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Vote Cornwall Independent 2024 General election

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Support Angie Rayner Cornwall Independent in the General Election July 4th 2024

We are a group of normal people who have got together to form a strategic political movement in attempt to break the party political system and win seats in Cornwall. This means we can speak out and vote in parliament without towing any party lines, can be more transparent and accountable for our actions. Independent candidates tend to be strong, confident, critical thinkers having leadership skills to stand alone.

We do not however have the financial support that the party machine has, to help to pay for approx 72,000 leaflets in each constituency, £500 electoral registration and campaigns. An average MP spends £10,000 on a general election campaign.  We believe in sovereignty, protecting our heritage and integration of society into the national identities of the Cornish, English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish.Tax payers have continued to pick up the bill for mass immigration leading to a reduction of housing and public services for local people. The conservatives let us down on Brexit, as candidates we not anti Europe we are still European..we love Europe and the world but we don't love globalist EU club's or establishments set up by the elite who have implemented not just financial controls on people but have rapidly changed our way of life. Our Parliament and Whitehall has for decades also dictated these same changes upon us without our consent.

Cornwall Candidates 


Angie Rayner standing for Newquay & Saint Austell

I was a local councillor under Reform UK in 2021 having come over from the conservative's during covid times to fight for our freedoms and an insight into how councils operated. I sat on the licensing and planning committee  with a view to improving the look of Newquay, to sway councillors and developers to build more traditional styles, helping local businesses and improve the high street. My further education includes Travel & Tourism at college then university with my first year in property, planning and development, then transferring onto Business Management and Finance. With a close family member who worked in the NHS as an accountant, I am fully aware of the mismanagement and wastage of tax payers money. 

The decision to resign from council to become an MP came after councillors refused a debate to challenge local emergency restrictions along with the flawed and hidden covid data supplied by NHS, Sage advisors with linked interests in pharmaceutical companies, 

The impact of covid restrictions were huge on people as well as the Council's relentless campaign to inject children with the covid jab confused many people. Together with other parents we put Tretherras secondary school on legal notice which ended up in the media 

 For many years I worked and supported women and children involved with domestic violence and helped many mothers and fathers with their cases as a Mckenzie friend in court. I am an advocate of the disabled and their carer's, this is close to my heart having family members with learning difficulties.  

Originally a Reform UK prospective candidate and Cornwall organiser, I would not tow the party line after being requested by head office to delete my posts and comments against the Beresford hotel housing asylum seekers and the war between Ukraine and Russia. These were local issues so I felt it strange they would not allow me to support my ! I then refused to support some of Reform's candidates picked for Cornwall who actively supported mandatory covid jabs and lock downs, including the closure of schools despite huge impacts on children. Knowing the struggles that small businesses and the public faced during covid restrictions as a councillor, I am deeply concerned that current MP's in parliament or candidates for the GE will support the government in signing The World Health Organisation's Pandemic Treaty. I do not want a repeat of lock downs or mismanagement of public finances (PPE, Track n trace). By allowing only certain scientists a voice especially those connected to pharmaceutical companies to influence government policies and the threat of losing our freedoms again we cannot afford to have incompetent MP's in power. For these reasons I decided not to be Cornwall organiser for Reform and have decided to stand against the Reform UK candidate in Newquay & St Austell  because would be completely against my principles to vote for him myself. 

Despite my grievances with Reform UK prior to standing as independent, I did help two other Reform candidates launch their own campaigns being Rowland O'Connor North Cornwall and Roger Tarrant Cambourne & Redruth.  


Pete Lawrence standing now in Falmouth and Truro has been a Cornish farmer for 25 years. He started and runs The Cornwall version of the UK Farmers Movement 

 The country is experiencing a fast paced growth in its food security risk caused by rapid large scale immigration, financial incentives for non food producing wilding schemes and the deployment of solar panels on productive farmland. Agricultural policy must now pívot back to prioritising food production and protecting further loss of farmland to all forms of development. I believe the current two party status quo propped up by the first past the post system has failed us. This will continue to contribute to the decline in the quality of our democracy, our prosperity and our freedoms. 

The age of the local independent is upon us and that proportional representation and the adoption of Swiss style direct democracy electoral reforms are the challenger politics which will unseat the entrenched oligarchy and return power to the people. Politics must now be rebuilt from the ground up, by the people for the people and their elected representatives must be free from party censorship and compromise. Policies both national and local affect our daily lives and it’s time we had a say and held our politicians to account. The frequent referendum Swiss model which has served their nation so well for 175 years has seen the country ranked within the top 10 in the world for economic prosperity, education and wellbeing. It serves as an inspiring role model and blueprint for real change. 

We cannot continue in a system that has been manipulated by the 1% to subjugate us, power must and can be placed back into the hands of the people by direct democracy and proportional representation electoral reforms are how to achieve this. Vote for independent candidates and we can achieve this!d in the North Sea oil gas exploration and extraction, by trade a domestic gas engineer concentrating on renewable energy. Now I am a consultant in  Aquaponics and believes we can grow all our own food in Britain even bananas!  

This would reduce the need for imports and exports of so much food causing sea, land and air pollution plus keep high standards of food safety with British made food. Our manufacturing industry see's very little support from government. These MP's in parliament together with government would rather support globalist agendas influenced by the world's super rich and large corporations such as pharmaceuticals, investment bankers and world economic forum members. Whilst the rich keep getting richer and happier, the poor keep getting poorer and unhappier impacting physical and mental health. The mood of the country is the lowest it has been for decades.

Some of our MP's are part of the WEF including Reform's Richard Tice who attended partners of The World Economic Forum meeting in Poland 2021 and supported mandatory jabs for carer's with Dr David Bull. New or old party's the political system is broken, lies, hypocrites, incompetence, I don't know who to trust anymore and many friends and family feel the same way. As an independent candidate I trust myself and have integrity, I appeal to people who feel the same, are politically lost to save our country by voting for us independents. 

Thank you for supporting us to represent you in Cornwall, your donations and help will enable us to make change locally and nationally !

Update, after working and negotiating with other party's who have similar policies and views we have stood down 2 candidates in Penzance & St Ives where UKIP are standing and southeast Cornwall where the Heritage party are standing. They are also standing in North Cornwall. 

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