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Help us raise funds to complete the development of our vaccine tracking necklace that will be used to reduce infant mortality.

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On the 31st May 2021 we'd raised £3,510 with 92 supporters in 55 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1617462984_05.jpgTHE PROBLEM

Millions of children under the age of 5 in developing countries die from vaccine preventable diseases such as measles, polio and rubella.  These children are at risk of contracting deadly diseases because they do not complete their routine immunization uptake.

Our founder, Victoria Ndoh as part of  her work for the United Nations, visited a lot of health facilities in remote areas of developing countries and she noticed that record keeping is a challenge across the health facilities. In all the countries she visited, she noticed that children do not complete their vaccination uptake because their mothers are sometimes not given vaccination cards and even when they are given cards, the cards get defaced or lost, making it difficult to track vaccination uptake which then puts the children at risk of contracting deadly diseases.


We believe that where a child is born should not determine whether the child lives.  This is why our founder invented a fashion necklace which doubles as a vaccine tracking device, VACTRACA. 

The  VACTRACA necklace is being developed with top industrial designers and immunization specialists and our plan is to partner with organizations and governments to buy VACTRACA and give them out for free to disadvantaged mothers living in low-income countries so that they can keep track of their children's vaccination schedules and give their children a chance to live healthy lives. 



A mother is given a VACTRACA necklace on her last antenatal appointment and asked to wear the necklace to every hospital appointment following the birth of her child.  

The mother wears the VACTRACA necklace on the next visit to the clinic with her new born baby. The pendant on the necklace already has all the vaccination information stored in it and the health worker uses a biro to ink mark the vaccine grooves on the pendant and writes the date for the next vaccination appointment. Super Easy!!! 

The baby is vaccinated and the mother wears her baby's vaccination record around her neck. She can wear the necklace everyday, change the colours on the pendant to match her outfits and even continue to wear it after her child has taken all the required vaccines. 


A prototype has been designed, finalised and tested in mother and baby focus group sessions in over 100 health facilities but we need your help to complete the design for manufacture and tooling for mass production processes.

The money raised on this platform will help us finalise the machine tooling processes and begin mass production of the vaccination tracking necklaces. We need you to help us make this happen. Your donation will help us give millions of children a chance to live healthy lives.

Please follow the instructions in the link and make a donation.

Thank you!!!!

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£20 or more

Support a mother

A disadvantaged mother living in a remote part of a low-income county will receive a free vaccine tracking necklace sent to her on your behalf and this will help ensure that her baby receives all the life-saving vaccinations needed to keep the baby alive and in good health.

£50 or more

Support 2 mothers

2 disadvantaged mothers living in a low-income country will receive vaccine tracking necklaces sent to them on your behalf to help them keep a record of their children's vaccination schedules and ensure that their babies receive the right vaccines. Your name will be listed on the VACTRACA website as a major supporter to the product development.

£100 or more

Support 5 mothers

5 mothers living in very difficult circumstances in a low-income country will receive vaccine tracking necklaces sent to them on your behalf to help them keep track of their children's vaccine schedules. Your name will be listed on the VACTRACA website and it will also be listed on the VACTRACA packaging as a supporter.

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