'Huntress/The Warmth & The Weight' Vinyl Release

by Flew The Arrow in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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We aim to return to the studio to record and release our next Double A-Side Singles, 'Huntress/The Warmth & The Weight' on 10" Vinyl single.

by Flew The Arrow in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra money earned from this campaign will go directly into producing more merch as well as promoting the release itself, with the hopes of keeping the ball rolling over into another release there-after.




Hi folks, Lee McGilvray here of Flew The Arrow.

I'm here to announce my new Crowdfunder campaign in collaboration with Creative Scotland which I'm excited to get out and into the world this spring/summer.

With your help and generosity, we can make this journey a successful one at that!

The main goal is...

...to return to the studio and to finally begin recording and releasing some of the many original songs I have up my sleeves. Since I released my last EP 'Trossach' in December 2019 I have been working on new tunes with the band behind the scenes, whilst it seems like we've had all the time in the world...

Along with Sarah McWhinney, Ross Hull, and Caitlin MacKenzie accompanying these songs on Cello, Fiddle and Flute, my dream, is to bring these songs to life and into the hearts and minds of the fondest listeners, in the hopes that they will transport you into the Celtic landscape of imagery and emotions that I envisioned when I wrote these songs, and still when I sing them today.


'Huntress/The Warmth & The Weight', which I've written over the past two years, are set to be the next Double A-Side Singles, as I begin to share these songs with the world.

When I first wrote 'Huntress/The Warmth & The Weight, I truly felt a dynamic shift in my songcraft unfurl in front of me, and a maturity to my writing that has changed the direction and imagery of my music forever after.

These are songs of love and loss, of humbling hope, and a deep recognition of the grander picture of life, and the countless lifetimes before us, with a dash of mythology to wrap it neatly in a bow.

The plan is...

...to be working once more with sound-engineer, Luigi Pasquini, who produced my last EP at his incredible new Dystopia Studios over in Partick. I truly believe in what the folks at Dystopia do for producing high-quality music and for their passion for the Glasgow music scene, and I feel that they also believe in what I'm doing with my vision and my writing as an artist. 

Once these two songs are recorded, the aim is to release them in physical form on a sleek 10" Vinyl single that will be sent out to all who decide to help us on this journey by donating just £15, and in return, you'll receive something that can be passed on through the generations, and not swallowed up by the eternal whirlpool of the virtual world. 

In such a digital age, songs can have a different appreciation when shared in a physical form and so I truly believe in reaching this goal and getting these songs literally into your hands and into your ears for you to connect with them the way they should be heard. That being said, a digital download will also be made available along with the Vinyl release for all your listening convenience.


The Flight Of The Arrow...

'Flew The Arrow is the spiritual guise of Lee McGilvray, hailing from a small town of Ayr on the West coast of Scotland, and now residing in Glasgow where he has grown his reputation as an original Alternative and Contemporary Folk Singer/Songwriter and Acoustic Fingerstylist over the past five years. 

Lee independently released his debut EP “If You’d Only Care To Listen” in 2016 and since has made his mark performing at festivals around the central belt, such as Knockengorroch World Ceilidh, Kelburn Garden Party, Eden & Doune The Rabbit Hole, but to name a few, whilst honing his craft and building his network of listeners in the city. Having signed to 23rd Precinct Music Publishing in 2018, Flew The Arrow began 2019 performing for the Celtic Connections Hazy Recollections and Danny Kyle stages, followed by a signing to Electric Honey Records, which gave birth to his Double A-Side Single release in March of 2019 (Come The Wind, Come The Rain/Trail Of Thought). 

This was but the very start of a full EP released in December ’19 titled ‘Trossach’ and a new chapter in the flight of the Arrow as he expands his sound on record and on stage with a quartet accompaniment creating a soundscape of Cello, Fiddle, and Flute which truly bring his songs to life, giving insight into the direction of his song-craft and touching on influence from traditional sounds.'

