Earthkind: Refills on Wheels, Zero-Waste in Devon

by Naomi in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th July 2020 we successfully raised £22,072 with 186 supporters in 43 days

We found 73.6% of people surveyed would like to shop at a Zero-Waste store - they just don’t live close to one. That’s where we come in!

by Naomi in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

WOW! Thank you so much for all your incredible support to make Refills on Wheels possible! I'm so excited to have reached our first target, thank you! So while we're finalising our closing date, why not go for our stretch target! 

Reaching our stretch target will allow us to stock a bigger range of food and toiletries from the get go, giving you even more plastic free choices!

Earthkind Refills on Wheels is here to make Zero-Waste shopping accessible to all.

The Plan:

We’re creating a refill station on wheels that will visit different community hubs around Plymouth and Devon providing you with a place to shop plastic-free where you may not already have access to a Zero-Waste store. 

By having our shop on wheels, we can target communities around Plymouth and parts of South Devon that don’t currently have access to a Zero-Waste store. But we need your help to get started!


  • Encourage Plastic Free Shopping
  • Strengthen Community Bonds
  • Reach Those in Isolation, Less Abled or Elderly
  • Engage Children Educationally
  • Encourage Healthy Eating  
  • Help Meet Devon’s Recycling Targets of 65% by 2035 

Zero-Waste Van: 

Did you know that 100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs? By reducing our plastic, we reduce its impact on our planet and its inhabitants. 

The van is a key component to achieving our mission. Creating Zero-Waste options that are accessible in places they weren’t before will allow us to reduce waste, save energy and provide for our community. 


This one's for you to decide! 

In our survey, we asked where you'd like the van to visit - as you can see from the map, there were a lot of suggestions.


At the moment, based on interest and support, you can expect to see us across Plymouth, including Plymstock, Elburton, Sherford, Plympton, Mutley Plain and Peverell as well as further afield in some of the bigger towns within South Devon for example Ivybridge, Dartington, Bovey Tracey and Tavistock. 

We’re relying on you guys to let us know where you’d like us to go. The more support we get from a community, the more likely we are to visit. 

Why Do We Care?:

Naomi Hammonds, the founder of Earthkind is the driving force for this campaign. 

Through her travels, she has seen first hand what plastic pollution can do to the environment. 

This really hit home. 

As a Devonian, she wants to do whatever she can to protect her community and its beautiful surroundings - thus Refills on Wheels was born. 

Why We’re Crowdfunding: 

Crowdfunding allows us to reach our customers before we start, giving them the opportunity to have their say - enabling us to build exactly what the community needs.

It also allows us to tap into grant funding that wouldn’t otherwise be available. 

The money we raise from this all-or-nothing campaign will be used to purchase the necessary items to get this project rolling!

This includes:

  • Securing the Van
  • Carefully Selected Food Items
  • Fitting out the Van with Zero-Waste Dispensers (gravity dispensers) 
  • Zero-Waste Essentials 
  • Your Favourite Items 

What’s in it for you?:

We cannot complete this all-or-nothing campaign without your support. That’s why we’re offering some incredible rewards!

For the Devon-based donors - you can choose to join the Earthkind Club, a Green School visit or enjoy a unique Earthkind: Refills on Wheels experience at your home.

If you’re not in Devon, but still want to support us on our journey then you can select the Three Trees Planted option to have 3 trees planted in your name, The Three Trees & a Tee, or our Loud & Proud option where your name will be seen at the door every time someone enters.

Business Benefits:

Are you a part of an Eco-Friendly business? 

We’re offering Sponsorship/Pledge Benefits for Businesses! 

Why is this good for you?:

  • You’ll receive advertising for A WHOLE YEAR to thousands of people at stops and while we drive around doing our thing. 
  • We’re in touch with your ideal customers - sustainable shoppers in carefully selected areas.
  • This is an opportunity to sponsor and support another eco-friendly business. 


Q: Would you be competing with other Zero-Waste shops in the area? 

A: No. Our focus is reaching communities that do not already have Zero-Waste stores available to them. 

Q: Will you have Gluten-Free options?

A: Yes, we will do everything we can to accommodate our guests - including some GF options. 

Q: Will all of your items be environmentally friendly?

A: Yes! Everything we offer will be carefully selected. 

Q: Why a van and not a shop? 

A: So we can bring the shop to the less accessible areas and cover more space. The van will be running with the planet in mind, with a minimal carbon footprint. 

Q: How will you reduce your own carbon footprint?

A: Our routes will be carefully planned out to ensure minimal miles are driven each day. We will also offset our carbon emissions through services such as toilet twinning and planting trees. Our goal is to become climate positive!

New Reward Added! Our Eco-Friendly FUNKY Tote!


Take a look at our Limited Edition Earthkind Tee's!




