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by Emma Jayne Park in Gretna, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom

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Daily Dancing is an open to all community who meet online each weekday morning to tackle isolation by dancing together for ten minutes!

by Emma Jayne Park in Gretna, Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 12th April 2022 we'd raised £10,348 with 90 supporters in 29 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Additional money would allow us to keep going for longer, develop a more personal touch when working with vulnerable communities and come together in person for a much needed dance!

We will be able to visit groups to undertake in person sessions, offer bursaries to those for whom data is a concern and arrange a Daily Dancing gathering for all those who have joined us over the past two years to celebrate the strength of our community throughout the pandemic.

With additional funds we could also begin to undertake research into the benefits of Daily Dancing leading to a open source resource so others can start up their own Daily Dancing communities in a way that works for them.


Daily Dancing is a community who meet on weekday mornings to dance together for ten minutes... no pressure no expectations and no additional agenda items.  Just dance, wave, done!!  

Initiated in response to lockdown 2020, we have been volunteer led for two years.  We are now Crowdfunding to ensure our community can respond to a new world opening up to make sure we continue to reach those who find joy in a daily dose of community and dancing.


It started with a Tweet...


Daily Dancing was born in March 2020 as a response to the restrictions of lockdown - an opportunity to come together (albeit virtually) to dance each day.

For just ten minutes, at 10am each weekday morning, we came together on Zoom. Some people joined everyday, some only occasionally.  Many joining with children, dogs, or whilst eating breakfast.  All united by a want to dance with people and the joy of this absurd experience - hundreds of tiny squares on a screen containing people moving to fantastic tunes, just for the fun of it.

Dance, wave, done!
For something so simple, it has grown into an amazing community.
We now know people we have only ever seen as a small dancing square on our screen. We share things of interest, laugh together, help each other find plumbers and make space for everyone to attend in the way that works for them.

We notice, many days, how our bodies and minds feel a little bit freer after ten minutes of just letting everyone do their thing in a supportive way.

We have friends from all over the world who join us in their respective time zones and we have also shared our approach, supporting various groups to begin their own local Daily Dancing sessions.

And, we have all learned a lot about music as our crowd sourced playlists bring new artists and styles into our lives. You can read more of our communities reflections in our One Year Anniversary Zine.

Now what?!
Initially we thought Daily Dancing would end this year and in October 2021 we reduced our dancing sessions to twice per week as part of this transition.
However our community is still thriving and wants more!!!

Now, as the world opens up and tries to find a new normal we want to ensure Daily Dancing continues to reach those who need it, particularly people who remain isolated due to ill health, work patterns or personal circumstance.

To date, Daily Dancing has been delivered entirely voluntarily.
We are now Crowdfunding to:

  • expand our Zoom account meaning more people can join each day, 
  • create a bespoke website so people can find us more easily
  • develop a marketing strategy to ensure we are reaching everyone who would benefit from Daily Dancing.

To ensure this work is meaningful and consistent we are also Crowdfunding to employ a freelance artist one day per week for a year to work with us through this transition, creating the space needed to realise what Daily Dancing can be in a changed world without losing what our current community love.

This artist will work alongside us to:

  • return to dancing five days per week.
  • meet with the Daily Dancing community to ensure that by responding to a changing world we don't lost what makes Daily Dancing so great!
  • support our growing community of volunteer hosts.
  • meet with potential daily dancers who may be nervous about joining.
  • work with any community members who require technical support.
  • work with people who require support in creating playlists.
  • engage with community groups and organisations (such as care homes, assisted living facilities and school alternatives such as pupil referral units) to see if Daily Dancing could offer something extra to their daily routine.
  • ensure our communications remain streamlined and enjoyable.
  • undertake our general administration such as curating playlists and staying in touch with the community
  • ensure our work remains GDPR compliant.

Here comes the science bit...

There are lots of physical benefits to dancing everyday, even for a short time, such as keeping your heart healthy and joints supple.  There are also a number of studies that suggest the stimulation of dancing everyday can also reduce the risk of dementia, depression and stress related illnesses.  More so, the routine connection with a community can offer many mental health benefits.

Perhaps in future, we might try and do some research to see what Daily Dancing does BUT right now we just know it feels good and we want more people to know we are here!

In theory, Daily Dancing is simple.  But, as with all simple things we have spent two years developing how we work and this is evident in how connected our community feel.  Your support will help us ensure that this offer of community reaches all who need it, using the knowledge learned during the pandemic as a force for good and hopefully will help us to get more people dancing daily.

Daily Dancing has been created and supported by a phenomenal community.  
A huge thanks to Rosie Aspinall Priest who curated our playlists for the first six months of our existence . (That's 250 ten minute playlists - phew!). Thanks to all of those who have submitted playlists for us to dance to. Huge thanks also to our volunteer hosts over the past years Kath Warren, Gavin Yule, Paul Connolly, Jassy Earl, Lou Brodie and Geraldine Heaney who make space in their morning to make Daily Dancing happen. And, a massive thank you to the brilliant Kathryn Welch (Freelance Community Champion, Doer and Maker!) who supports our volunteer hosts and who has been instrumental in supporting Daily Dancing as it has evolved.


This project offered rewards

£250 or more

Become A Daily Dancing Sponsor.

Daily Dancing engages with wide reaching community, many of whom would not have considered dancing before. If you are a dance organisation that aims to reach a wide number of people why not become a named sponsor. Named sponsors will be listed on our website, and will be able to work with our new team member to engage with groups in their area who may benefit from what we do. They will not have access to any dancers information.

£5 or more

Join us at Daily Dancing!!!

We will send you the Daily Dancing link and then you can join us on Monday or Friday at 10.00am and see what it is all about! You don't have to be on screen, you can dance from a chair, you can be in your pyjamas - everyone welcome!

£10 or more

A lunch break with the Daily Dancers.

Join us on Zoom for lunch as we are in conversation with members of the Daily Dancing community. Hear about how we found Daily Dancing, how it has evolved and about the lives of our brilliant interesting community. Obviously, followed by a special playlist of our favourite tunes and an invitation to do dance with us! Dates to announced at the end of the campaign.

£15 or more

Everyone loves a Pin Badge!

We will send one of five custom designed Daily Dancing enamel pin badges straight to your door so you can wear it with pride as you know you've supported our community to meet each morning. If you really like badges, you can try to collect them all!

£40 or more

Custom Framed Print by Lita Doolan

A framed 10'x8" print of Lita Doolan's 'Dry Cold Earth' which will feature in Fronteer Gallery Sheffield's Environment' Art show this month.

£75 or more

Online Opera Performance with Tamara Stein.

An intimate online 30 minute concert featuring a mix of operatic arias and songs, from London based soprano Tamara Stein. The time of the performance will be arranged with backers once the campaign has closed. All backers will attend the same event.

£150 or more

Online dance workshop with Emma Jayne Park

Join dancer and choreographer Emma Jayne Park over Zoom for a 90 minute dance workshop, tailored to your requirements. Perhaps you want to bring your family together from afar to try something different, or perhaps you have to arrange on online work social. This is your opportunity to make it happen and support a great cause. Reward can be used throughout 2022. Date/ Time to be mutually agreed.

£250 or more

In person dance workshop with Emma Jayne Park.

Perfect for a birthday event, hen party or any other celebration. An energetic and engaging in person workshop from dancer Emma Jayne Park, tailored to your requirements and delivered before the end of 2022. Reward includes studio hire and a 90 minute - 2 hour workshop delivered in the UK. Date/ Time/ Location to be mutually agreed.

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