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Walk, wheel or run across as many of Bristol's 45 bridges as you like and donate £1 per person per bridge to support 45 local causes

We're still collecting donations

On the 31st October 2019 we'd raised £662 with 34 supporters in 114 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Who's behind Bristol Giving Day?

Quartet Community Foundation are the creators. They've masterminded Bristol Giving Day to help people who care to give to small local causes that matter, and deliver more funding into the micro and small charities and causes that do so much good in our city. They've given nearly £50 million to local organisations over the past 30 years.

Why should I support Bristol Giving Day?

Did you know that 90% of charitable giving in the UK goes to the 6.8% largest charities? Small charities receive the crumbs – a tiny 3% of annual donations.  

Do you think that's fair? We don't.  Bristol's small local causes really deserve your support but you'll never have heard about many of them.  On Bristol Giving Day you can discover and support them. On Bristol Giving Day you will find 45 posters containing their names and images attached to Bristol's 45 bridges.

In a nutshell, we are holding Bristol Giving Day so people like you who care can have some fun and raise money to support 45 small, local causes.

How can I get involved on Bristol Giving Day?

All you need to do is: 

  • Register to take part in Bristol Giving Day & we'll email you all the information you need
  • Get a team together or do your own thing
  • Get sponsorship & twist your boss's arm to match whatever you raise
  • On 9 October take part in the Bridges Challenge - walk, wheel or run across as many of Bristol's 45 bridges as you like
  • Donate £1 per person per bridge - or more if you can - and we'll share it between 45 local causes - 1 matched to each bridge

is a great place to live and work for so many of us.  It's a city of opportunity but also a city that still has needs. There are areas of affluence and areas of deprivation. There are pockets of poverty where people struggle.  

We're lucky that there are also fantastic small local charities, community and voluntary groups here to help. They support young people with mental health problems, adults with learning difficulties, lonely older people - whenever someone needs a helping hand they're in communities and ready to help.  

Small donations can make a massive difference to local causes.

£10 pays for a volunteer's essential DBS check

£30 pays for a family to attend an extracurricular trip with local cause, Jacari

£100 covers all the costs of providing a young person with free tuition for a term

What happened on Bristol Giving Day 2018?

Last year's Bristol Giving day was responsible for the creation and consumption of serious quantities of scrumptious cakes (see above proof from Desklodge).  

It also resulted in beneficial partnerships between businesses and projects. It was the catalyst for Unite Students' relationship with local Knowle West based charity, re:work, which offers real-life work experience to young people.  Unite Students, as a provider of purpose-built student accommodation across the UK, invited re:work for a wish list of volunteering opportunities. This resulted in an incredible renovation project being run by Unite Students. The immense project amounted to a spend exceeding £100,000, superseded only by the benefits. Unite Students' work has helped one of the poorest areas in Britain by improving its run down shopping area. It has improved the sustainability of re:work by: giving it a more professional base which has in turn boosted the takings of re:work’s furniture reuse shop, due to its improved look and feel.  Most importantly it has made (and will continue making) the young people supported by re:work feel valued.    

Quartet are always personal, permanent and professional.  They are here to help you realise your charitable wishes. Quartet Community Foundation is part of a much larger network of community foundations covering the United Kingdom and is accredited by UKCF (registered charity number 1080418). If you or your business want support to give more to local causes just get in touch with us.

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1 refurbished bike for Life Cycle UK's cycling activities

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Rechargeable lights and reflective decorations to help 10 children cycle safely to and from the adventure playgrounds as the nights draw in.

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Tools and equipment for fixing kids’ bikes

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