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The ‘Cholavan’. A travelling workshop space taking arts activities into communities to spread joy, build connections & improve wellbeing.

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st January 2021 we'd raised £5,807 with 188 supporters in 72 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

As a children and young people's charity, our goal is to provide as many of our arts activities free of charge. If we are lucky enough to reach beyond our target, we will use the money towards Chol’s ‘Summer of fun’. A programme of events over the summer of 2021 touring the Cholavan all over communities in Yorkshire providing arts activities and meaningful experiences for children and young people. 

We are Chol. A children and young people’s charity who use drama and theatre to help build confidence and improve wellbeing. Through co-creation and storytelling, we help children and young people to meet their personal, educational and social goals. 

2020 has been an extremely difficult year, for the arts industry and particularly for us at Chol. We’ve loved keeping connected with our children and young people digitally but we’ve missed the communities and people we work with in the day to day. 

During summer 2020 we had an idea. An idea so big, at first it was only something we could dream about. 

What if we could create a space that would allow us to go into communities and deliver high quality, accessible arts activities? 

What if we could create something that would help to break down the barriers for children and young people in terms of engaging and participating in arts opportunities? 

This is how the Cholavan was born. 

Cholavan = A travelling workshop space taking arts activities into communities to spread joy, build connections & improve wellbeing.

After extensive research, we believe that the Cholavan will enable us to go into communities and use our own resources without having to rely on other physical spaces. It will help to remove some of the obstacles that prevent people engaging with the arts.

We know that some of the top reasons families and communities don’t engage with arts activities include ‘not having enough time’, ‘they are difficult to get to’ and ‘they are too expensive’ (Arts - Taking Part Survey 2019/20 - GOV.UK). By eliminating some of these practical barriers, we can begin to use our unique co-creating methods to increase wellbeing, spread joy and build connections in communities. 

In the governments Taking Part Survey 19/20, it shows that only 26% of 5-10 year olds had taken part in drama and theatre activities. In 11 -15 year olds it was 25%. We know that participation in the arts has a profound impact on increasing emotional health and wellbeing leading to new skills and habits of thinking, and therefore new ways of approaching life situations. Giving children the opportunities to access these activities is fundamental to our core aim at Chol, to provide opportunities where every young person feels empowered, valued and connected.

Now, we know this is not going to be easy and by no means cheap. So here is where we need your help. 

We’ve been lucky enough to secure a place on the Match It Fund, with the One Community Foundation (Match it!). This means that whatever we raise between now and the 31st January 2021 will be MATCHED!

Our target is £7500 which when matched will be £15000.

£15000 will cover the costs of:

- Buying the vehicle

- Renovating the vehicle making it fit for purpose to deliver projects in communities.

*PLEASE NOTE* Our target on Crowdfunder is £3500 - this is because we are running events alongside this platform to raise money. Please follow our blog and social media to keep up to date with the programme of fundraising events! 

If we are lucky enough to reach more than our target, the extra money will go towards Chol’s ‘Summer of fun’. A programme of events over the summer of 2021 touring the Cholavan all over communities in Yorkshire.

Please be assured that if we don’t reach our target by January 31st 2021, this will not stop us. We have every single intention of making this dream a reality regardless, so we will continue to fundraise until we reach our goal. 

We WILL reach our goal and have the Cholavan ready to come into communities by Summer 2021. 

So please.

If you can help in any way, whether that’s donating or sharing our campaign we will be forever grateful.

By supporting us on this journey you are making it possible for us to provide meaningful opportunities for children and young people in their communities. 

With gratitude,

Chol x

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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Socials Thank You

Thank you with a personalised post and tweet on our social media pages. Your name will also be added to our Cholavan Canvas, a piece of art designed by Ruth Dyer. The final piece with everyone’s name will be displayed in the Cholavan.

£15 or more

Beautiful Chol-designed Cards (downloadable)

Two originally designed cards by Chol’s very own artist Ruth Dyer. These beautiful cards can be downloaded and printed or sent via email. A choice of Christmas cards or blank greetings cards

£20 or more

Copy of Chol's New Book

A copy of our illustrated new book that is being made by a group of young people during workshops this winter and spring. Estimated delivery April 2021.

£20 or more

Three Children's Prints (downloadable)

Three original children’s prints designed by Ruth Dyer. A wonderful addition to a nursery or child’s bedroom. You will receive these in a downloadable format for you to print in a size of your choice. These will jazz up an empty wall in an instant.

£25 or more

Personalised Audio Bedtime Story

You will receive an audio bedtime story for your little ones to listen to. This pre-recorded story will be personalised to include your child and their friend's name as two of the main characters. The recording is yours to download and listen to whenever you like.

£30 or more

Artwork Bundle

Receive both the downloadable cards and the downloadable prints.

£50 or more

Children’s Bundle

You will receive one copy of our new children’s story book, personalised audio recording bedtime story and the downloadable children’s prints. Book estimated delivery April 2021

£100 or more

Children’s Birthday Party on Zoom

1 hour Imaginary Communities workshop for the birthday child and up to 14 friends.

£100 or more

Dance-along With 10 Friends

Enjoy a 1 hour virtual dance workshop to a song of your choice! Perfect to dance off those mince pies, fun and laughter guaranteed. All ages welcome! The dance along will be available to book in February

£200 or more

Free School/Community Workshop

A bespoke 2 hour workshop for a school or community setting of your choice within Yorkshire. Additional travel expenses if you wish to hold your workshop out with Yorkshire.

£1,000 or more

Event with Cholavan - Summer 2021 - Yorkshire Only

Hosting a festival or party in Yorkshire in Summer 2021? We will bring the Cholavan to your chosen event and deliver a bespoke workshop to suit your event! T&Cs apply

£1,000 or more

Event with Cholavan - Summer 2021 Rest of UK

Hosting an event outside of Yorkshire? Fear not! For additional travel expenses we can still bring the Cholavan to your event. Please contact us to confirm details before you donate. T&Cs apply.

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