Dartmoor Zoological Society

RCN 1158422, Plymouth

Our mission is to educate, inform, inspire and empower people to be more connected with the natural world and take greater responsibility for their impact. Our vision is a future where no animal faces extinction. Helping People Helping Wildlife For the benefit and education of the public, the conservation of the earth's natural resources through projects and initiatives dealing with conservation and protection of living animals and their habitats. To educate the public in a formal and informal manner through educational programmes raising awareness and respect for nature . To carry out scientific and quantitative research from which conservation, animal welfare and people benefits can accrue and to provide for the publication of the results of such research.

Dartmoor Zoological Society

Dartmoor Zoo is a Charity set in 33 acres of the South Devon countryside and is home to over 400 animals, some of which are classed as vulnerable to extinction. 

It costs over £11,500 a week to feed and care for the animals.

We rely heavily on the generosity of the public to raise the funds needed to enable us to care for these wonderful animals so they have a chance of a future. 

Dartmoor Zoo is unique to many zoological conservation projects. 

Helping people is as important to us as helping wildlife - without empowered, educated, and happy people in the world, how can every member of our species be inspired to behave responsibly and with care for this planet ?

Our Wellness Through Nature programmes are one way we do our bit to help people feel better about themselves and everything around them. The magic formula is fresh air and meaningful engagement, as part of a dedicated team, and with amazing wildlife in a beautiful location. 

Spending time outdoors is massively beneficial to mental health. Immersing a person in nature, even for just a short time, can change their perspective completely. It helps them slow down and notice what is going on around them (mindfulness) and opens the door to them having a deeper relationship with the natural world. 


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