Elect Fiona Mawson to Cherwell District Council

by Ian Middleton in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Elect Fiona Mawson to Cherwell District Council

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To elect Fiona Mawson to Cherwell District Council as the second Green Councillor for Kidlington East Ward

by Ian Middleton in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I'm Fiona Mawson and I'm your Green Party Candidate for the Kidlington East ward in the District Council elections in May. I've lived in the area for nearly 30 years and served for the past 7 years as a Parish Councillor for Yarnton Parish Council and have also been a member of Kidlington Parish Council for nearly 3 years. I've been involved in lots of local projects including setting up community orchards and helping out at the Kidlington Larder.

Ian Middleton became Kidlington's first Green District Councillor in 2019 but we need a second strong Green voice on the Council to build on Ian's hard work over the past 3 years and increase our local representation on at District level.  I believe I can provide that, but I need your help to win the seat.

Now, more than ever, the Green message needs to get out there and people need the opportunity to vote Green in support of our actions against climate change as well as our focus social justice and strong and active local representation.  

We believe that the climate emergency can only be fought alongside an agenda that ensures social equality and justice for all.

The Green Party doesn't accept donations from large corporate organisations and all our campaigns are grass roots based.

But fighting elections costs money.  The difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic have placed additional pressures on us as a small party.  To get our message to voters we may need to fund leaflet deliveries using commercial distribution companies.  This is what the larger parties are doing and we need the resources to be able to keep up.

To send one leaflet to every household in the Kidlington East ward will cost £250, but we'd like to send more than one.  We also need funds for a myriad of other things that are required to get our campaigning message out there.

I hope you'll choose to support me, both in spirit and in person, but it's also vital that we have enough funds to make our presence felt throughout a campaign that could be one of the most important elections for our communities.

Please give what you can, and if possible join us to help make sure the future of Kidlington and the planet is a secure Green and pleasant land for everyone.

If you'd like more information about me please see my Facebook page or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


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