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Raising funds for 'DIGGING DEEP' - our new show on mental health.

by Just Add Milk Theatre Company in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We would love to tour this production, introducing it to the regional communities that are the main focus of the piece - which we can't do without your donations. We aim to deliver year round workshops to schools and colleges, both on the practical elements of the show (acting, drama and theatre) and also on the specific themes of 'Digging Deep' -  mental health, and the importance of sharing worries with friends.

What is 'Digging Deep'?

How come, when it comes down to it, that death – just like life – is all about the money?

Mossy is done with life. He’s from the shit end of nowhere, with a shit job, and a shit life. He’s tried to make it work, but it’s time for him to leave. Goodnight Vienna. But the thought of leaving his Mum with a five grand bill for a funeral is hard... so he comes up with the ingenious plan to ‘Fundraise his own Funeral’. His three best mates; Kane, Jack and Matt are horrified but reluctantly rise to the challenge – hoping that the experience might just make Mossy change his mind. But as the campaign goes viral, the world’s press descends, and the boys start choosing coffins, Mossy begins to feel the pressure...

The Idea

Written by Amy Guyler ('Doctors' BBC1, 'Birthday' Chesil Theatre & Waterloo East, 'Street Magic' Bunker Theatre), the play’s intention is to examine the rise in suicides for young men - and in particular, in young men from working class backgrounds. The play looks to explore the tight friendships and camaraderie within these communities, the lack of opportunity in more rural areas and the feelings of frustration from young people unable to find ‘success’, and becoming financial burdens on their parents.

The play also touches on the concept of euthanasia (ie, whether we should be able to make our own choice on when and how we’d like to die) and also ties into the recent ‘Cost of Dying’ debate – in which bodies are being kept in morgues/funeral homes for up to a year to enable families to raise money for a funeral.

Most prominently, this play explores how so few young men feel that they can ask for help... even from those closest to them.

The Plan

We've been accepted into a prestigious London festival for next year, where we will have a one week run! This is an incredible opportunity, and we plan to have a team of 10 creatives including our actors, director and creative team.

Funds raised will not just fund the production, but will also help set up post-show support and talks, and workshops that we plan to take across the country. It's important to us that Digging Deep reaches our home communities, reaching regional audiences and the 'non traditional' theatre go-er. We also want to partner with a range of different charities to help us deliver our message in the most sensitive but effective way possible, as well as provide support to our team and our audiences.

We would love Digging Deep to bring people together; but we also want to raise awareness of the devastating trend of suicide in young men, and particularly those from 'working class' backgrounds. How does it feel to be a financial burden on our parents? And how can mental health problems manifest in different ways? We hope that our charity involvement, talks and workshops will help audiences to explore this further.

Most importantly, we want to encourage people to talk about how they feel. Digging Deep might focus on a certain demographic but old, young, rich, poor - it's ok not to be ok. And bottling up those feelings can be deadly. We hope you'll support us on this journey and dig deep for Digging Deep!

About Us


Just Add Milk

JustAddMilk are a theatre company that lay bare the bridge between childhood and adolescence. We expose the raw reality of what it is to be young, not only today, but in generations gone by and the many to come.

We were founded in our second year of drama school by three close friends, Kyle Rowe (Manchester), Kristian Wall (Portsmouth) and Niall Burns (Sheffield). We produced and played in our first production which we took to Edinburgh before it’s sell-out transfer run at The Tabard Theatre, London. We feel we need to be doing something more, to better ourselves and our craft when things aren't as busy; and set up fortnightly workshops called “AT IT.” We've run workshops with industry practioners such as: Tristan Fynn- Aiduenu, Liz Bacon, Gaby Nimo, Mishchief Theatre & Hannah Joss - all of them at an affordable cost for actors.

It’s an expensive career to maintain, and as working-class actors we wanted to do something to help others. To create a network, a foundation, a safe, playful and affordable space where everyone is welcome and where we can keep up our craft in a cutthroat world. The fortnightly workshops have opened up a pool of actors to Just Add Milk and also to the visiting professionals we work with.

We are a young, raw and ambitious company that want to expose life through performance for what it really is - not only in London, but regionally too.

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