Charlesworth & Chisworth Cricket Club Scoreboard


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Charlesworth & Chisworth Cricket Club Scoreboard

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Help to develop our club which has been at the heart of our community since 1861. Replace our broken down scorebox with a new scoreboard.

We're still collecting donations

On the 15th May 2022 we'd raised £2,150 with 43 supporters in 55 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


We are a village cricket club in northwest Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District. We are one of the oldest local clubs, the Charlesworth Cricket Club being founded in 1861, followed by Chisworth CC six years later, the two merging in 1895 to form a single club representing the two villages.

During all of our history we have prided ourselves on being a part of the local community, offering more than just an opportunity to play cricket during the summer. From the 1880s, when our members went round the villages on Christmas night, regaling the local residents with song and music, to the present day when our club is used for meetings of the WI and Archaeology Society, school sports and children’s parties, we have always tried to bring something extra to village life.

On the cricketing side, our members span all the age groups, from 

* Our 5 year-old AllStars to the oldest veterans of the social team who remember the good old days of the 1950s. 

* 46 junior members, including 11 girls, who play cricket as Under-9s, Under-11s, Under-13s and Under-15s. 

* We have 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI senior teams playing in the Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League.

* A squad of 24 enthusiastic women cricketers who play in the High Peak Softball League.

* The Social team of over-40s and beyond. 


During the summer there is cricket of some form at the Club every day of the week.


Our scorebox dates back to 2004 when our new pavilion was built. When the contractors departed they left the number 666 on the scoreboard. Since then the scorebox has been cursed.

* The wooden panels on the front have become warped and rotten.

* The mechanism for moving the numbers keeps getting stuck.

* The numbers themselves fall off.

* The scorebox is a popular meeting place for the largest spiders in the village.


We can't play cricket without a scoreboard. Instead of the box we have been scoring with a small 'flip' scoreboard but this is too small to see from all round the ground and only displays the bare minimum of information.


We want to give our junior and adult players the best playing experience with a new electronic scoreboard that shows not just the total runs but also the runs per batsman. The scoreboard will go on the wall of the clubhouse so will be visible from all round the ground. It will link into our online scoring app so our website will show the score at the ground in real time whenever a game is being played.

An electronic scoreboard is expensive. We've recently raised £25,000 for new nets and our funds are low. To raise funds for a new scoreboard the players, of all ages, have come together and organised a Grand Sponsored Run round all the clubs in the Derbyshire and Cheshire Cricket League.



Inspired by Woodley CC, who completed this run in 2020, club members will run a relay round all the league grounds, starting at the club at 8.00 am and finishing, 19 legs and 61 miles later, at about 7.00 pm.


1. Charlesworth and Chisworth CC to Hayfield CC - 5.2 miles - Kate Metcalfe (womens team)

2. Hayfield CC to Birch Vale CC - 1.7 miles - Russ Hyde (Social team captain)

3. Birch Vale CC to New Mills CC - 1.1 miles - Charlotte Winterbottom, Cat Kassim, Ruth Pryce (womens team)

4. New Mills CC to Buxworth CC - 3.3 miles - Hannah James (womens team)

5. Buxworth CC to Chapel CC - 2.9 miles - Kate Metcalfe (womens team)

6. Chapel CC to Dove Holes CC - 2.4 miles - Steve Monks (2nd XI vice captain)

7. Dove Holes CC to Whaley CC - 5.8 miles - Dave Wood (1st XI captain), Michelle Saycell (1st XI parent)

8. Whaley CC to Pott Shrigley CC - 5.8 miles - James Butterworth (1st XI and world record holder)

9. Pott ShrigleyCC to High Lane CC - 5.2 miles - Steve Leech, James Butterworth (1st XI)

10. High Lane CC to Hazel Grove CC - 2.4 miles - Kate Metcalfe (womens team), Louis Noone (under 15s), James Butterworth (1st XI)