Thanks for reading this far! If you want to follow our journey or have any questions, get in touch with us:

Instagram: @earthkind_events

Facebook: @earthkindevents

Email: [email protected]


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£12 or more

Three Trees Planted

This one's for the out-of-towners! If you're not local to Devon, but still want to support our campaign, pledge £12 and have 3 trees planted in your name! Supporting us and the planet! This isn't our only reward for our friends from-a-far though - keep on scrolling to grab one of our limited edition Earthkind tee's!

£20 or more

Eco-Friendly FUNKY Tote!

Our FUNKY Tote bag has proven so popular that we've decided to throw it in as a last minute reward! This FUNKY Tote, is super sturdy, large enough to carry all your plastic-free goodies and is made with the planet in mind! 100% Organic Cotton and printed with plant-based inks - what are you waiting for?! Scroll down on the project page to see what it looks like!

£25 or more

1 Year Membership to Earthkind Club

Becoming a part of the Earthkind Club will give you a 5% discount on all of our dry foods in our mobile store. You’ll also receive exclusive discounts to our sustainable Earthkind Events. This membership is usually £30 and will begin from the launch date of the van.

£25 or more

Local Business Promotion

We love Devon Businesses! Fancy some super cheap promotion? For a £25 pledge, we will add you to our page of amazing sponsors on our website for all our customers to see! We will also share your pledge on our Facebook and Instagram stories and tag you in wider thank you posts on our pages. This is a great way to get your brand out to the community while supporting a fellow small business! It’s all about collaboration and community at Earthkind.

£35 or more

1 Year Earthkind Club Membership + 3 Trees Planted

This reward will get you a 5% discount on all our dry foods available in our mobile store. You'll also receive exclusive discounts to our sustainable Earthkind Events and have 3 trees planted in your name. 3 birds one stone!

£42 or more

8 of 25 claimed

A Tee & A Tree

Get yourself one of our limited edition Earthkind T-shirts, printed locally on organic cotton using plant-based inks. We have different styles available for you to choose from! You’ll also have a tree planted in your name. Choose your colour and we'll contact you for sizing!

£50 or more

5 of 75 claimed

Earthkind Club and Limited Edition Tee

Our limited edition Earthkind tees won’t be here for long! Treat yourself to a Tee, and join the Earthkind Club at same time!

£60 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Refills on Wheels Private Party

Do you live in Devon? We’re bringing Refills on Wheels to YOU for a personal shopping experience. Throw a party for your friends and we'll bring the van exclusively to your door (or a unique setting!)

£80 or more

1 of 20 claimed

Private Party + Earthkind Club Membership

Have a great experience with your friends and treat yourself too! The party is never over - you can visit us all year long (and save £) with your Earthkind Club Membership. This option is for our Devon-based friends.

£80 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Green Schools

Pledge £80 and we will bring the Zero-Waste shop to your school in Devon for an educational visit. We'll be teaching the little ones about sustainability and teaching them about Refills on Wheels - they can even have a go themselves!

£150 or more

3 of 10 claimed

Loud & Proud

Have your name right on the door for everyone to see when they enter the store! You’ll also receive a year-long Earthkind club membership with this reward.

£170 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Refills on Wheels Business Visit

For businesses big and small, we will bring the Earthkind: Refills on Wheels to you. Take a break and have some fun with us! We can tailor a team building and educational experience to your business and at the same time you'll all get to enjoy a novel way of shopping zero-waste with exclusive on the day discounts for your staff.

£1,500 or more

2 of 3 claimed

Eco-Business Advertising

Be seen by your target audience as we roll through the town - all year long! This is a great opportunity for any eco-friendly businesses, big or small to receive their own dedicated advertising space directly on our Refills on Wheels van. Get in touch with us to discuss this unique and exciting opportunity!

£2 or more

17 of 17 claimed

Earthkind Eco Bundle Raffle

The perfect combination of practical and pampering! The Recycled Candle Company, an eco initiative in Exeter have generously donated not one but TWO £10 gift vouchers.Teamed with Earthkind essentials, two bundles are up for grabs! The lucky winners will each receive 2 recycled jars and an Earthkind tote bag to fill with your zero-waste goodies PLUS a £10 Recycled Candle Company voucher! Pledge only £2 for your ticket to support Refills on Wheels

£5 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Yoke The Salon Experience

What an incredible raffle reward we have up for grabs here! Yoke The Salon, a sustainable focussed hair salon in Plymouth have generously donated an amazing prize to one lucky winner. You will receive a FREE haircut, with a FREE hair conditioning treatment - and the best of all - a GUARANTEED appointment in their first week of reopening! Pledge £5 today to support Refills on Wheels get up and running, and be entered into the raffle!

£5 or more

9 of 9 claimed

South West SUP Experience

Another AMAZING Raffle Reward! For one lucky winner, South West SUP have kindly donated a 1.5 hour Stand Up Paddle boarding Session for 2! This incredible prize will take place in the gorgeous setting of Royal William Yard, and is available for 2 people from the same household! 1 Reward claimed = 1 raffle ticket!

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