Moving Images: A solar powered cinema in a caravan

by Moving Images Cinema Caravan in Galashiels, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

We did it
On 12th April 2022 we successfully raised £5,826 with 79 supporters in 29 days

A solar powered cinema caravan touring Scotland hosting experimental, artists moving image, climate justice films and filmmaking workshops.

by Moving Images Cinema Caravan in Galashiels, Scottish Borders, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Extra funds will go towards a tour of  free screenings and filmmaking workshops to local primary schools and communities in the Scottish Borders.


Moving Images will be a solar powered cinema in a converted caravan. 

An "Autonomous Film Zone" that will travel around the South of Scotland and beyond screening cutting edge, non-mainstream films in rural and urban communities, schools, youth groups and festivals.

Moving Images is being made RIGHT NOW !!!

At this very moment we are busy converting an old 1980's caravan into a  fantastic and unique space for watching films. 

Once finished it will sit up to 8 people, be self contained and sustainably powered by the sun. 

Come and see it in Hawick on it's first outing at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 28 April - 2 May!


The caravan has been completely ripped out and we are busy re - paneling  the inside and building frames for seating and a projection screen.                                                                                

Amongst us we have experience of converting vehicles and caravans into "live in spaces" and creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary!


This much loved van will get a coat of glorious red and black paint to match our Moving Images Logo.

UPDATE: As of the 31 March Moving Images now has it's first coat of red paint and it's rubber roof on waiting to be trimmed, the inside is panelled and awaiting seats and screen!


With your help Moving Images will host:

  • Experimental and artist moving image short film programmes from established and emerging filmmakers and film programmers.


Experimental film can refer to anything that defies conventions and structures of traditional narrative and documentary cinema. It can be visceral, engaging and visually exciting. It can be highly personal, overtly political and/or purely abstract.

  • Moving image installations with a focus on Scottish artists.
  • Films and multi media work with climate and social justice themes, sparking  discussions and creative interactions around ideas of information sharing, degrowth, rewilding, cultural diversity and grass roots activism, working with Films For Change.
  • Accessible, creative and fun moving image workshops based around experimentation and "Out of the Box thinking".
  • Work by Scottish Borders based filmmakers and the Moving Image Makers Collective.

What would we use your donations for?

  • As well as having a cinema screen, Moving Images will be able to convert into a small workshop space. Funds raised will go towards purchasing equipment for animation and filmmaking.
  • Alchemy Film & Arts has generously supported the project to this point with budget for valuable research and development time and conversion materials, but we now need your help to get it out into the world ! Funds raised will enable us to offer free and /or minimal cost screenings and workshops sessions to local schools and community hubs, town and village squares. 
  • Moving Images will be powered through a solar power system, as we believe a sustainable power source is ideal and vital for this project, through this Moving Images will be able to promote the benefits of sustainable energy.  Funds raised will go towards purchasing new solar panels, a solar inverter and extra power storage.  
  • So that we can show a diverse range of films with Climate Justice themes, access to catalogues, archives and film makers work is vital. Funds raised will go towards film club membership of Take One Action, screening fees for independent film makers and donations to film resources such as Life Mosaic.    

Moving Images is part of the Creative Scotland Crowdmatch. We are 1 of 20 shortlisted creative projects in Scotland that have the exciting opportunity to win a share of £80,000 in match funding, up to £10,000 per project. 

Every pledge will help us hit a new milestone and make your cash have double the impact. 

How Creative Scotland Crowdmatch milestones work:



Moving Images will make a donation to DocuHelp supporting the filmmaking community in Ukraine at the end of this Crowdfunding campaign.

Project Lead: Kerry Jones

1646303020_0582c8a5-3812-45a3-9e0d-03f3caad348b_4_5005_c.jpeg                                                                                                        I'm a multi media artist, film maker, curator and arts educator based in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders . I've worked in the creative sector for over 20 years and I've always had a passion for creating events, experiences and interactions that challenge traditional ways of thinking and that can offer fresh and empowering outcomes.  

I believe in pushing boundaries and experimentation and have seen brilliant and exciting work produced by the young people and community groups during the  participatory projects I have facilitated.


Fr@gile installation /Cut Paste Play/ Young Alchemy Moving Image Makers/ Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 2018

I have been a programmer for Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in the Scottish Borders for the last 5 years, curating short film programmes as part of a vibrant team. This and my involvement with the Moving Image Makers Collective (a Scottish Borders based group of experimental film makers) has fuelled my passion for films that don't follow traditional narrative structures, are visually exciting and are made by independent filmmakers.

I have wanted to create a mobile film space for a number of years, a bursary from Alchemy Film & Arts in 2021 gave me much valued time during lockdown to research and plan this becoming a reality. 

I have worked on participatory  projects with film in empty shop windows on Galashiels High Street, in Rubberslaw woods  here in the Scottish Borders with the Moving Images Makers Collective Conversations With a Forest project .                                       


I have collectively run Kids tents with my not for profit group Ruffled Feathers  and dance venues with Collective Nonsense at festivals over the last 14 years. I have successfully project managed a number of youth and participatory projects and I was producer of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in 2019. 

This will be an incredible opportunity for me, and also bring new opportunities to collaborate with a wide number of amazing people, community groups and organisations and bring independent, discussion sparking films to fresh audiences.

Find out more about me here :


Moving Images will work in partnership with:


"Alchemy Film & Arts is a cultural organisation invested in experimental film as a means of generating discussion, strengthening community, and stimulating creative thought. We connect artists and audiences within Hawick and the Scottish Borders through a diverse range of year-round events – including exhibitions, commissions, residencies, community filmmaking workshops and an annual film festival."


