BIG SIS - girl to girl mental health mentoring

by Big Sis CIC in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom


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Helping young girls to cope with anxiety whilst developing confidence and resilience in themselves.

by Big Sis CIC in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

These days show us that we need community and mental health support more than ever! Like many small businesses, we’re facing the challenge of how we’ll scrape through the next few months with zero income. But we want to continue making great work for adolescent girls. Together we can rise above the crisis and support our ambitious plans of supporting girls’ confidence and wellbeing so they are more resilient in times of difficulty and on the way build a vibrant community.

Here’s how you can help: buy a Big Sis Gift Voucher. You can use it to participate in our workshops and events (mother-daughter workshops, cooking and crafting workshops) later in the year or give it to a friend. You could also become a BIG SIS member by making a £1 donation and have access to memebership discounts. You can also participate in our free online events: such as the Future Girls Book Club where women read stories of courageous girls and engage with the great content for parents we share on our social media channels & newsletter. 

About Big Sis C.I.C.

We are a brand-new Devon based social enterprise supporting young girl's mental health through physical and emotional literacy campaigns and practical support programs. We are also equipping girls' immediate support networks: parents, carers, teachers and schools with resources and useful information around growing up through workshops and programs. We understand that pre-puberty is a crucial time in a young persons' life that needs to be supported. 'Big Sis' founder Friedel Fink (MA in Scenography and interactive concepts and communication, menstrual educator and holistic practitioner) is gathering a team of interdisciplinary experts from the fields of mental health, wellbeing, menstrual education and holistic therapies to support the journey of growing up.

Why our community needs us

There is a mental health crisis in the UK which particularly affects young women. Currently, one in eight young women between the ages of 17 and 19 self-harms or attempts suicide. Many of the problems that so badly affect teenage girls have their roots in the transition from childhood through puberty.

Having a ‘Big Sis’ volunteer on hand, who has been through it all, to offer practical and emotional support at this critical time, is of great help to young girls. In order to address this crisis:

In 2020 we want to reach two thousand and twenty young girls in Plymouth with our mentoring programme

Your pledge will enable us to:

  • Run our 2020 Plymouth Pilot Project: 'Big Sis Mental Health Mentoring Program'
  • Train 300 student volunteers to deliver 'girl' s sessions' in Plymouth primary and secodary schools (year 5,6 and 7)
  • offer valuable support and interactive education on crucial issues: such as body literacy, emotional literacy skills, accessible and sustainable menstrual cycle education, self-care and using social media safely
  • we prioritise schools in vulnerable areas of Plymouth
  • create local opportunities for young women studying in education degrees to volunteer with us and learn new skills as a mentor being actively involved facilitating and reflecting these 'girls sessions'. They collect first-hand experience, build confidence and trust in working with young people which prepares them for their future careers
  • The bigger picture: with this program we create sustainable and skilful communities: We bring together women and girls that cross benefit from the shared knowledge and support. We provide a great framework for building communityand encourage our volunteers to get active and organise activities in 
    their communities, strengthen local collaborations with the purpose to enhance women and girl's wellbeing, mental and physical health, and we provide guidance and mentoring to our volunteers throughout.

Will you back us so we can?

Our Mental Health Mentoring Program

Working with young girls on the areas of emotional literacy and menstrual education we have witnessed the positive effects of this work in the girls self-confidence, emotional awareness, body knowledge and healthy body image, which have proven to ease the puberty transition period. In our community work we've noticed that the biggest crisis of confidence occurs between year 5-7 as the transition from primary into secondary school is huge.

We train female students studying education to provide mentoring and support to these girls. The young girls benefit from the knowledge and experience of their Big Sis mentor whilst learning new skills in an informal and safe space in school. This reduces the uncertainty, fears and anxiety that arise for many young girls as they enter puberty and strengthen girl to girl bonds.

The program consists of 12 workshops that are run in schools bi-weekly.

Our Volunteers will also be trained to deal with any problems they are confronted with and receive ongoing support from our expert team. They are recruited through local educational institutions

Our Founder Friedel Fink

What our community says

We have asked our participants of our coming-of-age and parent-daughter programs about their experiences:

Thank you so much for being part of the movement!

Your Big Sis Team

Big Sis Founders Friedel Fink and Margarida Candido Lopes

Our Partners and supporters:

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

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£10 Workshop GIFT VOUCHER

You can use it to participate in our workshops and events (mother-daughter workshops, cooking and crafting workshops, body literacy comedy evening) later in the year or give it to a friend.

£1 or more


or £1 you will be listed as a Founding Member of Big Sis CIC. We'll also make sure you are listed on our supporters page on our soon to be published website and on our social media channels. We would be eternally grateful if you could tell your friends to donate #1forbigsis. Thank you so much!

£15 or more

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20% off Body-Mind Awareness Classes

If you are living in the SOUTH HAMS, you can enjoy a 20% discount on 'Yoga & Body-Mind Awareness for the female body’ class in Totnes with Friedel Fink. Join us to relax, learn about yourself and develop healthy habits.

