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To find out exactly what is happening to our oceans and get a better, more immediate, pulse of the planet. Critical data gathered.

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On the 5th January 2024 we'd raised £6,281 with 49 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Crucial Exploration

We are:

Taking one beautiful and hugely comfortable #tallship

Half filling it with ordinary people from all walks and many nations

And half with eminent scientists

Equipping it with the latest #technology and #instrumentation

Allowing it to look, listen, learn and #communicate

Then #sailing it in waters seldom sailed and never tested

Telling its story and our crew #stories 

And engaging a wider and deeper #audience

Making this accessible for all

#Joinus as we find out exactly what is happening to our #oceans

Please help fund places for those who otherwise would not be able to do this - available #now

Developing People to Discover Change to Educate us All

If we do not do this then how do we know anything we are doing to help our climate crisis is actually working?

Ocean Warrior's Resolute Expeditions

We will put a better, more immediate, finger on the pulse of the planet.

10 years | 100,000 nautical miles | Hundreds of Ordinary People - telling their stories | Leading Scientists | A very Exceptional Sailing Vessel | Critical Data Gathered and Portrayed near Real-Time


It is crucial over the next 10 years to find out whether anything we are doing to tackle climate change is actually working - or not. Help us FINDOUT and make decision makers accountable #COP28UAE

I have witnessed, first-hand, changes in the Polar Regions for 39 years and I started my working life in environmental science. We don’t have an effective, real-time, means of “taking the pulse of the planet” in these regions and if we are to be proper guardians of our planet and ecosystem, we need to benchmark what is happening, further our understanding of the complex processes involved and continually monitor them.

Over the last 22 years, my project Ice Warrior has trained over 450 novices, conducted 7 major expeditions, and been cited in leading scientific publications and magazines around the globe for our contributions to science.

During this time I’ve been lucky enough to put together a powerful body of prominent, leading scientists, advisers, and organisations to help us gather critical data so that decisions about our future, our direction, our civilisation even, can be made with intelligence and security. And in a timely fashion.

Now, we have expanded to Global Warrior and are including ocean, desert, mountain and jungle environs.

This will be the most extensive, comprehensive ground truthing of our planet.

Those undertaking these explorations and working alongside professional oceanographers will be Citizen Scientists who are ordinary, everyday people from all walks of life, corners of the globe and all echelons of society. We as a species thrive when we have a sense of purpose. We also acknowledge and applaud those within our own communities who seek to better themselves for good cause. Each of these participants has a human story to tell. One that captures the imagination and following of a fervently interested audience who then champion our cause for us and, in turn, learn about and respect Mother Nature themselves. It’s a win-win. 


Now, with Ocean Warrior, we have the expansion plan, we have the scientists and supporters, we need your help.

This why we need to know more......


Enrol – Support – Sponsor – Tell Everyone

Ocean Warrior

In September 2023 we conducted two Foundation Expeditions around Svalbard, whose aims were to establish how to use our expedition sailing vessel, SV Linden, to best effect and exactly what science we would be doing onboard. These are some the conclusions of our Chief Scientific Adviser, Prof. Icarus Allen.

Now we need to raise the monies to help more unprivileged people get onboard. 


Details are on the Ocean Warrior website

It would be fantastic to think that you can get involved, contribute to the costs and get huge benefits in return from being an Ocean Warrior Supporter. Over time we will roll out more and more rewards - so please join us and spread the word. Thanks so much. Jim




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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Postcard personally signed by Explorer Jim McNeill

One of a unique series of postcards produced specifically for our explorations. Please choose your option.

£20 or more

Wildlife Postcard Pack

A set of wildlife postcards showing wildlife we have been lucky enough to encounter during our expeditions. "Pancake", the Norwegian Polar Bear - "Felicity" the Arctic Fox - "Lucy" the Arctic Wolf - "Patty" the Penguin - "Gertrude" the Elephant Seal - "Peter" the Canadian Polar Bear

£25 or more

Wildlife Poster

Ocean Warrior Photographic Quality Poster - 16 x 20 inches - taken on one of our expeditions and signed by explorer and founder, Jim McNeill.

£25 or more

Resolute Expedition Photo-Book

A compilation of wonderful images telling the story of our first Resolute Expedition.

£35 or more

Warrior Wildlife Club - annual subscription

You will have exclusive reports on extraordinary wildlife encounters, featuring polar bears, whales, foxes, wolves, walruses, birds, and more. Our content includes videos, photos, written reports, and other materials. As a bonus, you will receive a unique screensaver and sticker. You will also be eligible for Early-Bird discounts on events and other benefits as they become available.

£48 or more

Ocean Warrior Expedition Sailing Club - annual sub

Keep up-to-date with the most recent information about our sailing, whereabouts and navigation in the polar regions. Receive exclusive updates on sea ice, icebergs, and severe weather conditions as a member. You will be the first to receive these exciting updates. Additionally, access exclusive screensavers, captivating photos, thrilling video clips, and display your membership with a club sticker.

£100 or more

Visit to SV Linden in Plymouth

A tour of the ship and special presentation by Jim McNeill

£160 or more

Ocean Warrior Support Crew Pack

Signed Postcard, Signed Poster, Mug, T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sticker

£350 or more

Website Roll of Honour

You, as a business, or, as an individual can be featured on our brand new website launching on 28th December - on our Roll of Honour! When you choose this option we will spotlight your involvement and thank you profusely in our weekly broadcasts.

£500 or more

Personal Video Message

A video message personally recorded by Jim and Sam McNeill on the deck of SV Linden specifically for you.

£1,000 or more

VIP Guest

At Our Return Party in Plymouth 24 October - Personal Tour of SV Linden by Jim and Sam - Super Goody Bag

£3,000 or more

Global Warrior Talk by Jim McNeill

Please see the link: https://spark.adobe.com/page/Xp416nvLuAcuy/ Plus expenses.

£5,000 or more

Bespoke Talk by Jim McNeill

Climate Change, Leadership, Teamwork, Resilience, Motivation, Performance - Jim will take a brief and fulfil it. Plus expenses.

£5,900 or more

Support Your Own Crew Member or Scientist

Imagine supporting you own person onboard SV Linden. They would report their progress and experiences directly back to you in video, photos and written diary. Perhaps an employee? Perhaps a family member? Perhaps a friend? Conditions apply. Flights to and from hubs are not included.

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