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Crowd Match Fund: up to £100,000

Crowdfunder can match up to £100,000 of your community share issue with funds from Big Society Capital.

Crowd Match Fund

Crowdfunder can match up to £100,000 of your community share issue with funds from Big Society Capital

Communities are stronger when they own the things that matter most to them

Community shares are an effective way for communities to raise money for projects that benefit the residents that live in them.

And now Crowdfunder is making it even easier run a project, offering a £1million-pot of extra funding for things that people passionately care about.

Do you have a local enterprise or business near you that your community should own?

Take the first step by starting a new crowdfunding project. Or if you have already started a project, find out how to apply for this fund

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Projects that fit the bill

Dive in and heat up jubilee pool! image

Dive in and heat up Jubilee Pool! Cornwall

We're making Britain's coolest pool hotter thanks to geothermal heat from under our feet. We need to raise £850,000 to make it happen!

Successfully overfunded

  • 1380 supporters
  • £528.7k raised
  • 153 days
Wigginton village shop image

Wigginton Village Shop Hertfordshire

To build a community run village shop on the sports field in Wigginton Village, run by the community for the benefit of the whole community.

Successfully overfunded

  • 168 supporters
  • £149.6k raised
  • 35 days
Be a piece of the puzzle! image

Be a piece of the Puzzle! West Yorkshire

We are a community urgently raising £350,000 to save our iconic, quirky, 400 yr old, much-loved music pub in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Successfully overfunded

  • 219 supporters
  • £269.3k raised
  • 64 days
Komediabath image

KomediaBath Somerset

Save Bath from boring! Become a co-owner of Komedia Bath and keep this important mid-scale venue running for many more years to come.

Successfully overfunded

  • 304 supporters
  • £379.2k raised
  • 68 days