11. Hazel Grove CC to Woodley CC - 4.5 miles - Aaron Bardsley (1st XI)

12. Woodley CC to Newton CC - 3.4 miles - Neil Gannon (1st XI)

13. Newton CC to Stalybridge CC - 2.2 miles - Kieran Thorley, Steve Kirk (1st XI)

14. Stalybridge CC to Hollingworth CC - 3.9 miles - Steve Kirk (1st XI)

15. Hollingworth CC to Tintwistle CC - 1.3 miles - Heather Whitney, Charlotte Winterbottom (womens team)

16. Tintwistle CC to Old Glossop CC - 3.0 miles - Jack Wrigley (2nd XI captain)

17. Old Glossop CC to Dinting CC - 1.5 miles - Rohan Wood (under 9s), Dave Wood, Lennon Saycell (1st XI)

18. Dinting CC to Broadbottom CC - 3.0 miles - Toby Tanton, Dave Wood (1st XI)

19. Broadbottom CC to Charlesworth and Chisworth CC - 1.9 miles - Will Thompson (under 15s) and supporters increasing in number the closer we get to home


We are hoping that members of the club, as well as village residents and people from the wider community, will be able to support our fundraising by sponsoring the runners.

However small, any donation you can make will be gratefully received and will help us to reach our target of £6000, which will be enough to purchase and install the scoreboard from heaven.

You can donate through this crowdfunding page, and take advantage of the many attractive rewards, or you can sponsor an individual runner by contacting that runner directly or getting in touch with the club at [email protected].

Thank you for your support, everybody in the club is truly appreciative of your help.


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This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Scoreboard Champion

As one of our major sponsors your name will be listed on a plaque attached to the scoreboard

£25 or more

Voucher for a free drink from the club bar

Any pledge of £25 or more will entitle you to one free drink at the club bar, either a beer/lager, small glass of wine, single of spirit, or a soft drink

£50 or more

Training session with coach at Total Cricket

A one-hour training session for a cricketer of any age, male or female, in the nets at Total Cricket with a level 3 coach

£10 or more

£10 voucher for Village Greens

A voucher to spend at Village Greens. Give them a follow on the facebook page. https:/

£20 or more

£20 voucher for Lymefield

A £20 voucher to use at Lymefield Garden Centre

£30 or more

Pilgrim jewellery, designed in Denmark

Handmade and plated in real gold, free from lead and nickel and using high quality crystal stones and beads. Pilgrim are offering a beautiful necklace and bracelet, 2 piece set from our Spring 22 Collection. In a stunning taupe colour bead and gold plated chain this will compliment any outfit. Both with claw fastening to adjustable lengths.

£30 or more

Pilgrim jewellery, designed in Denmark

Handmade and plated in real silver, free from lead and nickel. Pilgrim are offering a beautiful 3 piece set from our Classic Collection. Comprising of a beautiful heart necklace, matching bracelet both with claw fastening to adjustable lengths. Including 2 set earrings ideal for double piercing or worn separately. In a distressed hammered finish, a modern twist on a classic design.

£30 or more

Pilgrim jewellery, designed in Denmark

Handmade and plated in real gold, free from lead and nickel. Pilgrim are offering a beautiful 3 piece set from our Spring 22 Collection. This set includes a beautiful gold plated snake necklace and bracelet both with T bar fastening to adjustable lengths. With a medium size hoop earring to match. Stunning.

£45 or more

£45 voucher for The Health and Beauty Studio

£45 voucher for Mind, Body and Soles treatment at The Heath and Beauty Salon, George Street, Glossop. A much loved treatment here in the salon for clients. With an extra 15 minutes added a full back massage is now included. Includes: foot scrub and massage, Oriental scalp massage and a deeply relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage.

£50 or more

Six-inch celebration cake - Serves 10

Bake and Muffin based in Charlesworth Village will bake you a homemade celebration cake for any occasion. Why not give them a follow on facebook and see all the homebaked goodies.

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