Drums & Brass Total YAASS! SambaYaBamba Youth Band

by Drums & Brass Total YAASS!! SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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To improve wellbeing by providing FREE, inclusive, fun and accessible carnival style music and dance for young people in Glasgow.

by Drums & Brass Total YAASS!! SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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On the 12th April 2022 we'd raised £46,948 with 301 supporters in 29 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band costs around £60,000 a year to run. Can you help us offer this unique opportunity to young Glaswegians for another year?

As our Crowdfunder is now open-ended the 'rewards' are switched off - but we'll still offer all donations of £25 a 3-colour print t-shirt, and all donations of £15 a single-colour t-shirt - see here!


Since 2016 SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band has provided fun, inclusive, tartan clad carnival-style drums and brass music project for young folks aged 11-25 in Glasgow. No previous music experience is needed, everything is free to take part, costumes and instruments are provided and travel subsidy available for those who need it, removing barriers to access.


"The youth band is a massive part of my life! I would never have had the confidence to even pick up an instrument if SambaYaBamba YB hadn't made it so easy to join, no costs involved and in a city centre venue.

We've played in Glasgow,  Dunoon, Manchester, London & France- on massive stages as part of international music festivals, TedX events and busking on the streets. Experiences I would have never known I could be part of before joining SambaYaBamba. I've made lifelong friends that I get to rehearse and perform with, It's one of the most consistently joyful parts of my life!"

Shelby, participant 


Can you help us?

Your donations will help us to: 

  • Continue weekly rehearsals for up to 50 young people
  • Keep our activity free for all and help remove barriers to access
  • Employ highly skilled street band tutors to support all levels of ability, including young people with additional support needs
  • Hire of an accessible, central rehersal space
  • Provide branded t-shirts & hoodies, creating a sense of belonging & group identity along with fabulous kilts for performances
  • Purchase and maintain instruments as required
  • Provide transport for those who need it, encouraging independent travel
  • Help support the SYB Youth Band for another year, bringing joyous music to audiences across Scotland, and improving wellbeing for all!


What being in SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band means to our young folks:

"I like leading and learning new skills and different instruments.  For me, it makes me feel very excited and happy. I enjoy being part of the group.   The band has to keep going because I love the music and I like the staff and all the dancing!"

Amber, participant

"I joined the band when I was around 15. I was quiet, shy and all round lacked confidence in my self and my abilities.

Joining the band showed me my own potential. It was an opportunity to learn how to make new friends and learn something new in a fun and engaging environment. At the age I joined, drumming was a really positive outlet for me in a time when I had allot of emotions to channel. I have grown into a confident young man with a passion for music and art. This I believe is directly a result of being part of SYBYB. Being shown new skills as part of a group and being eased into reaching for more skills on my own terms by the Youth Band leaders, be it directing or trying another instrument, even fund to do residential training in facilitating other sustainable creative community projects, It has really allowed me to grow as a person and see what I am really capable of. I have Lead the band in front of big audiences and helped new members get a hang of an instrument and had plenty of laughs with new friends. These are all experiences I have had through the band and they are all memories I cherish and hope to make more of. I now have instilled in me goal of helping other young people flourish and grow through the medium of music like I have. I have been shown the value of creative arts and how it can be used to benefit ones own community and it  is something I am now willing dedicate my own personal career to.

Thank You SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band,"

Jack, participant

"Being with SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band has been a real game changer in my life. I've been a part of the band since the beginning, and it has given me so many amazing opportunities in my music career and in general. Bands like this and the people that run them are important to young people like me as there are so many skills I have developed and gained from being a part of this band. I can't wait to see what the future brings with SambaYaBamba, and what it can do for other young people in similar situations to what I was growing up."

Claire, assistant tutor

“My first time at a SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band practice was the very first time I’d ever played an instrument. Despite my lack of experience I was immediately welcomed into the band, and had plenty of amazing experiences performing at gigs and going to workshops. After 2 years I was asked to join SambaYaBamba (adult performing group) and eventually became a Board member and worked with staff to help with projects during Covid-19. Over the past 6 years I have gone from having no music experience to being given numerous incredible opportunities I would never have gotten without SambaYaBamba, allowing me to develop new skills I can use throughout life and meet lifelong friends.” 

Chanelle, participant & charity board member

“Being in samba is brilliant, I’ve learned loads I’ve made great friends who have stuck with me through thick and thin.  And the support I’ve been given is super helpful and also getting to play music, which I absolutely love.  Being in the band has given me so much confidence and has gotten me to socialise, which I really struggle with, and I’ve learned to play different instruments.   You learn about different cultures as well”

Peter, participant

*Photo credits: Monique Lara-Lise Photography


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£25 - Tee 'I support SYB Youth' - 3 colour print

THREE colour print T-Shirt Show your support by OWNING and wearing a unique, specially created "I support SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band" tee-shirt. One off run, never to be repeated, will draw from our amazing logo based on the Glasgow coat of arms; "the tree that never grew the bird that never flew the fish that never swam the bell that never rang"

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£15 Tee- I support SYB Youth, single colour print

Single colour print T-Shirt Show your support by OWNING and wearing a unique, specially created "I support SambaYaBamba Youth Street Band" tee-shirt. One off run, never to be repeated, will draw from our amazing logo based on the Glasgow coat of arms; "the tree that never grew the bird that never flew the fish that never swam the bell that never rang"

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We love to look FABULOUS when out and about performing! Help us do this, buy buying a Kilt for a youth band member

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