Secure the future of the Firestone Recovery House

by Firestone Society in Plymouth, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st March 2023 we successfully raised £109,405 with 39 investors in 202 days

Invest in the Firestone Society to buy a house in Plymouth to support people at the beginning of their recovery journeys.

by Firestone Society in Plymouth, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we raise our bigger target, we will  be able to buy the recovery house without any loan (or repayable grant which will have to repay after three years).

The opportunity

Your investment will support the Firestone Society to buy 95 Durnford Street Plymouth, and let it to our partner organisation, Firestone Plymouth to use as a recovery house.

For three years Firestone Plymouth has provided rooms in this house for men recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. This accommodation and the support provided has been proven to have a huge impact on peoples lives and to be financially viable.

To ensure this can continue, we plan to buy the recovery house. We can then offer Firestone Plymouth a secure lease, at a reasonable rent. We can also be a supportive landlord and partner for this wonderful organisation.

You can help make this happen by buying community shares. Not only do you support the future of this recovery home we also expect to pay you interest every year.


We know it works

Firestone Plymouth has been supporting people recovering from addiction since 2019. This is what people living in the house say:

 “If I hadn’t made this decision to come down here, and if [the manager] hadn’t accepted me, I would be going to prison”

“If it wasn’t for the project, I would be on the street”

“I guess if I were still in active addiction, drinking, I’d be dead”

Firestone Plymouth has achieved this by providing a safe place to live, with staff who understand recovery and addiction providing support and encouragement to the residents, while they learn how to live by the principles of mutual aid recovery. The high level of support from experienced staff is one of the main reasons this project has been so successful.



Any money invested is at risk. Please do not invest more than you can afford.

Our vision:

The Firestone Society’s vision is to buy and lease houses for both men and women, where they are supported, and support each other, along the road to recovery from addiction.

There is a real need for these kind of homes:

Buying the Plymouth recovery house is our first project. Doing this will show the model works, so we can go on to buy more houses, helping more people.


Who has set up the Firestone Society?

The society was set up by local residents who care passionately about helping people improve their lives. The board includes people with professional and personal experience of addiction and the process of recovery as well as local residents who live near to the house. 

I’m in! How much can I invest?

  • You can buy a minimum of £100 of shares, and a maximum of £100,000.
  • A company can buy shares.
  • A club or society can pay for shares, and nominate a person to hold them on its behalf.
  • You can buy shares as a gift, including for a child (you can nominate the child as a beneficiary when you apply)).
  • You can club together with other people to buy shares. One person will actually own the shares on behalf of the group.


Who else is investing?

We have already applied to these two organisations which support community initiatives like ours:

  • Plymouth City Council, which may invest an amount equal to our individual investments, up to £30,000. through its City Change Fund.
  • Resonance Limited will invest in the same way, up to half the amount of any loan we take from it.
  • The Rank Foundation is offering a repayable grant.

So we are on our way to securing this building but we need your help.

Please look at our business plan and detailed share offer document below and consider whether you could invest. 

Get in touch if you have any questions or pop along to our event on 10 October from 5-7pm at the Market Hall, Plymouth.

If you would like to invest by BACS please fill in this form and get in touch with us and we can arrange that - [email protected] 


Levels of Investment

£100 or more

£100 investment

Invest and become a member of the Firestone Society!

£100 or more

Buy a share as a gift

Gift someone a community share. They will become a member of Firestone Society and help support this project.

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