Films for Change is a small not for profit collective based in the Scottish Borders whose purpose is to screen films that encourage discussion and ideas around social justice, climate change and grassroots actions.


The Moving Image Makers Collective (MIMC) is a collective of moving image artists and filmmakers who meet monthly in the Scottish Borders, both online and in-person. Formed in 2014, MIMC have since worked together to produce several large group exhibitions, over 100 individual film and moving image works, a range of specialised artists’ film screening programmes and a successful international touring programme of members’ moving image work.

Connecting Threads

Connecting Threads is the cultural strand of the landscape-scale initiative Destination Tweed. Led by the Southern Uplands Partnership, Connecting Threads is developing a 5-year cultural programme shaped by the River Tweed's habitats and heritage.



EcoArt are an ecologically focused charitable organisation founded by a group of artists and activists with shared values: a deep connection with creativity and our environment; a shared love of art, our planet, adventure; and a belief that we can make a difference. Responsibility for change belongs to us all, we all need to act.

Moving Images confirmed bookings:

                                                                                                          Alch1646389633_ets.jpgemy Film and Moving Image Festival

1646389565_logo.png                                                                                                   Eden festival ( Kids/ workshops area)

   Dandelion Harvest Festival.1646386318_untitled_this_flippin_gone.jpg

Proposed bookings:

(These can happen, but only with your help!)

  • Selkirk Market Square, Sottish Borders, screening films about rewilding and upcycling.

  • 2 Scottish Borders primary schools ( films + workshops).

  • Your village or town square  (Scotland only)

  • The development of an "Off Grid Film Festival" in Dumfries & Galloway.

Some of our rewards:

Donate £10 and we'll send you a Moving Images Postcard and fridge magnet.


Donate £15 and we'll send you an Embrace The Strange T shirt . These eye catching red t shirts encapsulate Experimental film and Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival


Donate £20 and receive a framed A4 limited laser print on quality photo paper of the Moving Images Cine Caravan.


Donate £20 and we'll send you a copy of Moving Image Makers first publication: Conversations With A Forest from a limited run of 200 copies this beautifully designed book (design by Jessie Growden)  has 80 pages of words and images about the moving image installations in Ruberslaw Woods and 3 commissioned essays by: Amy Cutler, Gareth Evans and Marcus Jack. We'll also send you a special Moving Images Postcard to use as a book mark! 

Donate £20 and receive a limited edition framed digital print of a still from the wonderful Moving Images animation.


Donate £25 and have your eye featured in a special Moving Images Trailer. Send us a short 5 second video clip of your eye -  blinking, open, shut, looking - whatever you want and we will edit it into a short trailer that will be played before all our screenings.


Thank you for reading this far and finding more out about Moving Images. We value every donation that is made. If you can't donate at the moment then please share our campaign page - this is equally as valuable to us as a cash donation.

Thank you !!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

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Thank you postcard and Moving Images fridge magnet

A personal Moving Images thank you postcard and Moving Images fridge magnet.

£15 or more

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Embrace The Strange t Shirt

Donate £15 and receive an Embrace The Strange Alchemy Film and Moving Image festival red T shirt. (Please put size in comments!) Thanks

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Moving Images cinema caravan Limited Edition print

A Moving Images red caravan limited edition colour print.

£20 or more

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Limited edition Autonomous Film Zone print

Pledge £20 and receive a framed limited edition print of Moving Images in the Lowlands of Scotland. A still taken from the Moving Images animation and made into a quality digital A4 print.

£25 or more

Your eye in a special Moving Images trailer!!

Send us a short video clip of your eye - open , closed, blinking, looking, not looking - whatever you fancy and we'll put it into a specially created Moving Images trailer/sting that will show before all our screenings!

£30 or more

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Sponsor subscription to Take One Action Films

Contribute towards subscription to Take One Action! as a Film Club member (value £300). This one off cost will give Moving Images access to up to 6 film licenses, film and action resources, bespoke online event and ticketing tools and the opportunity for a key organiser to attend a day of screenings and events at one of Take One Action’s annual Festivals. For this reward your name would appear on screen before any Take One Action films.

£50 or more

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Sponsor our new Solar power set up.

Sponsor part of 2 new solar panels, a new solar sine wave inverter, extra power storage and what we need to install it in the Moving Images cinema caravan and we will put your name on a special "Thank you" plaque inside the caravan and send you a personal thank you Moving Images card. These will help to sustainably power our screenings and community workshops!

£250 or more

Sponsor Moving Images coming to your community .

Do you want to see the Moving images Cinevan where you live? Is there a local community event that we could come to? Pledge £250 or more and we can come along and show out of the box films! (Scotland only).

£300 or more

Moving Images goes back to school !

A pledge of £300 or more would go towards enabling Moving Images to visit a primary/ secondary school in the Scottish Borders. This is a really exciting and vital part of our vision. Working in collaboration with Films For Change we would screen a selection of short films from the Take One Action archives and facilitate a multi media creative workshop as a response to the films. Your name would appear as a sponsor on any promotional material.

£20 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Conversations With A Forest book and postcard.

Receive a limited edition copy (1 of 200 printed) of the first Moving Image Makers publication: Conversations With A Forest. Including 3 commissioned essays by: Gareth Evans: "Directions of Travel", Marcus Jack: "Tree Huggers, Space Cadets" and Amy Cutler: "Listen In The Listening Wood". plus you'll recieve a Thank you Moving Images postcard to use as a bookmark!

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