Rob is NOT drinking in June

Rob is NOT drinking in June


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Started on 19th May 2022 The Crescent, Newquay TR7 1DT, UK

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Rob Love posted an update on 27th June 2022

Into the last week...FreeDamm


So, into the home stretch. Just hd to navigate through "Tunes In The Dunes" a festival virtually in my front garden here in Perranporth this weekend. Not too bad, as I was designated adult for the youth, so good to be sober and a proper grown up for a change.

The Estrella dance bar provided three type of non-alcoholic beer (Ironically called FreeDamm), so worked my way through that with Jim...(don't bother with the Lemon version).

I'm going to have one last push on the fundraising this week as we head toward Friday (1st) and a 50th birthday party...

So please pass this around.

Keen to be back in the middle of things and feeling healthier than a few weeks ago. 

Definitely a lot harder to not drink in June than January. But I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Adios for now, please continue to support the Andy Taylor Foundation however you can and thanks for your support.



Rob Love posted an update on 16th June 2022

"Rob, you're not drinking?!" - Baby Spice, Sunday 12th

Two weeks - done...


Day 6 – Monday


Day 9 – Thursday

 Easier than last week.

 Day 10 – Friday

 It’s tricky on a Friday night. Corona Zero…

 Day 11 – Royal Cornwall Show

 I realised that looking at tractors and garden furniture, which I thought I enjoyed in the sun, was only fun because I’d usually consumed a few pints of Cider.

 A trek around the showground on coke zero.

 Day 12 – Sunday, @SoccerAid

 A bit tricky, free bar and VIP Hospitality courtesy of UNICEF.

 Had to turn down a champagne that Baby Spice offered me.


Emma Bunton on Twitter: "Half time @socceraid England 2 XI 2 at Old  Trafford for @socceraid and I've never seen a stronger line up. I've seen  first-hand the vital work made possible

 Stay strong.

 Day 13 – Monday

 No one drinks on a Monday, not even me.

 Day 14 – two weeks complete…

 I’m convincing myself that I’m halfway – there’s four weeks in a month, yes?

 Trying not to think about the forthcoming heatwave, Glastonbury and Tunes in the Dunes to navigate…

Rob Love posted an update on 7th June 2022

Survived the Jubilee/Festival weekend

Day 2


Bernadette’s birthday party.


Very hot, sundowners on the balcony. The Corona Cero saved me.

Absolutely no support from any guests.


Only suggestion was to delay the start by two days and end later.


It doesn’t work like that.


Day 3


The Great Estate Festival – another tough gig




There are very few festivals in Jan. So, a super sunny outing to the Great Estate really tested my resolve.


Quite bored of explaining why I’m not drinking in June. “It’s the worse month”.


No 0% beer at the festival. Diet bloody coke. Who’s the real losers in this?


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Good job I’m mentally strong.


Day 4 – Saturday


Dreary and rainy day, so much easier. Although watching the insipid England performance against Hungary nearly made me reach for a a glass of wine.


Day 5 – Sunday


Swim, Bike ride and no alcohol. Nearly feeling healthy.


Super sunset was a tempting moment, but I’m starting to feel a but worthy now. Enjoyed watching those returning from the festival/jubilee weekend of partying. A little smug.

Rob Love posted an update on 2nd June 2022

And we're off...Day 1 complete!

1654592866_day_3.jpgSo here we go then.


Very sunny at the office and a full bar in the courtyard so it was a Heineken 00 for me. Much harder after a short but intense week, weds was like a double friday.

Also true that sunny June days are not January.

I don't care what Si says, it's only a half marathon - I'm going the whole month.

Stocked up on the way home - 

1. Corona Cero (my current favourite if you haven't tried it yet (with lime you'd nearly never know!).

2. Guinness 0%

3. Brewdog Punk AF

4. Lucky Saint.

Celebrating on the beach tonight. It's going to be a long month...

Thanks for your support of the Andy T1654164461_day_1.jpgaylor Foundation. Please share the love.



I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me, that has been set up in memory of one of my closest and dearest friends - Andy. 

Andy was such an inspirational person and entrepreneur. 

He was a hugely successful media leader but from a proud northern background that was far more normal than many of the industry's top tiers.

Andy wanted to help those, like him, who may not have had the obvious shortcut to make it big in this sector. This is a brilliant charity to make that happen for lots of young people who could really make a big difference.

So please donate and help me reach my target in aid of The Andy Taylor Foundation. Anything you can contribute towards helping me achieve my target will be massively appreciated and/or please support by sharing this page or starting you own fundraiser too.

As well as raising money, all friends of Andy's who can will be offering support for the candidates who join this programme. As the Chief Executive of our small little company, Crowdfunder UK, we will be offering up work placement opportunities to those that the charity supports.

Thank you.



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Freddie T's Mudder madness team
30th June 2022 at 11:35am

This is an epic performance Rob. I wanted to give you one last supporting pledge to nudge you across the line today. The number of events you have survived without a drink is eye watering. I am trying to work out if I can do the same in any of the next three months. The thought makes me shudder.... If I was in Cornwall tomorrow, I'd buy you your first beer! Stay strong, nearly there. Thanks for all you have done. Lara (and the Andy Taylor Foundation) x

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Daniel Porter-Jones
29th June 2022 at 10:13am

Just a couple of days left to go! Hugely well done and thank you so much for your incredible efforts to support the Andy Taylor Foundation!

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Daniel Porter-Jones
29th June 2022 at 10:12am

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David Brown
29th June 2022 at 2:05am

Good effort..not easy!!

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David Brown
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