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Our mission is to share inspirational stories that challenge the world to take urgent climate action.

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On the 22nd November 2020 we'd raised £20,320 with 120 supporters in 51 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1601033050_asset_2@2x-8.pngYour chance to join team Expedition SOLO 100 to the Arctic. Please select your donation reward level and join me, Mark Wood, on an official record breaking attempt. 


The climate crisis is a real threat to our world and time is running out to take action. Not everyone can see how we directly impact the planet; and what we don’t see, we tend to ignore. 

Mark Wood will venture unaided and alone across the vast cold wilderness of the Arctic Ocean - one of the last uncharted crossings of remaining sea ice on earth. This will also be an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title attempt.


SOLO 100 has a deeper purpose - to amplify the voices of our global youth. Each day of the expedition will be paired with a message to ring out a global call for climate action. 100 Scouts from communities around the world will demonstrate the real effects of climate change from a personal level. 

Climate change is devastating the natural world but the impact spills over into human lives too. 100 eye witness accounts, from future custodians of our beloved planet, will challenge the world to look inward. 100 voices of hope, desire and fear for a future reliant on change that can’t come soon enough. For these communities SOLO 100 is a plea for the world to open eyes and elicit compassion for the plight of our future generations. 


We will ensure the SOLO 100 continues to inspire people for years to come through a platform for change and a major documentary film.  Our long-term film production partners Dustoff Films, Oscar and Academy Award winning documentary company Diamond Docs, and Hardy, Son & Baker, have a highly distinguished reputation in documentary film making.





We need to raise the funds to buy the kit that Mark Wood needs for this extreme solo journey. Your donation will make you a part of SOLO 100.

Get involved in SOLO 100:

  • Donate - pledge your support to SOLO100, select your reward and join the team.
  • Share the campaign with people who might be interested to join through your own networks off and online.
  • Create your own fundraising page and fundraising challenges. Some of the rewards offered would benefit students and other organisations. If you think this could be of benefit please feel free to create your own fundraising page by clicking the “start fundraising” button.
  • Choose Mark as an inspirational and motivational guest speaker for your school, business or event - either online or as a future booking. There is no time limit. Please take a look at the pledges section for information.
  • Follow the SOLO100 journey on our Facebook page.

“Our lives have been transformed this year. The pandemic has shown how resilient we are, how rapidly we can change, and how dependent we are on nature to survive. We must protect our planet and ensure the future of our children. Our youth are demanding urgent action for a world that is fit for all life to thrive. We are running out of time - the time to act is now. Will you join me?” Mark Wood 


1601033875_24-edit_(2).jpgMark Wood has accomplished over 30 major expeditions in some of the world’s most extreme environments, including a solo expedition to the South Geographic Pole followed directly by a 200 mile solo crossing of the Arctic ocean to the Geographic North Pole which became part of a Channel 5 documentary. Mark is passionate about using his experiences on expeditions to inspire young people around the globe to discover their own potential, and the responsibility they have to our world. Hear directly from Mark here


“As a Scout Adventurer, Mark believes in empowering and investing in young people across the world, helping them speak up and step up. His expeditions and brilliant educational programmes are evidence of his commitment to the next generation, and determination to inspire global climate action. I believe we must listen closely to young people, and that SOLO100 will be an incredible platform for change.” Chris James, Brand and Ambassador Manager, Scouts

“Mark is a remarkable individual with a deep sense of purpose to protect the people and world around him. Having been on expedition with him, I have seen Mark go to immense lengths to make a real difference. Mark is passionate about inspiring responsibility to our world, and I believe through SOLO100 he will successfully challenge everyone to take action.” Alistair Stuart, COO, Investec

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This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Your name as part of the SOLO 100 team

As a thank you for your support, Mark will take your name to the Arctic on Expedition SOLO 100. Your name will be represented on the trip alongside all our other incredible supporters and partners.

£25 or more

Your own Arctic survival pack & signed photo

Go behind the scenes and discover what it takes to survive the Arctic with the SOLO 100 survival pack containing key items Mark needs for his journey. You will also receive a breath taking signed photograph taken on expedition by Mark

£50 or more

See the Arctic through a new lens

Discover the wonders and beauty of the Arctic in the SOLO 100 photo book signed by Mark and receive a limited edition signed photograph taken by Mark whilst on expedition

£150 or more

Your own limited edition SOLO 100 photo book

Be taken through the emotions, power and challenge of the SOLO 100 expedition through the limited edition SOLO 100 photo book which includes over 100 breath-taking photos from the journey alongside personal extracts from Mark’s diary encased in a specially designed ice clear sleeve. You will also receive an Expedition SOLO 100 badge that has journeyed to the Arctic and a bespoke signed photograph captured on expedition by Mark and the film team

£250 or more

Gift your school or company an inspirational talk

A school or company of your choice will meet Mark Wood over an online talk and Q&A session. This talk will be curated for the audience and will leave everyone feeling inspired and empowered. They will receive a SOLO 100 photo book signed by Mark and the film team, the school/company name on a flag taken on expedition and a photo of the flag in the Arctic. All schools/companies will have the chance

£750 or more

A message for you direct from The Arctic

Your own brand will be taken on the SOLO 100 expedition to the Arctic with Mark and you will receive a personalised video direct from the extremes enhancing your connection with the journey of which you can use on your own platforms. You will also receive a bespoke photograph of Mark holding your logo in the Arctic and the SOLO 100 photo book containing over 100 beautiful pictures from the journey. Both items signed by Mark and the film team

£2,000 or more

Go behind the scenes of SOLO 100

Mark Wood will visit your company for either a pre expedition online talk or an in person post expedition talk with the opportunity to ask all your questions. To support your brand Mark will take your name and logo on an expedition and we will create a personalised video for you direct from the Arctic and photograph of Mark with you logo. You will also receive the SOLO 100 photographic book signed by Mark and the expedition crew/film team

£5,000 or more

Take your brand to the extremes of the Arctic

Increase brand exposure through a partnership with SOLO 100 as Mark will carries your logo to the Arctic on this ground breaking expedition. You will receive an online pre expedition talk and an in person post expedition talk. Your company will be presented with a bespoke video, a signed SOLO 100 photo, a limited edition photo book signed by Mark and the film crew, and SOLO 100 badges. We’d like to discuss further ways we can work with your brand

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