Help Bike for Good survive the winter!

by Kim S in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

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Please help Bike for Good survive the winter! Donate any amount and GCC will match it. E.g £10 turns into £20.

by Kim S in Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 2nd February 2023 we'd raised £23,384 with 225 supporters in 90 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

We've reached our initial target of £15,000, the minimum we felt we needed to survive the winter months. 

The extra funding will give us the extra cushion needed to stay strong and resilient in the future!


About Us

Bike For Good is a cycling charity based in Glasgow using bikes to do good actions. Our mission is to enable people to ride a bike.

Founded in 2010, Bike For Good sell and service refurbished bikes, teach cycle mechanic skills, provide cycle training, and deliver community programmes, all to change lives for the better through cycling. 

We have two cycling community hubs around Glasgow and welcome any new or existing cyclists to engage with us.

Our team comprises cycling enthusiasts with 85 volunteers and 40 employees.

We aim to foster an environment where cycling all year round is the norm, not the exception. We seek to address the imbalance in the cycling community and broader industry and create a healthier and more environmentally friendly Glasgow.

Unfortunately, we are facing the most challenging period since our inception 12 years ago!!

We need to raise £15 000 by the end of January to keep us going through the winter and deliver our current services in 2023!

We need your help now!

What went wrong:

  • Utilities have increased by 44% - our work is manual and on the ground, and keeping two massive warehouses heated in the winter is affecting us.
  • Brexit has affected our supply chain - whether for bicycle reuse or repairs. New research has found that bike retailers in the UK are, at a ratio of 12 to 1, selling less versus more products into Europe from the UK year-on-year [Consequences of Brexit]
  • Lower Sales in 2022 - Total cycle market volume and value were down by 28% and 26%, respectively, in the first half of 2022 compared with the first half of 2021 [Cycle shops and recession]
  • A high Inflation rate increases all other costs.

Like many other UK businesses, our cash flow is plummeting, and our reserves are at an all-time low. More companies are now seeing their cash flow decreasing instead of increasing. One in three (32%) firms reported reduced cash flow over the last three months [Low profitability].

As a result, we need to raise £15 000 by the end of January to cover those extra costs, keep us going through the winter, and deliver our services in 2023!

Our longer-term plans:

 Here is what we plan to do once we’ve got to the other side of the winter

  • Raise cash

We must raise £15 000 via the crowdfunding campaign to survive the winter without cutting critical services.

  • Bike sales

We’ll review what we sell in our shops. If profits on refurbished bikes are razor-thin, what can we do to keep them affordable to the public? We’ll look into selling new products such as e-bikes.

  • Train the team

We’ll keep training our volunteers to help us refurbish bikes, keep the labour costs low, and upskill the community. 

  • Services

We’ll review all our services cycle training, Fix-Your-Own-Bike, and more to see what we should stop doing, keep doing or do differently.

  • Income diversification

We launched Scotland's first Cytech training academy in November. Although still in the start-up phase, this is to become a valuable new source of income.

We’re about to launch Scotland’s first bike subscription scheme, where users can access a fully serviced bike for a fixed monthly price.    

What you can do to help us:

  • Buy a reward from this crowdfunded - you have 12 month to use them!
  • Share our crowdfunder and sign up to raise funds on our behalf.
  • Use our hubs in Glasgow  West End or Southside to buy a bike or cycling accessories or book a maintenance class
  • Donate a good quality bicycle
  • Upskill yourself and book yourself into a Cytech mechanic course
  • Buy a gift voucher you can use on any of our services!
  • Any other ideas to raise funds are welcome. Email us at [email protected].

A variety of incentives are listed that we would love to offer you to redeem in our shops in the South or West of Glasgow. Anything you donate will help Bike for Good Survive the Winter!

Please help us!

We thank you in advance, 1672932366_volunteers_session_by_chris_watson.jpg 

Bike for Good Team


This project offered rewards

£150 or more

Gift voucher

It can be used to buy a bike, accessories or any of our services! The average price of an adult bike is £130

£5 or more

A warm fuzzy feeling

A warm fuzzy feeling – you rock! Please take this fuzzy feeling and know you have done little good today.

£10 or more

Admission to FYOB for an hour

This reward gets you one hours admission into Fix Your Own Bike

£20 or more

Bike Puncture Repair Kit

To say thanks for donating £20, we will gift you a puncture repair kit for your bike, to be collected in store

£25 or more

Just help Bike for Good

Just Help Bike for Good survive the winter Your donation will help us see us to the spring!

£35 or more

Tune n Tweak Bike Service

This is perfect for a new bike or one that needs a safety check. Please note this doesn't include parts.

£50 or more

Nuts and Bolts Bike Service

A perfect service for a bike in need of a bit more work than a simple service. Please note this excludes any parts needed. Redeemable in our shops.

£50 or more

£50 Gift Voucher

Gift voucher It can be used to buy a bike, accessories or any of our services!

£90 or more

Kitchen Sink Bike Service

Does the bike need some love? Have you ridden your wheels into the ground? Throw the kitchen sink at it. We will give your bike a thorough, top-level service. Please note this doesn't include parts!

£100 or more

One-to-One Maintenance Class

If you can donate £100 to us, as a token of our gratitude, we will offer you two hours long one-to-one bicycle maintenance class with one of our lovely, skilled mechanics, including unlimited snacks and cups of tea (from April 23).

£100 or more

Help Bike for Good

Just Help Bike for Good survive the winter Your donation will help us see us to the spring!

£120 or more

Admission to FYOB for an entire year

A year’s admission into Fix Your Own Bike, as often as you want and stay as long as you want!

£250 or more

Dr Bike session

We bring our mobile workshop to your workplace for 2 hours with two experienced mechanics. We can service roughly 12 bikes at this time.

£500 or more

Donor of the Year Bronze Award

Are you feeling charitable and want to support a cycling cause? Donate £500 to our campaign and the Bike for Good Team will send you a bronze inspired postcard by the 31st of January 2023.

£600 or more

Founders’ cycle tour of Glasgow

What’s the best way to rediscover Glasgow with our founder. 4 hours a visit for up to 6 people, including food and drinks from local eateries, and discover Glasgow's hidden gems by bike!

£750 or more

Donor of the Year Silver Award

Are you feeling kind and want to give back by changing lives through cycling? Donate £750 and achieve the Silver medal equivalent to our Donor of the Year Award! The Bike for Good team will send you a Silver inspired postcard by the 31st of January 2023.

£1,000 or more

Donor of the Year Gold Award

If you're feeling generous and donate £1,000, you will receive your very own Bike for Good Golden postcard with a Donor of the Year Award by the 31st of January 2023!

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