£15 or more

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Female Anatomy Model for classroom/ homeschooling

Crochet anatomy model: a fun physical education asset featuring correct female anatomy. Great for teachers and carers to use for PHSE or RSE classes or to explain with your child at home. It comes with a tiny 'guidebook' explaining the anatomical parts.

£18 or more

Meditation Package

Four relaxing guided meditations to support menstrual cycle awareness. A perfect reward for women who would like to earn more about their own cycle or/and model to their daughters.

£20 or more

£20 Workshop & Events GIFT VOUCHER

Something to look forward to! You can use it to participate in our workshops and events (mother-daughter workshops, cooking and crafting workshops, body literacy comedy evening) later in the year or give it to a friend.

£20 or more

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Open to conversations - T-Shirt

Show that you are open to body-mind conversations by wearing a Big Sis T-Shirt like our volunteers. Your pledge enables us to train a 'Big Sis Volunteer Mentor' that can offer body & mind literacy sessions for up to 8 girls in Plymouth primary schools. Help us to help her!

£30 or more

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'Preparing girls for puberty' Webinar

A great resource for parents: this interactive group webinar (2h) with Friedel Fink teaches parents on how to prepare their girl for her first experience of menstruation. We talk about having open conversations, menstrual products, celebration and answer your questions (conducted via Zoom). We open a conversation to deal with your kids most frequent questions. We'll discuss girl's needs, periods and all your questions as parents.

£30 or more

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Creativity Mum-Daughter Workshop (girls: 9-12)

Let's get creative with your daughter. Our special 'body literacy themed' creative event in Plymouth or the South Hams is a hands on crafting workshop with special surprises and fun for mothers and daughters (9-12 years old). Our collaborating artist leads you through creative exploration. Value for 2 people. Each event is guarded by our qualified safeguarding officer.

£35 or more

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A Body Literacy Comedy Evening for 2 people

An exclusive ticket to Izabella Finch's comedy show in Plymouth. Izabella has performed her show about knowing and loving your body, sex and life in general in London and Amsterdam. The evening features fun and laughter, nibbles, a welcome and thank you speech from our team followed by a panel discussion. This reward is for adults 18+.

£35 or more

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Storytelling evening for girls and parents

For girls from 5-12 years old and parents. A cosy, sleepover-atmosphere, candlelit evening in Plymouth to read empowering stories to the girls to encourage them to be what they wanna be in the world. Value for 3 people. Each event is guarded by our qualified safeguarding officer.

£38 or more

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Cloth Pad Starter Kit

Eco friendly cloth pad starter kit in colourful designs, handmade in Plymouth by Heart and Soul by Roxi. Especially great for girls who just start their periods or adults who want to test out if these pads are for them. This kit includes: 2x regular pads 1x night pad 1x light pad 1x medium wet bag

£45 or more

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Family Cooking Class

You can enjoy a hands on cooking class with your family with our vegan chef from Green Gal Goods in Plymouth. Learn how to prepare a yummy vegan dinner. Value for 3 people. Each event is guarded by our qualified safeguarding officer.

£75 or more

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£ Mother - Daughter Workshop (girls: 10-12)

Join in with your daughter in one of our 2-day workshops (Plymouth or South Hams). This workshop for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder & appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation. With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical & positive information & fun.

£150 or more

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Primary & Secondary School Champions Reward

Our team will come to your school to give a talk in your PSHE/RSE class about 'menstrual products' or 'body image' (possible for year 5/6/7) + Q&A for the students. This links up with the PSHE curriculum guidelines for the UK. Also your school will gain a place with the badge 'caring for girl's wellbeing' on our website and social media gallery.

£500 or more

Corporate Sponsor Reward

Thanks for your support. We will feature your name/business/organisation as a sponsor on our website, marketing material and in our events. You will also receive a personalised thank you video. Your pledge has just supported us in providing training in support of 'Big Sis Mentoring Program' across Plymouth.

£900 or more

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Community Reward: mum-daughter workshop (24 max)

Gift your community a workshop that nurtures connection through practical & positive information that overturns secrecy and embarrassment. Join in with your mum-daughter community (12 daughters + 12 mums max) in one of our 2-day workshops (Plymouth or South Hams). This workshop for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder & appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation

£1,000 or more

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Meet Big Sis - Corporate Social Reward

If you'd like to contribute to girl's mental health with your pledge our team will come to your workplace giving a presentation + Q&A about mental health & body literacy. Gain an insight into young people's minds in a Q&A with our volunteers that will share their experiences. Your logo will appear on the website and appropriate marketing material. You will also receive a personalised thank you video.

£4,000 or more

Best Pledge Ever Reward

£5,000 or more Best Pledge Ever Reward Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We don't even know how to thank you, but we're sure we can figure something out together. Make a suggestion!

Let's make 'BIG SIS - girl to girl mental health mentoring' happen

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