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Out of Hours Club Rutland aka OHCR is a group for young adults with additional needs who are isolated or at risk of becoming so. OHCR gives members the opportunity to get together and go out 'independently' carrying out a range of different fun activities; from going to the cinema, theatre, bowling, for meals and having days out whilst encouraged to socialize and to be independent.


Our Story

Several years before the beginning of Out of Hours Club Rutland, also known as OHCR two young men were encouraged to go out on Monday evenings to play pool in one of the local pubs supported originally by their parents, but this quickly changed to an age appropriate Personal Assistants.

Unfortunately due to one of the young men's aspirations he had to give up his pub and pool sessions to concentrate on his university studies. This left a void in the other young man's life and he became stuck in a rut of never leaving his room in the evenings. So his mum approached a few other mum's, and they agreed to help her start a group catering for over 18 year olds in order for them to break the isolation so many of them felt and to begin doing what their peer group does, such as going to the pub to play pool, going cinema etc.  This would also give parents/carers the respite break they desperately needed and wanted.

In December 2014 the group met for the first time to go to a pantomime. This was a great success and those that went to the pantomime chose the group's name.

In January 2015 Out of Hours Club Rutland was launched. We met on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month but after 2 years, at the suggestion of one of the members this increased following a very short trial.

In January 2017 Out of Hours Club Rutland Cinema Group was formed. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month to watch a film of the young adults choosing mainly at the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough depending on the show times - this is where the members feel less stressed. So we now meet three times a month! 

In January 2019 Jacqui Darlington shared this story with Amander Meade, about how she became concerned about the social isolation of young people with additional needs in Rutland, and how the group was created to address this issue. This article was printed in the January 2019 Rutland Living Magazine and can be read here.

In March 2020 Covid19 caused the UK government to impose a stay at home order which meant that everything that we had planned to do had to be cancelled.  But the needs of our members was increasing due to the extended period of isolation that they were now experiencing.

In June 2020 Out of Hours Club Rutland Virtual Sessions was launched with Rosie one of the Leaders taking charge whilst Jacqui the Founder and Secretary was in the background trying to talk to members and their parents/carers about how to get on to the session. This highlighted a major problem - the lack of suitable devices. An application for funding was quickly and successfully made to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation to purchase tablets. To find out more about this  please click here or visit our News and Testimonial section on our website https://outofhoursclubrutland.co.uk/news-and-testimonials.

In July 2020 Out of Hours Club Rutland became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated by the Charity Commission, registered in England and Wales - Registration Number 1190545.

In August 2020 Out of Hours Club Rutland met for the first time since March 2020 to have a social distancing picnic instead of our annual BBQ. This was a great success and the beginning of what we thought was the group returning to some sort of normality whilst trying to abide by the Governments Guidelines. However this soon came to an halt with the 2nd lockdown so we went back to meeting virtually hoping that things would resume before Christmas. It did not!

In the Queen's New Year's Honours List 2021 our Founder and Secretary was awarded the British Empire Medal in recognition for services to the community in Rutland. 

We were so pleased for her because she has worked so hard not only getting Out of Hours Club Rutland up and running, but also for volunteering with Rutland Rotaract Family Support Centre, Carers UK, Healthwatch Rutland,   The Carers Centre LeicesterShire and Rutland, and more recently Mobilise Online along with collating an e-newsletter each month for carers and running  a Facebook and a Twitter page for carers in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. 

Well done Jacqui we are so proud of your achievements done all alongside being a full time carer!

In February 2021  Out of Hours Club Rutland members met again on 1st and 3rd Thursdays at the Wisteria Hotel - once again abiding by the Government Guidelines, whilst on 2nd , 4th and 5th Thursdays the members continued to meet virtually. Majority of which can be seen on our website.

Our Vision

  • To bring together additional needs young people in and around Rutland in order for them to independently move around the local area unsupported by their parents, to encourage socialisation and independence
  • To enjoy recreational activities such as going to the pub, having meals out, going to the cinema/theatre. bowling and having days out with their peers



With more funding we would love to be able to:- 

  • offer more opportunities to go out together outside of rural Rutland and explore other areas without parents/carers being involved supported by age-appropriate leaders (personal assistants).
  • hire/loan a minibus to reduce the amount of cars transporting members to an activity of the members choice such as cinema, bowling, theatre, trampolining because Rutland has not got any of these leisure activities.
  • employ the leaders/personal assistants who give their time to plan and support the members at the activities.

Updates 2

Out Of Hours Club Rutland posted an update on 6th March 2022

Thank You So Much

Hi everyone.

We are so pleased to let you know that with your help, we have raised in excess of £1300.

We will be closing this Crowdfunder but wanted to say thank you for your support before we do.

We have got a couple of things in the pipeline that the members would like to try. So please look out for our notifications and photos on our website and our social media pages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Once again, many thanks.

Out Of Hours Club Rutland posted an update on 21st March 2022

Help Raise More Funding

Hi everyone.

This page will now remain open for anyone wishing to donate funds to us or raise funds for us because finding the money to be able to continue to run such an unique group is proving difficult due to the rising cost of everything.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the past with donations but if you wish to make regularly payments this too can be arranged on this site.

So far this year we have 

  • been to see Ashley Banjo and Diversity in Panto - Milton Keynes Theatre
  • been to the Cinema - Showcase de Lux Peterborough
  • had our 7th Anniversary Celebratory Meal and Disco - Wisteria Hotel
  • had Socialising and Games sessions - Virtual Meetings
  • been Trampolining, Pizzas and Chip - Jump Revolution

and our members would like to do so much more. 

So if there is anyone willing to run a mile, 1/4, 1/2 or a full marathon and raise money for us we would be so grateful.

Thank you


Out of Hours Club Rutland
21st March 2022

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Out of Hours Club Rutland
6th March 2022

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Donations from the Whalley family, who have seen the joy that the group brings to Rosie. Well done for all that you do and keep up all of the brilliant work.

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