44 King Street Crowdfunder

by Creative Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 18th December 2019 we successfully raised £7,130 with 81 supporters in 28 days

Be proud of your city, celebrate your culture, make volunteers feel loved, treat yourself, become one of our supporters and grow with us!

by Creative Stirling in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

View the full range of campaign rewards HERE please remember our campaign is 'Keep What You Earn' so Every Penny Counts as we near the 18 December deadline - Donate to our Crowdfunder for 44 King Street today. 

Art changes everything, more Banksy than Opera these days,


You can’t help but notice the impact this pioneering creative social enterprise has had on its home city. Quality independent shops in King Street are coming back and having a thriving scene for emerging arts and subculture based at No 44, has had a part to play in this. Since opening the creative hub incorporating our much loved Made in Stirling Store, we have put more than £234,000 into the local economy. Over £150,000 share of that total has gone directly into the pockets of local artists. We walk the talk for promoting ‘shop local’ both for the sake of impact on the environment and our first business principle of inward investment for our city to support creativity.  

watch the video to hear more about it...


Giving to this campaign will feed that energy. Make your donation currency that can set creativity in Stirling free to be part of all our lives, particularly for young people who need the kind of skills we help to develop, for the way society is changing. The world needs enterprising, innovating, creative problem solvers and entrepreneurs. This accessible, dynamic space that we are creating is a space where things will happen, where people in our community can make their own discoveries to shape the city’s future culture. 

The Creative Stirling crew are brave and they want to be braver still, taking calculated risks that benefit deep and wide into our community requires not only guts, but some money as well.  Art for All always, so why not unleash your Creative instincts and join us?

Recognition of our work comes from the diverse and eclectic group who make up our growing tribe of supporters who have helped us to find the courage to step up and establish this new creative space for Stirling. With the help of this burgeoning ‘crowd’ we want to carry on striving to ensure it is a success, because our supporters and our creatives understand our energy and know that our city will be better for it. 

The famous Thistles Spider Slide exhibition and project...so much fun


Creativity requires freedom to go beyond the everyday and mundane, to make our souls sing and our hearts chatter with joy. The constant battle for funding is not the way to keep the Vital Spark alight. Every year we waste energy and time trying to bend to fit an establishment that doesn’t have the room, a little more of that light does out. 

Creative Stirling began by breaking the mould with a vision to be self-sustaining. Stepping away from reliance on public funding is another risk, but we are up for the challenge because we know that there are so many people out there who like what we do and who want to support us. 

We are asking them to put something back into their community by putting some money into our crowdfunder, so that we can continue to create more real jobs and real opportunity, that meet real needs.


Sara MacMillan is setting up The Kitchen at 44, a community kitchen, cook school and tiny rooftop farm.  

Stirling City Radio is in the process of building a broadcasting studio and live lounge recording booth.  

Hannah Macintosh has set up a Ceramics Studio, you can come in and learn how to throw a pot, make a bowl a cup or just have a fantasy Ghost moment.  


We know the impact we have is hard to see, unless you have already been into MIS or enjoyed one of our events or been involved with one of our projects, as we don’t have the money to do too much shouting about it, presently. But the impact we’ve had over the years on our community and the city centre and the lives of many artists and young people is meaningful and it’s real.

We may not have the lure of a children's charity or a loneliness project. Art doesn’t pull to your heart strings, it nourishes your soul and our societies are better for it, for the effect on all our wellbeing. Anyone who has come into contact with us, knows how deeply embedded in our community we have become over time. We need more people to understand that the impact of what we do now, can be so much more, by making room on our high street for art and more, to serve all of our communities. If you’d like to drop in to see what your funding would support do, Sam (in the video) or another one of the team will be delighted to give you a tour.

Be proud of your city, celebrate your culture, make volunteers feel loved, treat yourself, become one of our supporters and grow with us, it’s rewarding!

P.S You don’t have to choose your reward when you pledge, we appreciate there’s a lot to choose from. As a supporter/investor/member we promise to keep you up to date with rewards that become available! Or you can always just donate if you are lucky enough to be able to be that generous. 


We need to do more to keep the wheels on, as we go full steam ahead with our plans and by opening up the rest of the building we can achieve so many more amazing things, but in order to do it - we need money. 

We need electricians to give us better lighting and power sockets in the correct places. We need the basement and the first floor to look as amazing as the ground floor so that it’s somewhere people want to spend time. We’d like to paint walls and replace tired flooring, remove old shop fittings and smarten the place up.   

Please help us to make our creative space at 44 King Street everything the people of Stirling want and deserve.

Take a look at some of our rewards!-








This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£30 or more

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Sponsor an art class place

There is power in taking time to make and create but for all sorts of reasons not everyone has access to classes. We have ambitions to give classes to all who can benefit, if you'd like to make this happen you could sponsor a class space.

£10 or more

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Graphic Architectural Prints by Victoria Bowles

Four beautiful unique graphic architectural prints designed by Victoria Bowles. The prints are based on the gardens at Jardin Marjorelle in Marrakech, Morocco and are A4 in size. Each print is available to view on our Facebook page. Please message us with which one you would like to purchase and quote the number. All are currently available.

