Portsmouth Climate Challenge

Climate Challenge

24 hour live crowdfunding. 3 planet positive ideas. 1 winner.

Portsmouth City Council

Portsmouth City Council and Crowdfunder have teamed up to support projects who are tackling the climate emergency in an aim to #BackTheFuture.

On the 15 July at 7pm, 3 incredible projects went head to head in an exciting 24 hour live crowdfunding competition to win a share of £10,000. 

Have you got a great idea that needs funding?

Raise £5,000 on Crowdfunder and you could get up to £5,000 from Portsmouth City Council as part of #BackTheFuture: Portsmouth Climate Challenge!

We’re encouraging people to tell us how, with their environmental ideas, they can tackle the climate emergency in Portsmouth. Sign up to watch the live event and we will tell you more on the night!

The finalists

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Brambles Infant School and Nursery

1st place: £5,000

We want to turn our school into a green oasis and encourage kids and parents to look after the trees and wildlife areas we will create! We think this will tackle the climate emergency by creating the opportunity for more lessons to be nature oriented, fostering a love and respect for nature among the children; reducing food miles and packaging by growing our own food on site and teaching kids how to, creating a marsh / water meadow area that will sequester carbon, absorb surface water during heavy rain, and boost biodiversity.

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Jetsam Tech

2nd place: £3,000

We’re a Portsmouth based, community backed, environmentally driven enterprise that is concerned about the level of plastic pollution on the island. We would like to run a Crowdfunder campaign to raise money to design and manufacture a ‘smart litter picker’, that picks up litter on our beaches, whilst automatically logging the results into the groundbreaking Jetsam app. By clearing litter and collecting data simultaneously, we will be able to raise awareness of the level of plastic pollution locally.

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3rd place: £2,000

The waycup scheme is essentially a deposit and return approach for hot beverages. We would provide Squidmoo Waycups to a selection of coffee shops, this would reduce the use of single use cups within the city, focusing on the seafront. We already have five key businesses on board and we would like to enable more to participate. This funding would get the project off the ground quicker and enable us to purchase and donate more cups to more businesses. We would also align our aims with Portsmouth carbon neutral targets and this would be a progressive scheme to work towards making the city plastic free by 2030.

Meet Jess Ratty, host for #BackTheFuture LIVE

With a heart full of ambition to create change and a head full of opportunities to do so, Jess knows a thing or two when it comes to making waves. Her mission is to inspire conversations that lead to widespread transformations.

“I am so excited to host Portsmouth’s first #BackTheFuture LIVE event! There is a real buzz from a community that comes together to support such inspiring ideas that can make real change”.

#BackTheFuture LIVE with Jess Ratty

The Portsmouth #BackTheFuture LIVE judges


Beth Noy

Beth founded Plastic Freedom in 2018 when she was struggling to find plastic free alternatives and wanted to create a one-stop-shop to make going plastic free easy for everyone! Plastic Freedom supports brands that care and continue to push for change!


Cllr Kimberly Barrett

Councillor Kimberly Barrett is the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Green Recovery at Portsmouth City Council. She is passionate about greening and climate action. Before her role as councillor she founded the Keep Milton Green community group, and has been actively campaigning for the group over the last 7 years.


Professor Steve Fletcher

Steve is a Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, and Director of the Sustainability and the Environment research theme at the University. As an advocate for global ocean conservation and a sustainable future, he's committed to furthering research and activities that generate a positive impact for people and the planet.

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