Help Afghan Refugees facing immediate deportation

by Afghanistan & Central Asian Association in Feltham, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help Afghan Refugees facing immediate deportation
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Several Afghan refugees have been subjected to violence, have been coerced and deceived into signing repatriation forms that have led to the

Project by Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

Afghan Refugees at the borders of Turkey are being subjected to violence and are in imminent threat to be deported from their borders directly back to Afghanistan. As per Human Rights Watch, Afghans are being blocked from registering for international protections and  are not allowed to make refugee claims. Those individuals who pushed back faced violence in at the hands of Turkish officials; and in several instances police and gendarmes have detained significant numbers of Afghans and often coerced or deceived them to sign so-called repatriation forms, thus resulting in their deportation to Afghanistan. 

The actions engaged by Turkish officials is against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the principle of non refoulement under 1951 Refugee Convention, which prohibits the return of refugees to places where their lives or freedom would be threatened.

Several individuals who are at the risk of deportation are men who have been separated from their families and even individuals whose lives are endangered if they were to return home due to being journalists or having spoken up against the Taliban previously are facing imminent threat of deportation. Furthermore, the dire conditions of the refugees in questions due to their settlement status, poverty they face and the homelessness need to be considered.

The funds collected will be used to hire lawyers who can provide legal assistance for the refugees.

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