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As the crisis in Afghanistan escalates, help provide urgent support for refugees who’ve lost everything, as they reach the UK.

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The crisis unfolding in Afghanistan is tragic. You can help refugees rebuild shattered lives in safety here in the UK. 

Refugees, including those fleeing Afghanistan, desperately need your support. They’ve lost everything they have. The heartbreak of leaving your home, your family, your friends or your career is devastating, so it’s vital that people receive care and support to survive and thrive once they’re here in the UK.

There was already a global refugee crisis before the fall of Kabul, but as a consequence of the latest events, our services are being squeezed. We’re seeing increased demand, particularly for urgent mental health care, as refugees struggle with the trauma and grief brought on by this crisis. 

Refugee Council’s expert teams are working hard to help hundreds of Afghans including translators and military support staff who have made it to the UK. But we know this is just the start of what’s needed. 

We need to welcome and support hundreds more refugees in our communities over the coming days and weeks. While the Government has pledged to resettle 20,000 Afghans in the UK over the next 5 years, many more are in imminent danger and will be making their own way to find safety. 

Together we can welcome refugees and support them to rebuild their lives, from the moment they arrive in the UK.

We need your help more than ever before. Donate today and you could help provide life-changing services for refugees arriving in the UK who have lost everything. 


Your donation could support our critical work with refugees as they settle into life in the UK, such as: 

  • Mental Health Support to heal the trauma of losing everything.
  • Children’s Services and Education to support child refugees with no family in the UK.
  • Employment Assistance to restart lost careers and promote the skills that refugees bring.
  • English Language and Integration Classes to help people flourish in their new communities. 
  • Expert guidance to help people navigate the complex refugee system.
  • Destitution and Homelessness support for refugees struggling to survive with nothing.
  • Fighting for a fairer, more compassionate asylum system so the UK can be a beacon of hope for those in need.

The global refugee crisis and the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse each day. We urgently need your help to support Afghan refugees and others like them who have lost everything. Please donate today. 

“Without Refugee Council it would have been almost impossible”

-Dr Mirwais Kasi, Afghan refugee and re-qualified NHS Doctor


  • Staying connected - £5 could top up phone data, so a refugee can join an online employment workshop.
  • Being understood - £25 could pay for an hour with an interpreter, so a refugee can express themselves fully.
  • Basic food supplies - £25 could provide essential food for those who are destitute.
  • Finding their way - £30 could provide an hour of specialist advice for someone navigating the complex asylum system.
  • Trauma support - £50 could pay for an hour of therapy, to help a refugee recover from trauma and grief.
  • A cultural experience - £200 could pay for a group outing to help refugees learn more about life in the UK.


Refugee Council is a national charity that has supported and campaigned for refugees in the UK for 70 years. We directly support more than 10,000 refugees every year, and use that experience to amplify refugee voices and campaigns at the highest levels in parliament and the media.

Find out more about our work and how your donation will transform lives at or via our social media.

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