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ESOL for Integration, Citizenship Classes, Drop in Clinic/Legal Advice, Supplementary School, Zanan Project: Women's Tea Corner, Mentoring/Volunteering, Prevent Counter-extremism Strategy, Business and Employment Advice, Cultural and Social Events, Advocacy and Conferences,

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Who we are

The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association is a source of education, community and support for Afghan and Central Asian refugees in the UK and an advocate for the Afghan diaspora worldwide. We help refugees to build a life in the UK through activities which promote integration and combat isolation. 


Among other things, we run an ESOL for integration project (combining English language teaching with learning about life in the UK), a weekly women's project which deals with issues ranging from parenting to mental health and women's rights, a muslim girls' football club, and a supplementary school for children. We also recently set up a 'community fridge' food bank in partnership with Co-op. The ACAA's office is open 7 days a week to help the Afghan community with practical issues from parking tickets to immigration forms. 


Pictured above: our women's project, every Wednesday

Community and wellbeing:

Our office and adjoining community hall is also a place for people to make friends and feel a sense of community. We often provide free lunch and make sure everyone feels welcome with our Afghan hospitality. We are proud to offer employment to members of the refugee community, some of whom had come to the ACAA as newly arrived refugees and made use of our services. The ACAA is working harder than ever to combat isolation among newly arrived Afghan refugees and help them settle into life in the UK.


We are also committed to promoting human rights and peace in Afghanistan. Before 2021, we ran citizens advice centres funded by UKAid which provided legal support for the most marginalised people in Afghanistan, including victims of domestic violence and female prisoners. The ACAA was also proud to run women's empowerment and human rights projects funded by the US and Canadian embassies, as well as projects involving internally displaced persons. We are now focused on addressing the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan by distributing aid in the most deprived parts of the country and advocating for political solutions.

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