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The Charity aims to give as many carers as possible a well deserved break (carers being both NHS staff and the broader care community).

by care4carers in Bradford On Avon, England, United Kingdom

The Big Idea

Our amazing Carers are putting their lives at risk to save ours and working round the clock. We want to show them that we care and give them the break that they deserve. Let us show the care community how much we appreciate all their hours of blood, sweat, and tears. We are all in this together.

"The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest challenge the NHS has ever faced, therefore it is important that the people that are working hard to save lives feel appreciated for all that they do. Encouragement from the public is a huge help to those who are struggling at this time." Vanessa, Nurse, London.

"We are constantly making decisions. We don't want to get it wrong. At times it can feel like decision fatigue". Jay, Doctor, London.

When this is all over, we can’t think of anybody more deserving of a break than the nation’s heroes: our carers. Help us to help them.

You are invited to donate towards care4carers. The charity will buy vouchers that represent a gifted hospitality experience at a participating hotel, which will be given to Carers across the country. The vouchers can be spent on a treat of their choice; night away, a meal out, an afternoon tea – whatever the Carer fancies. Hotels across the nation are involved.

Internationally renowned artist Jack Vettriano, probably best known for ‘The Singing Butler’, has pledged his support for Care4Carers by giving the use of an original image – ‘Mr Cool’ -  to use on our vouchers (see above).

Nick Dent, Director, Original Collection says: “We’re incredibly grateful to Jack Vettriano for his generous support.  It’s a beautiful image, reminiscent of carefree days and sunshine which is exactly what we’re hoping to offer as many NHS workers and carers as possible.”

Jack Vettriano says: “At times like these we all need to do what we can to help those who help us.  Care4Carers does just that - harnessing the power of hospitality and kindness to do something great.  I’m delighted to be involved with this campaign and hope the donations keep flooding in so we can treat as many NHS workers and carers as possible.”

Each Carer/team of Carers will receive a voucher worth £150 so that they can properly treat themselves however they choose. 

What better way to show your support and gratitude to Carers – whether they are Nurses, Doctors, other NHS staff, Care Workers or others in industry.

Why donate through us?

If someone donates to care4carers the hospitality industry will top up all donations by 25%, and gift aid will add a further 25% for UK taxpayers. Therefore, Carers will receive up to 50% more than if the gift was given direct. The donation can also be personalised.

By helping our project you are caring for Carers.


What this means...

100% of your donation goes to Carers to treat themselves and is topped up by up to 50%. Therefore, a £100 donation from you will provide a £150 voucher for a Carer.

How was care4carers born?

Being locked down, coming from the hospitality industry, and seeing how hard carers are working, we wanted to do something to connect the hospitality industry and the public that are appreciative of Carers’ efforts. We thought providing breaks for the care community would demonstrate our gratitude, & care4carers was born.

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  • If you donate £25 or more then your name will be included on a voucher.
  • If you donate £100 or any multiple thereof, then you can also specify a Carer or a location (Hospital, Care Home etc) that the personalised voucher/s can be sent to.

We are grateful for whatever you can give, nothing is too small. Donations start at £1. 

Whatever you give you’re guaranteed a warm feeling inside; you’ll know that you did your bit to care4carers. 

Claiming Rewards

We invite you to nominate places/people that should receive the vouchers.

  • If you donate £25 or more your name will automatically be added to a gift vouncher when the campaign ends (or when donating you can select to remain anonymous if you don't want to be automatically added to this reward).
  • If you donate £100 or any multiple thereof, we will be in touch with you within 2 weeks after the campaign ending via the email address you used to make your donation to request your nomination. If you do not wish to nominate a Carer/location you do not need to respond to the email. We will send your donation to a Carer/location.


Did you know?

The average Care worker in the UK is working 12 hours per day during their shifts, putting themselves at risk, and are often separated from their immediate families and loved ones to protect partners and children from potential infection.


Donate now and get caring for Carers, its simple. Thank you, it wouldn’t be possible without your support. Together we can care for Carers and show them our support and gratitude.


Are you a hotelier?

If you are a hotelier and would like to donate rooms or be involved in this charity please click here.


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Who receives the vouchers?

The vouchers will be distributed firstly as directed by donors - when you donate £100 or more to the cause you will be invited to tell us how you would like your voucher to be donated. The remaining pool will then be spread across the country - to all corners of the care community. Where possible this will be done through bodies that represent nationwide organisations (such as the NHS Charities together). 

This process will be overseen by care4carers. We are currently in the process of registering a charity and have a board of respected trustees to oversee this process.

Which hospitality providers are involved?

There are already a selection of quality hotels from all over the U.K. and this is growing each day as more hoteliers join.

If you reached this far thank you.

Contact us: [email protected]

Find out more: click here

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