Chaddlewood Subways Art Project

by Mrs Murals in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Chaddlewood Subways Art Project
We did it
On 3rd September 2021 we successfully raised £8,252 with 32 supporters in 48 days

A project to brighten up dreary subways with inspiring wildlife art, in conjunction with Chaddlewood schools and other environmental groups.

by Mrs Murals in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This extra funding will help with:

  • Additional infill art and designs to further prevent tagging and graffiti 
  • The further up keep and maintenance of all the Art in the subways
  • Additional school workshops to promote environmental protection using art and science.

Local art project to brighten up our local subways!

Mrs Murals has teamed up with Pollenize, a community interest company aimed at protecting bees & pollenators, and Clean Our Patch another popular community interest company passionate about keeping our local community free from litter, to bring colour to our subways!

We need to raise a minimum of £1200 to qualify for match funding. 

A small donation of £2-3 will go a long way to hitting this target. 

We could make this fantastic project possible for all 6 subways. Don't rely on others to donate, make your pledge today and share this page!

The background

  • Chaddlewood has 6 well used underpasses at 5 locations in our community, 
  • Historically they have suffered from unauthorised graffiti and subject to some antisocial behavior which is the source of many complaints.
  • Typically the subways have been white washed on an infrequent  basis to maintain the aesthetics, but these are soon covered with graffiti, tags and dirt. 
  • White washing walls creates a ‘blank canvass’ for unwanted graffiti, which no one wants to see!

This community lead project will help :

  • Engage local schools to promote art and citizenship 
  • Brighten up often dark and dreary subways
  • Reduce the fear of crime and promote walking
  • Promote environmental awareness,  community cohesion, health and well being  through art.
  • Lower the cost of ongoing subway maintenance for the council, so some of this money can be used to fund & maintain the art.
  • Provide a space for art inspired by local schools created at our art and education sessions planned for Autumn 21

We plan to turn this....

Recently white washed walls at Kingston Drive, ready for new designs to be applied before the graffiti returns. 

Into this!

Here are the designs for Glen Road and Kingston Drive - A birds and litter design1624209411_kingfisher.png



Here is the design for Hillcreast Drive - A honeycomb and bees theme!


Here is the design for Glen Road and Edwards Drive - A Butterfly theme!


Here is the design for Glen for the District Shopping Area - A wildflowers theme!


The designs at the Glen Road & Westfield subway will finalised with the help of pupils at:

  • Glen Park Primary School 
  • Chaddlewood Primary School

This project plans to include a schools based engagement activity during the autumn term which will support curriculum based learning focused on how environments can change as a result of human actions, such as littering. Workshop sessions will be designed to make pupils think about how we effect nature & how we can protect it. An interactive and creative session designed in collaboration with teachers will give pupils the opportunity to present their thoughts and ideas though art which will inform the designs at the Glen Road & Westfield subway.

Children will be able to say ' I did that!' and 'I'm helping nature, by not littering' 

Here is a recent picture of the subway which is desperately in need of brightening up with designs from local school children!  


So what will the funding cover? 

The funding will pay for:

  • The time that local artists commit to this project, supporting our local artists through a difficult period. 
  • All art materials such as paint, brushes and cleaning materials
  • Scaffolding and platforms 
  • Insurances
  • The provision of workshops in local schools.
  • Some on going maintenance of art works

When will the project start?

We plan to start the project at the beginning of August 21 and complete five subways before the autumn 21. 

The final subway at Westfield & Glen Road will be completed in the spring with the help of local school children's designs. 

This project is subject to funding and only with your support can we make it possible.

We can't do this without your support!

This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to help bring life and colour to the subways, take control of issues such as graffiti and help educate our children to protect the environment. 

We can't rely on other funding being made available for this project, so we need your support to make this happen. 

It costs roughly £1000 per subway, so once we have hit this initial milestone the project can commence. Help us hit this first target by pledging a donation equivalent to a cup of coffee or tea.

If every resident in Chaddlewood donated £2 we could make this fantastic project possible for all 6 subways. Don't rely on others to donate, make your pledge  today and share this page!

Thank you to project partners Pollenize and Clean Our Patch for your support.

If think this is a great idea, please contact your local councillor and the council, let them know that you support this initiative!

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