daily burden on charities. - prototype

SiBot: Revolutionizing Refugee Support with AI and Multilingual Accessibility

SiBot is an AI-powered online hub specifically designed for refugees. Accessible in over 50 languages, SiBot acts as a virtual companion, providing invaluable support and resources to individuals seeking refuge. The AI technology behind SiBot has been trained using verified information gathered from reputable charity organisations and trusted websites. This ensures that the platform delivers accurate, up-to-date information and guidance tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by refugees. With SiBot, refugees can find essential assistance, access vital resources, and navigate their integration process with confidence and ease.



We urgently need your help to take our project to the next level. While we have successfully built our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and proven the concept, we require additional funding to further develop and refine the SiBot platform. Your support is vital in fueling our efforts to enhance its capabilities, expand its reach, and create a more comprehensive and impactful solution for refugees.

With your contribution, we can accelerate the development process, implement key features, and ensure that SiBot becomes a powerful tool that empowers refugees on their integration journey. 

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