Get "Help Yourself" to the Edinburgh Fringe!

by Emma Ruse Productions in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st April 2023 we successfully raised £6,313 with 115 supporters in 32 days

We need help to fund a Fringe run for "Help Yourself" - a brand new show by Glasgow-based theatre makers Jess Brodie & Victoria Bianchi!

by Emma Ruse Productions in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we can hit our stretch target we'll have security of being able to cover all of our costs before the Fringe begins, rather than relying on ticket sales. Then, once that's been achieved we'll be able to start paying ourselves for the time we spend working on the project - which would be a dream!


Why should you support us? 

If you're a fan of: 

  • theatre
  • feminist work
  • new writing
  • the Edinburgh Fringe OR 
  • Scottish culture 

then this is the project for you! Anything you can give will make a huge difference, even if that's just sharing online with your community.

Our project is part of the 2023 Creative Scotland Crowdmatch competition. Creative Scotland will match individual pledges from the crowd up to £10,000. So if you donate £20 to our cause, your donation will be matched with a £20 pledge from Creative Scotland, effectively doubling your donation!


What is "Help Yourself"?

"Help Yourself" is a new performance exploring grief and friendship by theatre-makers Jess Brodie and Victoria Bianchi. Drawing back the veil of self-care and toxic positivity, Help Yourself unpacks our relationship with loss and empathy, and asks why humans struggle to accept sadness in ourselves and others.

This new theatre production previewed as part of the Hidden Door festival in 2022 to great reviews. We're incredibly excited to deliver the show in 2023 and need your help to get there! 

Praise for 2022 previews: 

'Jess Brodie and Victoria Bianchi’s Help Yourself (****) emerged, last weekend, as a witty and moving account of the sheer uselessness of various modern forms of self-help, from mindfulness to consumerist self-indulgence, to a woman faced with the real tragedy of miscarriage, and the silence that surrounds it’ - Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

‘Jess Brodie & Victoria Bianchi lit up the Pianodrome with ‘Help Yourself’, a genuinely laugh-out-loud funny (but ultimately heartbreaking) look at loss and grief, framed as a live self-help seminar’ - Snack Magazine

Why are we crowdfunding?

Fringe is incredibly expensive, we estimate that (without paying ourselves) our costs will come to approximately £8000. This will cover our venue costs, registration fees, marketing costs and the physical costs of the production such as paying a technician to operate our lights and sound. We hope to raise some of this via grants and ticket sales, and are aiming to raise the rest by crowdfunding before using any profits to pay ourselves for our time and invest in the quality of the production.


Who are we?

We are a team of three early-career Scotland-based theatre-makers; Jess Brodie, Victoria Bianchi & Emma Ruse. Jess & Victoria have been working together creatively since 2018 and have pulled Emma onboard to produce their show for Fringe 2023. This is the first production from Emma's new independent producing company, Emma Ruse Productions!

How we’ll spend the money raised

The money raised will be spent as follows: 

  • Venue Hire: £3000
  • PR for Full Run: £2500
  • Technician for Full Run: £1400
  • Fringe Registration Costs: £300
  • Compulsory Venue Marketing Fee: £350
  • Posters, Flyers & Outdoor Marketing: £600

As you can see, all of these costs add up. We are keen to use this opportunity to the fullest and the best way to do that is to invest in our marketing and PR for the run, ensuring a wide range of audiences see our show. However, this is expensive and any penny you can give will go towards covering these fees! 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

That warm fuzzy feeling!

Congrats! You donated to a good cause (or at least we think it's a good cause) and now you can have a solid case of the warm fuzzies for the rest of today.

£10 or more

Social Media Shoutout

A public thank you on social media for supporting the show (and the warm fuzzies)!

£15 or more


A postcard signed by our team, thanking you for your donation (also serving as a lovely memento of the time you donated to live theatre).

£20 or more

Tote Bag

A lovely, high-quality tote bag with Help Yourself written on it to carry all of your wellness items (or snacks) around in!

£30 or more

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Annotated Script Excerpts

Want a peek behind the scenes? This reward gives you some annotated script pages from the rehearsal process (and the warm fuzzies, they come with everything).

£50 or more

Personalised Problem Solving

Our Help Yourself experts, Jess & Victoria will send you a personalised thank you video - giving you advice* on any issue you like. *Please note, advice may not be good and we do not recommend following it.

£100 or more

Rehearsal Run Invitation & all other rewards!

All previous rewards (everything bar the drink with the team) & an invitation to a sneak peek rehearsal run of the show in July 2023.

£250 or more

A drink with the team & all other rewards!

Everything up until this point & a drink with the team during August where you can pick our brains on everything and anything!

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