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To inhabit the remote and desolate islet of Rockall in the North Atlantic to raise money for UK veterans charities.

 New stretch target

Every single penny raised above the necessary funds to get us there, will be paid into the veterans charities to help our veterans and families who have given so much.

Profits from our accompanying book will also go towards the veterans charities. All profits from generous donations, sponsors and our individual contributions will go directly to the charities.

In June 2023 Nobby Styles, Emil Bergmann and I, intend to inhabit the remote island of Rockall in the North Atlantic for as long as we can, to raise money for veterans and their families.  



Rockall is a tiny island 230 miles from mainland UK and has only ever been occupied three times. Once by SAS veteran Tom McClean in the 1980s.


A team from Greenpeace inhabited the rock in the 90s and again by adventurer Nick Hancock FRGS in 2014. Nick Hancock holds the Rockall occupation world record of 46 days solo on the rock.  


 We intend to leave for Rockall in June 2023 on our vessel and transfer our LANDPOD accommodation, kit and supplies onto the rock, ready to transmit to the world.


 Nobby Styles our radio operator, intends to transmit from the Rock to the Global radio ham community. His callsign is MM0UKI. OQRS will be issuing QSL cards to all hams that make contact with him. This is a great opportunity for hams to get that elusive QSL card that you've all been waiting for. IOTA EU189


We’ll stay for as long as we can, in difficult conditions with everything we need to survive on the rock. 


Aaron Wheeler and his team are making the documentary about Rockall-The edge of existence and you can view the trailer here.

Rockall-The edge of existence

The aim is to raise awareness of the mental and physical challenges faced by our armed forces personnel, veterans and their families.

Rockall is a remote and desolate place, which is analogous to the situation that our people in the armed forces find themselves through no choice of their own.

We choose to go there. We want to do this.

Our aim is to raise as much money as we can for this amazing feat.

We need fuel, a skipper and crew and a vessel. We need kit and supplies and this all costs money. Your donation will help us achieve this amazing feat and help serving personnel, veterans and their families.

We'll also be conducting research on the Rock and producing an audio diary for the BBC. 

Many companies and individuals have given us over £10,000 in donations, supplies and essential equipment. We need more. 

No amount is too small.

More people have stepped on the surface of the moon than have lived on Rockall.

This is just incredible and you can help achieve this wonderful adventure.

Many thanks troops for your faith and your generosity,


Cam Cameron VR FRGS -Rockall Expedition Leader 

We are aiming to change the funder to reduce the target and keep all money raised instead of the all or nothing target of £50,0000. If you have pledged already and would like a refund- please get in touch. [email protected]

Thank you everyone, who has kindly donated so far. 

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Documentary-The edge of Existence


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