  • “Flew The Arrow fills the room with warm timbres of his acoustic guitar and a soft voice that bristles just lightly with an Ayrshire twang, crafting earnest narratives of love and loss from romantic landscapes, whose imagery weaves through each song like a subtle and haunting poem. His presence cuts a friendly, laid back intimacy, introducing each song with genuine enthusiasm.” - Rave Child


Creative Scotland / Crowdmatch

"Before being accepted as being a part of this Crowdmatch program by Creative Scotland, I'd held off for months on starting my Crowdfunder journey and hesitated because I was worried about putting myself entirely out there and not making a success of it during these times of much uncertainty. Being an independent artist during these times, I knew that the only way for me to make it back into the studio was to Crowdfund and reach out to my audience on a level I haven't done so before. Finally undertaking this journey, I can see now that it was only me holding myself back, and it has given me the confidence to truly see the worth in my music and that the right people will tune in and show support in ways that I couldn't have imagined before. Now I'm taking the leap, I'm so excited to make the best of this campaign and be successful in making some small dreams of mines come true"


In collaborating with Creative Scotlands' new Crowdmatch program during this journey, there are a few milestones that need to be reached in order to make this campaign a complete success. 

  • The first milestone is to reach £1000 in funding from 30 or more subscribers, and in doing so, this will then be matched in funding, boosting the total funding to £2000.
  • The second milestone is to reach £1500 in funding, and this will again be matched, bringing the total funding to our complete desired funding total of £3000.

There are further milestones available once we reach the first two so let's take this one step at a time...

            'Huntress' Live // Gathering South Sessions

                  'Day & Age' Live in Govanhill Baths


  • Our main reward and focus for this project is to fill the 250 Exclusive 10" Vinyl Singles that can be snapped up with a donation of just £15. This will also come with a digital download of the tracks.
  • I also aim to print our first-ever T-Shirt Merch, which can be snapped up with a donation of £20.
  • A package reward is also available for a Vinyl & T-shirt combo with a donation of £30.
  • With a pledge of just £40, you can bag yourself a 1-hour-long hang-out with Lee for a folk-related guitar lesson and an open discussion on the songwriting process and your journey as a songwriter.
  • For our top tier reward of £200, we're offering to come and perform a full and exclusive Live Performance right from your very own home (Based in Scotland and with regards to Covid restrictions and Health & Safety regulations). 
  • For a smaller donation of just £8, you can snap up one of the very few 'Trossach' EP CD's left.
  • Lastly, for a simple £5 donation, you'll receive a digital download of the two new singles ahead of the official release date.


Budget Breakdown

So, how will this funding be used? Well, to book the studio for two days to record and produce the two singles we'll be recording next and have them mixed, is £700. To then have these two tracks Mastered, is a further £100. The musicians recording on these songs will also need a fee, which will be £200, taking us to our first milestone of £1000.

Then, to send these tracks away for Vinyl printing and duplication is an extra hefty sum of £700, and the further £300 will then be used to produce our first T-Shirt Merch, bringing us to our desired target of £2000.

Our stretch-target of a further £1000 will be utilized for Promotional purposes such as applying paid ads to our major socials announcements, and will also help cover the costs of postage and packaging for the distribution of the Vinyl upon production, as well as the cost of the Artwork, and for uploading the tracks on to Streaming services.

This stretch-target also gives some freedom to film our first-ever music video for one of these singles that will be recorded upon release of the tracks.

Live Music

For many of us, with the absence of Live music over the course of the last year or so we've been missing a crucial element to our lives and something which brings us great joy and emotional connectivity with the music and the people around us. I for one. wish to come out the other end of this stronger than I came in, and I cannot wait to share and perform all these new songs we've been writing on a live stage once more. Until then, the best thing we can do is get back into the studio to record these songs in order for them to become part of the world and be heard by those who will truly appreciate them. We hope you will help us on this journey and revel in the essence of music with us, as life surely does go on.

So without further ado, I THANK YOU for taking the time to hear this message and for your consideration in supporting my music directly during these times of much uncertainty. I believe these songs can bring healing to the right listeners, so I truly hope to make this a successful journey and to be able to share them with you all.

Warmest of love, and I'll catch you on the flip side. 

Lee x

           'Dance Of The Daisies' Live at The Oran Mor



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10" Double A-Side Vinyl Release + Digital Download

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£200 or more

Private Live Home Concert

For our top tier reward, we're offering to come and perform a full and exclusive Live Performance right from your very own home (with regards to Covid restrictions and Health & Safety regulations).

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