Outgrown - short film focusing on human connection

by Outgrown Short Film in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Support us in creating this short film made up of 4 stories - exploring relationships, what makes us human, and the relatable cycle of life.

by Outgrown Short Film in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Outgrown is short film about connection, community, and what makes us human. Every home has a story to tell.  


Coming out of a pandemic the world is craving connection. We wanted to explore the lives that people build, the similarities and differences even when living in the same environment – in this case literally the same South London home.

Join us, members of the National Youth Film Academy, as we produce this short drama:


Following the comings and goings of the ever-changing residents of a South London home, Outgrown is a short drama telling the stories of 4 different sets of residents. Through these 4 stories we see the highs and lows of romantic relationships, friendships, and the relationship you have with yourself -

Every home has a story to tell.  


Each short story will be distinguished through its own unique colour palate, brought to life through production design, and subtle lighting design choices. 


The stories are linked through one common physical thread within the film - a cactus house plant that is passed from one resident to the next. 

Why the Cactus?

Cacti come in different sizes, shapes, and varieties, yet are all part of the same species. This symbolism reflects our characters, who all live in the same environment yet are on completely different life paths.

The cactus will represent this human connection, linking all 4 stories together as it travels from story to story. 

Check out our Crowdfunder perk to name this very key character!


Natasha Oliver-Cork Georgia - Sensible, career focused and organised. Doesn’t like being left out of the loop. 

Charley DaviesPoppy - Kind hearted, impulsive, gentle and always wants to see the good in people which can sometimes cause others to take advantage. 

Ciara McIlvenna | Marie - Loud, opinionated but struggles to stay put and unsure of where she wants her life to go.

Pahirthana Anusriskumar | Amy - Quiet, enjoys her own company and isn’t afraid to say how she feels. She is brutally honest to those she loves.  

Amelia Hampton Williams | Olivia - Gullible, calls herself a perfectionist but really she likes things to be her own way.  

Georgie Muya | Louie - Impulsive, street smart more than book smart, loyal.

Jessica Goveia Slatter | Steph - Blunt, doesn’t like to give anything away but will give her all to things and people she cares about.

Gabrielle Fernandez | Jade - Passionate, creative. She cares deeply for others, empathetic and artistic. Has a passion for singing and loves to learn and read.



Kimberley Glasgow - Producer | Been working on multiple Apple TV productions over the past year and her last last short film, Foolsproof, is currently having a successful run in the festival circuit.

Arjun Pala - Director | Recently directed 2 short international award winning films with the National Youth Film Academy. Gained over five years’ worth of production, camera and lighting experience, with his current role as a Producer at Broadley Studio; live streaming conferences and concerts across the world, and film content for Netflix and Channel 4.

Ella Muscroft - Writer | Worked in the film industry since eighteen writing mainly short films and theatre. Writes and produces monthly short films that have gone on to receive critical acclaim in the festival circuits.

Jacob Peel - Director of Photography | Extensive practical skills in operation and lighting built through being DoP on multi-award nominated short films. Worked in the grip department with some of the most highly demanded film crews in the UK.

Luke Flynn - 1st Assistant Director | From Exeter, and has been making films for 10 years, and has been with the National Youth Film Academy for the last 5 years.

Callum Carter - 1st Assistant Camera | Worked in sound recording, editing, production, and camera work, with experience on three multi-camera productions including live performance, a live fashion show, and a chat show.

Robert Loud - Editor | Specializes in post production roles and has experience in D.I.T, Picture Editing, Sound Editing, Colour Grading and VFX. Currently studying Film production at UWE. Robert has been Editor for "In-Sight", "Foolsproof" and "Behind The Eyes" for the National Youth Film Academy.

Ben Thorn - Composer | Sound and music engineer by study with skills of empathy and comprehension passed onto him throughout his life in cinema. Together it's what makes Ben a great media composer.



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We are aiming to raise £5000 to be able to create this 15 minute short film. Help fund the production design - bringing each story's world to life! Or maybe you want our film to be seen by thousands of people? Aid our quest in the 2022/2023 film festival circuit!

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We are committed to being as sustainable as possible - we will have no single use plastics on set, and use the greenest mode of transport where possible. Also, every perk includes planting at least 1 tree!

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