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We’re working with independent bakeries across the country to help them raise funds to develop or expand their operations. Though it’s not just about raising dough. Crowdfunder can help you receive cash whilst driving brand awareness and customer engagement.

So start crowdfunding for your bakery today and raise the money you need to take your business to the next level.

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Why crowdfund for your bakery?

  • Invest in your bakery and upgrade equipment
  • Add another site to your bakery empire
  • Raise some dough for your operating costs after a difficult pandemic
  • Crowdfund to increase your marketing efforts
Farms and Gardens

Case Study:
Marmelo & Son

The Marmelo journey started eight years ago from a small home kitchen, where they dreamed of creating a space for the local community to break bread together. They raised over £15,000 from more than 230 supporters to realise this dream and establish a bakehouse in Leyton that offers exquisite Viennoiserie and baked goods to the community.

    Farms and gardens

    Benefits of crowdfunding

    start crowdfunding

    Easy to set up

    Create your page in minutes - tell your story, explain your plans and set your fundraising target.

    Get the word out

    Support & guidance

    We’re here with a dedicated Knowledge Hub to help you get the absolute best out of your crowdfunder.

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    Spread the word

    Tell everyone you know about your project - friends, colleagues and others in your community can all help.

    Get funded

    Get funded

    Your supporters can donate or pledge money in return for tempting rewards once your project succeeds.

    So what are you waiting for?