Restoration of the Maspie Den

by MaspieDen in Falkland, Scotland, United Kingdom

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The Maspie Den is a treasured walk on Falkland Estate. The pathway desperately needs significant TLC so that we can continue to cherish it.

by MaspieDen in Falkland, Scotland, United Kingdom

Falkland Estate's Maspie Den

We love this landscape and we love welcoming people to the Estate. As the charity who looks after the pathways and woodlands, we are out and about on a daily basis, working with our volunteers to maintain the paths, pick up litter and check that everything is safe and the biodiversity is protected. 

A beautiful walk facing challenges

If you've been to Falkland Estate, the chances are you'll have walked up the Maspie Den, through the dark tunnel, over the bridges and ducked behind the Yad waterfall. It's such a special place. However, over the years natural erosion combined with increased footfall and heavier than normal rainfalls are taking their toll. We need to restore the paths now before it's too late. 

Our team is working away at the lower Maspie path and have made significant progress with protecting and restoring the pathway. 

The photo below shows one of our volunteers helping to create a better drainage system. 


However, the upper pathway is both too challenging and technical so we need to bring in outside contractors and specialists to help. 

The photo below shows the pathway erosion around the Yad waterfall. 

The amount needed

We need to raise around £74000 but the good news is we've already secured £56000! Grant applications are in process for some of the remainder but we are looking for your help to crowdfund for £5000. 

Why we need to raise this money

Falkland Estate remains committed to open free access. Many estates charge for access to designed landscapes but we have not gone down this route. However, it means as a charity we rely on goodwill and generating funds for big projects such as these. 

What we will achieve together

With the money raised we will be able to appoint the specialist contractors we need, making the pathways safe, stabilising the gorge and ensuring that we give the biodiversity the ability to grow and flourish for the long-term. 

Rewards and donations

If you can help please donate. We have a great range of rewards on offer for pledging including travel mugs, tree planting, cups of coffee and weekends away.

Many thanks! 

The team at the Centre for Stewardship 

Some of our rewards...


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£5 or more

Thank You!

A great big thank you from us!

£10 or more

A Sweet Treat

Enjoy a hot drink and a delicious cake at the Stables cafe on us. Live too far away? We'll send you a travel mug as a thanks.

£20 or more

Plant a Tree

We will plant a native broadleaf tree on Falkland Estate; birch, ash, aspen, oak, rowan or cherry. You will get a beautifully designed certificate as well as a complimentary hot drink and cake at the Stables cafe. Live too far away? We'll plant the tree then send you a certificate and travel mug.

£30 or more

10 of 20 claimed

Tea for Two

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea for two with sandwiches, scones and lots of homemade cakes.

£50 or more

7 of 10 claimed

Take a Tour

Pick a tour for you and up to 3 guests. 1. Wildlife tour around Falkland Estate with our Woodland Ranger. 2. Archaeology tour exploring the East Lomond hillfort. 3. The A-listed House of Falkland with its unique arts and crafts interiors. Tours will last approximately 1-2 hours. Then back to the Stables cafe for a complimentary hot drink and cake.

£100 or more

4 of 10 claimed

Tea Party

Enjoy afternoon tea in our beautifully renovated Stables gallery for you and up to 9 guests. Enjoy a great selection of afternoon tea and homemade cakes and whatever you can't finish you can take away with you!

£250 or more

Trees Galore

Are you a business looking to put something back into the local environment? If so, we will plant 10 native trees in a dedicated area on Falkland Estate on your behalf. We will recognise your contribution with a bespoke wooden plaque.

£300 or more

0 of 4 claimed

A Weekend Away

Enjoy a weekend on Falkland Estate in our beautifully renovated self catering Coachman's Cottage. Located at the Stables, you and up to three guests can be accommodated. Bring your dog, bring your wellies, relax. Weekends available from September to March (excluding public holidays and the Christmas season).

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