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Build Covid-19 Care Centres to treat milder cases of Covid and reduce pressure on India's struggling healthcare system to save lives

We're still collecting donations

On the 11th June 2021 we'd raised £34,777 with 112 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Each Centre costs approximately £28,791, depending on size and location, and hosts between 60 and 100 beds (at a 6-foot distance to allow for appropriate distancing and hygiene control measures). At the moment we are focusing our efforts to build new Covid-19 Care Centres in Maharashtra (Pune and Ahmednagar), Uttar Pradesh (Ayodhya and Noida) and Rajasthan (Alwar). The more money we raise, the more Covid-19 Care Centres we can develop.

Your donation doubled today! COINS Foundation is match-funding your donations towards our Covid-19 Care Centres in India! With your help, we can deliver critical care centres, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators and hygiene kits helping to respond to the core of this crisis.  Please help us save lives and donate today!


The Covid-19 pandemic has plunged India's healthcare system into crisis. More than 200,000 people have lost their lives, while at least 300,000 new infections have been reported every day in the past week. Hospitals have reached breaking point and are turning patients, desperate for oxygen, away. The country is now reporting more than two-fifths of the world's Covid-19 cases.

With 2,084 dedicated hospitals in the country and 468,974 Covid-19 beds, which are at full capacity, it is devastating that people are dying at home and even on the streets outside hospitals, as the country struggles to cope.


Our response: Covid-19 Care Centres

In partnership with local governments, Habitat for Humanity is working to deliver ‘Covid-19 Care Centres’ to equip underused healthcare or government buildings and create a surge capacity of:

  • oxygen systems,
  • drinking water,
  • hygiene facilities,
  • beds and mattresses
  • hygiene products
  • sufficient PPE for healthcare workers

Habitat Covid-19 Care Centres will boost existing medical infrastructure and support vulnerable individuals with safe spaces to isolate or quarantine, keeping families safe and preventing transmission. The centres are designed to treat mild and moderate symptomatic and positive cases, helping to prevent the overloading of existing fragile healthcare infrastructure.


Much like the UK NHS Nightingale hospitals, Habitat for Humanity's Covid Care Centre's are built to address the overloading of existing fragile healthcare infrastructure, especially at the intensive care level, as cases spread rapidly through the population.

How you can help

By making a donation you can help us get closer to our target and set up a Covid-19 Care Centre.

First Centres Funded

To help get us started M&G plc have kindly pledged to be a primary partner of this urgent campaign. They are sponsoring the costs of the first two Habitat Covid-19 Care Centres in the Maharashtra region, delivering urgent surge capacity in one of the worst-hit regions, allowing us to start these first two centres while we raise the funds for more.

Our Impact

  • In the first wave of the pandemic, we worked together with the government to provide 16 Covid-19 Care Centres. During the last six months, we have provided bed spaces for over 4,000 people
  • Where appropriate, this increased capacity will remain in place after the pandemic abates, helping strengthen the healthcare system into the future
  • Each bed is expected to support at least 10 patients over the coming months
  • To support with additional staffing capacity, our local government partners are recruiting surge staff on a contract basis, and requisitioning practical support from medical residents and final year medical students

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This project offered rewards

£137 or more

£137 could buy a Bed

For a £137 donation, you could help us equip the Covid-19 Care Centre with one single bed with a mattress and pillow to treat a Covid-19 patient and reduce pressure on India's struggling healthcare system.

£10 or more

£10 could buy a PPE Kit

For a £10 donation, you could buy Personal Protective Equipment for the Centre's Carers. Each kit includes a protective gown, a pair of gloves, a shoe cover, goggles, a garbage bag, a face mask, a 3Ply mask, a surgical cap, and a face shield.

£37 or more

£37 could buy an Oximeter and a Thermometer

For a £37 donation, you could help us buy an Oximeter and a Digital Thermometer to measure Covid-19 patients' blood oxygen levels and temperature.

£405 or more

£405 could buy a Water Filter with Cooler

For a £405 donation, you could help us equip the Covid-19 Care Centre with a Water filter with Cooler so we can provide drinking water to the Covid-19 patients.

£1,045 or more

£1045 could buy an Oxygen Concentrator

For a £1,045 donation, you could help us buy an Oxygen Concentrator to treat a Covid-19 patient and reduce pressure on India's struggling healthcare system.

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