£10 or more

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Truly Trossachs Scottish Wool Brooch Pin

Made by Truly Trossachs a selection of four colourful Scottish Wool Brooch Pin designs

£25 or more

5 of 300 claimed

Your name in a David Galletly Mural

David will be reimagining the Wilkies Lady on the Staircase. A legacy leftover from 44 King Street's previous life in fashion retail. And incorporated this new massive art work can be the names of 300 crowdfunder supporters for all visitors of 44 King Street to see.

£25 or more

10 of 40 claimed

Scone Making Class

Sara from The Kitchen at 44 is convinced the world would be a nicer place if everyone could make a good scone. So come and learn, make a batch of scones to take home and a wee pot of jam too. The reward is for a gift voucher which can be redeemed on various dates from February next year.

£30 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Sterling Silver Pendant - Destino Creative

Dainty Sterling Silver bar pendant by Destino Creative Boutique. Made in Scotland with love.

£35 or more

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Stirling Bridge Box Framed Photo

Photographs of Scotland - By Catriona Kirkwood a beautiful framed print 10' square of Stirling's famous landmark old bridge

£40 or more

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Little Pink Dog Framed Collage

Blue Blanket No. 1 created by Little Pink Dog, Francis Chambers. Framed. https://www.facebook.com/114052913365997/photos/pcb.124992998938655/124991835605438/?type=3&theater

£40 or more

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Pendant Set by Cath Jardine

Set of sterling silver heart earrings and heart necklace designed by Cath Jardine.

£40 or more

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Misty City - featuring Stirling Castle

One of three beautiful photographs donated by Janie Meikle Bland of Picture the Possible. Each photograph is professionally printed on art paper and mounted, ready to frame. Picture the Possible is a social enterprise based here in Stirling and have established the Stirling Photography Festival with events and exhibitions hosted at 44 King Street this summer.

£45 or more

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David Gilliver Mounted Print

Mounted photographs by David Giller chose from two fantastic and fun prints. https://www.facebook.com/114052913365997/photos/pcb.124992998938655/124991905605431/?type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/114052913365997/photos/pcb.124992998938655/124991705605451/?type=3&theater

£100 or more

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Stewart Brown Giclee Print

Beautiful famed print of Made in Stirling member Stuart Brown's original pastel painting. https://www.facebook.com/114052913365997/photos/pcb.124992998938655/124991885605433/?type=3&theater

£200 or more

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Judy Jam Jar Personalised Pet Portrait Mosaic

Judy has offered a voucher for a personalised pet portrait, preferable to be used before the end of March 2020. https://www.facebook.com/114052913365997/photos/a.125052705599351/125050515599570/?type=3&theater

£200 or more

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Life Cast Portrait

Have your face cast from life to create a bronze painted plaster relief. Surely the most special original present for someone you know who would get a real kick out of having their image captured in such an unusual way. Created by special effects artist Johann Domingo who has worked on some major film productions, the Life Casting is a chance to be pampered through the whole process and chat with Johann about his work. Date arranged for January.

£200 or more

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David Bowie Artwork

An original Bowie piece by Alan Gunning (LINES).

£200 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Giant SCR bike refurbished by Recyke-a-bike

A massive thank you to Recyke-a-Bike, who have donated this amazing Giant SCR bike. They have worked really hard and upgraded parts and fittings. £500 new, yours for £200! Ride your bike home in time for Christmas! Details below- Tyres- Michelin Endurance Wheel size- 700C Frame size- 23” XL Gears & chains- Shimano Tiagra Groupset 8x3

£300 or more

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The Cube - A Cube Event Catered to Your Needs

A contemporary art experience for you and friends to enjoy as part of your own party or event. Mia McGregor, the street artist behind the amazing participatory art project, will deliver your very own blank cube with all the graffiti pens you need. She will explain how it all works so your party guests, family and friends can take part and ‘create’ their cube design. Includes special pens, delivery and collection plus time with artist.

£490 or more

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'Summer Showers' Acrylic Painting on Board

Original artwork - Acrylic on board 44cm x 44cm by Morag Lloyds.

£500 or more

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Ltd Ed Signed Print 'Mallory' by Huw Williams

A very special donation by reknown fine artist 'the Horse Painter' Huw Williams, whose work is dominated by the horse, specifically striking, stunning, stallions showing their power and movement. Huw's large scale oil originals have been purchased by clients like Lloyds Bank. This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of his prints No 6/10 Mallory is 81.5cm x 59cm unframed

£1,700 or more

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Off the grid luxurious week long creative retreat

A week long stay in the incredible Tigh Na Cladach. Offering both comfort and style in a tranquil rural setting. French doors in the cosy sitting room perfectly frame the loch outside and evenings can be spent relaxing with the wood-burning stove blazing away. https://www.unique-cottages.co.uk/cottages/west-coast/lochaber-ardnamurchan/gc6-tigh-na-cladach?searchId=367e23d2-f26c-4634-89c1-d46f0f6a817a

£2,500 or more

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Your very own Deluxe Cultural Event

The Creative Stirling Team will work with you to design and deliver your own special cultural mini festival event. Imagine your Music, film, exhibition, arts and any other creative happening that we can arrange for you. A Special Birthday or Family occasion? You get to take over the venue for a weekend and we work with you to make everything creatively perfect and unforgettable for up to 100 people

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