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New stretch target

We need to make some adjustments to our back garden to provide a better socially distanced seating space. Our landlord built a beautiful wooden patio in the garden ,we need to add an awning roof there so it can be used even when it is raining.

We would also like to restart our community workshops on healthy cooking and eating, fermentation and culinary herbs.  The herb garden needs a bit more work to complete and so does our recycling project.


The Bonnington Cafe is made up of a community of vegetarian and vegan cooks who have been working cooperatively in Vauxhall for the past 20 years. Each day of the week has a different chef with a variety of cooking styles and approaches, but our combined focus is providing affordable meals and a friendly, unique atmosphere to anyone who comes through the door.


The effects of the lockdown caused us financial hardship and we are asking for your help to continue to keep the cafe open.

After having to close for 6 months, we managed to reopen in August 2020 as a take away first, followed by a limited table service. It was made possible because of City Harvest's generous donations of surplus vegetables.  It allowed us to provide half of our meals free of charge to local residents affected by hardship of the current situation.

‘In the last few months especially, because I am now a carer for my wife, the meals that the cafe has been providing me have been a complete lifesaver’ - Local resident


We are asking for help primarily in order to stay open and continue the provision of our complimentary meals to those in need.

And to make some adjustments in order to better enable social distancing.

Our landlord built a beautiful wooden patio in the garden - we need to add an awning so it can be used when the weather gets cold and rainy.  We would also like to restart our community workshops on healthy cooking and eating, fermentation and culinary herbs.

We started to build a herb garden in the Harleyford Rd Community Gardens which we would like to complete and we have also started a recycling project that we need more funds to finish.


We really appreciate any donation at all great or small, with some awards to tempt you.

If you cannot donate, please share this campaign in case anyone you know is able to.

All your donations will give you invitation to a free screening of Joseph Walsh's film 'What's The Beef With Bonnington' in January 2021.



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