4 x Marathons in December!

by Chol Theatre in Luddendenfoot, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st December 2020 we successfully raised £415 ( + est. £68.75 Gift Aid ) with 23 supporters in 29 days

I'm running 1 marathon a week throughout December (4 marathons) to raise money for Project Cholavan. That's 105 miles in total!

As many of you know, I work for an incredible charity called Chol. We use drama and theatre to help build confidence and improve wellbeing. Through co-creation and storytelling, we help children and young people to meet their personal, educational and social goals. 

At the moment, we are raising money to buy our very own Cholavan. 

Cholavan = A travelling workshop space taking arts activities into communities to spread joy, build connections & improve wellbeing.

Having a van we can take into communities will help us break down some of the practical barriers children and young people face in terms of engaging and participating in arts opportunities. It will create a space where every person feels empowered, valued and connected.

Participation in the arts has a profound impact on increasing emotional health and wellbeing leading to new skills and habits of thinking, and therefore new ways of approaching life situations.

Every child and young person should have the opportunity to access and take part in enriching arts activities.  

So...why am I telling you this?

I have embarked on the monumental mission of running 105 miles in December as a fundraising event for Project Cholavan. To break it down that is : 

26.25 miles each week for 4 weeks.

26.2 miles = 1 marathon

That means I'm running the equivalent to 4 marathons over the course of December. 

Why am I doing this?

Chol has been lucky enough to secure a place on the Match It Fund, with the One Community Foundation. This means that whatever we raise between now and the 31st January 2021 will be MATCHED! 

To summarise =

If you donate £10, this will turn into £20

If you donate £50, this turns into £100!

How amazing is that?

SO...there you go. If you see a wild woman running the hills of Yorkshire in -3 or the pi"sing down rain, it's probably me!

If you can help in any way, I will be eternally grateful - every single penny counts, even a quid. If you can't donate, I would be so so grateful if you could share with others.

By donating and supporting me you are helping Chol to provide opportunities for children and young people that increase wellbeing, spread joy and build connections in communities.

I thank you SO much in advance, your support means so so much.

Jess x

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