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by Lady Astor Statue in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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You raised the statue, now let's have some fun! Join us for a revival of the Tea Dance on The Hoe. 26th May. Donate now to get your tickets.

by Lady Astor Statue in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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Join us for a Tea Dance on The Hoe on 26th May to fulfil the promise that Waldorf Astor made during WW2. He said: "The people of Plymouth have danced during the darkest days of war. They will dance here again in peace on a Hoe which overlooks a city which has been planned for them, for a wider, freer, healthier and more prosperous life." 

So, to celebrate your amazing work in raising this statue, dance again we will! On 26th May, 2019, The Hoe, 1pm to 4pm. See you there!

The event is FREE but you can donate here. The money will cover costs and any extra will to go a legacy project for the young women of Plymouth to help and encourage them to get involved in politics. 

For the first time in almost 100 years there is no female Plymouth MP in Plymouth and we would like to use this opportunity to help young people to become more engaged in public service and politics in the city and surrounding areas. 

We will also be working with the existing charities, foundations and legacy projects set up by Lady Nancy Astor for the people of Plymouth and supported by her family. 

As a committee we are open to suggestions on any over-raise: including another possible statue in London outside the Houses of Parliament where she was the first female MP to take her seat 100 years ago.

Nearly 100 years ago Nancy Astor was the first woman to take her seat in the Houses of Parliament as the UK's first female MP. Her achievement was extraordinary and courageous and changed the world forever in terms of equality, democracy, fairness and hope. 

It was the people of Plymouth who voted her in just one year after some women were finally given the vote. She served the city as MP for Plymouth Sutton for another 26 years and fought for the rights and safety of women and children, education, the people of the city, and equality throughout that time. 

But there is no statue to her. We want to fix that. 

Please join us in raising a statue to Nancy Astor, the UK's first Lady of politics. With your help we can make sure that on 28th November 2019, 100 years to the day since she was announced the winner of the seat, we unveil a statue to her on Plymouth's Hoe outside her family home on Elliot Terrace. 

We are a team passionately committed to making this happen and to recognising the contribution of Nancy Astor to local, national and international politics. 

She changed everything for women, being the first to tread the corridors of power as a Member of Parliament. And she did so in the face of great hostility. For two years she represented women in the House of Commons alone - she wasn't joined by another female MP until then. She went through a door both literally and metaphorically that she, and we, can't go back through and paved the way for the fairer, freer and more equal democracy that we enjoy today. 

We are supported by the Astor family, Viscount William Astor and Alice Astor who are both fully supportive of what we are trying to do.

The project is run by Plymouth Women in Business Networking, a Community Interest Company, Registered Number 11191632. 

For even more information please visit our website

All pictures from The Box (Plymouth Museums Galleries Archives) - thank you very much. 

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